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Among a blur of papers, the constant buzzing of machinery and an interesting odor of print toner is Pattie Adkins, a computer print technologist at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, hard at work.

Nominated by geography professors Stefan Becker and Marcus Buker for her helpfulness and dedication to quickness and quality, Adkins has been recognized with the Star Award for the month of May.

“We cannot count the number of times that our large, last-minute orders for exams have been submitted to Document Services, and each time the orders have been filled quickly and accurately,” Becker and Buker wrote in their nomination. “Whether it be questions about print quality on a particular figure or picture on an exam or about choices for color, Pattie has always been more than helpful in delineating the choices available, even when the office is under an immense workload.”

Working with the Document Services department at UW Oshkosh since July 1987, Adkins enjoys the busy nature of her job and believes that customer service is the key to success in any position.

Typically dealing with six to 15 customers face-to-face, 15 to 20 on the phone and filling 25 to 100 work orders daily, Document Services is under constant pressure to produce quality work in a short amount of time.

“When we count for the year, we make over one million impressions per month,” Adkins said. “The busiest time of the year is always before the beginning of semester because of professors’ request for student manuals.”

Professors Becker and Buker always seem to come into contact with Adkins at this busy time, Adkins said.

“They put together manuals for pit classes with around 360 students,” Adkins said. These particular manuals are coil bound, which includes a tedious five-step process.

Adkins often is strapped for time when presented with orders of this nature, but she says she doesn’t mind and actually enjoys the challenge of getting the manuals to the bookstore on time for students to buy for class.

“I like the satisfaction that comes with getting a job done,” Adkins said. “Especially when it looks good and people are gushing about it. It’s like your taking their baby and bringing it to culmination by showing them how great their idea turned out.”

Adkins’ ability to rush high-priority orders does not go unnoticed.

“We greatly appreciate the rapid turnover time and assistance in the production of our course and lab manuals over the past year,” Becker and Buker wrote. “Pattie has been very helpful in answering our questions and coordinating with University Books & More to make our material available to students on time.”

When presented the Star Award, Adkins was brought to tears — but not because of the honor.

Supposedly meeting to discuss Xerox contracts, Adkins was handed a severe reprimand from Buker in jest, before being presented her Star certificate.

“I thought I was close to being canned at that meeting,” Adkins said of the encounter. “I was on such a roller coaster before I saw the awards committee rounding the corner — they got me good.”

Winners of the Star Award receive a framed certificate, a reserved parking space for one month and a gift from University Books & More. The award for exceptional performance is presented each month to a member of the classified staff who has worked at least six months at UW Oshkosh.

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