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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh celebrated the opening of a new campus parking ramp, tennis courts and pedestrian mall at 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 29, on the corner of High Avenue and Osceola Street.

The three-level ramp, which opened to the campus Oct. 15, contains 448 stalls. The first two levels are reserved for faculty, staff and commuter students while the third is available to students living in residence halls.

The parking structure, the first-ever built at a UW System comprehensive university, was funded primarily by users of campus parking facilities with assistance from the State for the construction of the tennis courts.

“Constructing the parking ramp is the first step in our long-term plan to relieve the parking shortage at UW Oshkosh,” said Tom Sonnleitner, vice chancellor for administrative services.

Further plans include an additional parking ramp on the north side of campus. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2011.