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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh will recognize the accomplishments, contributions and dedication of its employees who are celebrating career milestones with two events this week.

The length of service reception will be held from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 15, at Reeve Memorial Union Ballroom, 748 Algoma Blvd. The 25-year and retirement dinner will take place Wednesday, April 16, at the River Center, 632 Warren Road. The reception will begin at 6 p.m., followed by dinner at 6:30 p.m.

“A university is more than the bricks and mortar that make up its buildings, the books that fill its library or even the rich cultural heritage that it preserves and passes on. More importantly, a university is its people,” Chancellor Richard H. Wells said.

“I want to express my personal congratulations and appreciation to these members of our faculty, academic staff and classified staff who have given so much to make our University great. For those who are continuing, I look forward to many more years of our work together; for those who are leaving us, I extend special congratulations on a job well done,” he said.

Questions regarding the events may be directed to Laura Rommelfanger, Chancellor’s Office, at or (920) 424-0344.

The employees who will be honored are as follows:

Five years of service

Byron Adams, Academic Support
Heike Alberts, Geography
Jodi Anthony, Human Resource Office
David Barnhill, Environmental Studies
Robin Barrett, Academic Advisement
Jennifer Basler, College of Nursing
John Baumann, Religious Studies & Anthropology
Michael Beeth, Education & Human Services
Peter Brooks, Residence Life
Rocio Cortes, Foreign Languages & Literature
Stephanie Demontigny, Religious Studies & Anthropology
Michael Deroehn, Athletics
David Dilkes, Biology & Microbiology
Lisa Dorn, Biology & Microbiology
James Droste, Residence Life
Theresa Duren, Education & Human Services
Suzanne Fondrie, Education & Human Services
Ruth Freiburger, Adult Access
John Gleboff, Education & Human Services
Elena Gonzalez-Muntaner, Foreign Languages & Literature
M Haley, Business Administration
Dawn Hamilton, Head Start
Samara Hamze, Biology & Microbiology
Terri Hansen, Center for Community Partnerships
Larry Herzberg, Philosophy
Shaune Himmler, Dean Of Students
Robert Hinrichs, Communication
Monika Hohbein-Deegen, Foreign Languages & Literature
Wing Huen, Computer Science
Troy Hyatt, Business Administration
Natalie Johnson, University Relations
Tammy Kadah-Ammeter, Psychology
Stephen Katz, Polk Library
Carol Kelnhofer, Education & Human Services
Keith Kintner, Radio TV Film
Gretchen Koch, Education & Human Services
Donald Kohlman, Education & Human Services
Deborah Kozak, Head Start
Christina Lambie, Assoc Student Serv Coord
Steven Lefeber, Lecturer
Jane Linz, Head Start
Kelly Lippert, Medical Technology
Lucia Matos, Music
Steven Mcclaran, Kinesiology & Health
Heather Mcwilliams, Music
T Nguyen, Administrative Computing
George Olsen, Chemistry
Gary Ostertag, Parking
Jaime Page-Stadler, Career Services
Jay Puestohl, Public Affairs
A Strand, University Dining
Shelley Strojny, College of Nursing
Mahesh Subramony, Psychology
Paul Trilling, Kinesiology & Health
Jeffery Vanderventer, College Of Nursing
Sharon Wachtendonk, Head Start
Jennifer Walsh, Continuing Education and Extension
Mihoko Watanabe, Music
Peter Westort, Business Administration
Maria Wolf, Student Health Center
Houa Xiong, Academic Advisement

Ten years of service

Muditha Abhayagunawardhana, Mathematics
Michael Altekruse, Counseling Center
Merlaine Angwall, Theatre
Kyn Anthony, Facilities Management
Bruce Atwell, Music
Loren Baybrook, English
Jennifer Borgmann, Budgets/Student Loans
John Bowen, Geography
Catherine Bryan, Foreign Languages & Literature
Donna Charley Johnson, Lecturer
Beatriz Contreras, Financial Aid
Richard Dcamp, Foreign Language
Ashay Desai, Business Administration
Aaron Dunckel, English
Mary Fabrycki, University Books And More
Christine Gantner, Alumni Relations
Penny Garcia, Education & Human Services
Kathleen Groff, Student Health Center
Edward Holladay, Education & Human Services
George Hudak, Geology
Patricia Hudson, Capp
Gerald Jacklin, Academic Computing
Edwin Jager, Art
Michelle Jensen, Education & Human Services
Val Juedes, Facilities Management
Richard Kalinoski, Theatre
Richard Keene, Custodial Services
Michelle Lamb, Financial Aid
Brian Ledwell, Polk Library
Bryan Lilly, Business Administration
Kathy Ludwig, Student Health Center
Irene Lynch, Clinical Asst Professor
Melanie Marine, Reading/Study Center
Debra Markofski, Custodial Services
William McConkey, Integrated Marketing and Communication
Barbara Miller, Admissions
Leanne Monroe, Athletics
Polly Montgomery, Education & Human Services
Maureen Muldoon, Geology
Rosemaree Ott, Religious Studies
Sharon Pearson, Head Start
Scott Radtke, Counselor Education
Kaleli Ramanayake, Mathematics
Joshua Ranger, Polk Library
Debra Roche, Head Start
Lauren Rosen, Letters and Science Dean’s Office
Douglas Roubidoux, Communication
Thomas Rowland, History
M Saginak, Counselor Education
Ann Trabbold, Mathematics
Patricia Tyunaitis, Education & Human Services
Dana Vaughan, Biology & Microbiology
Donald Vesperman, Business Administration
Mark Wallintin, University Books And More
Staci Wanty, Center for Career Development and Employability Training
Linda Weiler, Center for Career Development and Employability Training
Kristopher Williams, Kinesiology & Health
Abbas Yaghmaian, Academic Support

Fifteen years of service

Nancy Bielak, Parking
Catherine Deringer, Facilities Management
Barbara Erdmann, Children’s Center
Muriel Hawkins, Academic Support
Julie Henderson, Journalism
Charles Hill, Center For New Learning
Alice Kyburg, Philosophy
Rose Mansell, Administrative Computing
Jennifer Mihalick, Chemistry
Robert Olson, Facilities Management
Jill Reichenberger, Recreation & Wellness Ctr
Denise Robson, Business Administration
Pamela Spaulding, Polk Library
May Thao-Spidel, Head Start
Teresa Valero, Foreign Languages & Literature
Patricia Vanderloop, College Of Nursing
Melody Williamson, Financial Aid
Steven Winters, Mathematics
Robert Wise, Biology & Microbiology
Linfeng Xie, Chemistry

Twenty years of service

Terry Anderson, Facilities Management
Klara Bahcall, Music
Kenneth Bales, Center for Career Development and Employability Training
Marcella Braun, Foundation
Diane Crotty, English
Mary Dekker, University Books And More
Fumiko Fukuta, Foreign Languages & Literature
Cathleen Gottshall, Center for Career Development and Employability Training
Mary Hale, Telecommunications
Yvonne Hansen, Continuing Ed & Ext
Elizabeth Heuer, Human Resources Office
Richard Hillman, Admissions
Paul Klemp, English
Laura Knaapen, Academic Computing
Kathleen Lutzke, Foreign Languages & Lit
Christine Miles, Planning & Construction
Kandasamy Muthuvel, Mathematics
Rohinidevi Muthuvel, Mathematics
Gail Panske, Art
Katherine Reilly, University Books And More
Susan Schierstedt, Business Administration
Constance Schuster, Graduate Studies
Christine Tipps, Kinesiology & Health
Sally Wilke, Head Start
Lenore Wineberg, Education & Human Services
Marlene Zdanovec, University Books And More

Twenty-five years of service

Eugene Bartman, Public Affairs
Mary DeMunck, Kinesiology & Health
Terry Dibble, Student Accounts
Jefferey Dunlap, Facilities Management
Dale Feinauer, Business Administration
Bradley Hanson, University Police
Cynthia Huebschen, Polk Library
Sandra Ilk, L & S Dean’s Office
Hosien Moghadam, Mathematics
Martha Petersen, Intramural Sports
Ann Powell, Networking
Charles Thomas, Foreign Languages & Literature

Thirty years of service

Jerry Bloesl, Reeve Union
Carol Botz, Human Serv/Prof Leadership
Susan Calo, Admissions
Holly Eckroth, Residence Life
Jo Fenrich, Human Resources
Steven Hoppe, Custodial Services
Michael Huebschen, Custodial Services
Charles Isaacson, Music
Cindy Iwata, Business Administration
Julie Lemanski, Media Services
Lakshmi Tatikonda, Business Administration

Thirty-five years of service

Mary Bleser, Psychology
Mark Gajewski, Custodial Services.
Rose Keller, University Books And More

Forty years of service

Gerald Carpenter, Polk Library
Susan Hildahl, Registrar’s Office
Karen Norton, Education & Human Services


Carolyn Bauer, Residence Life, 24 years of service
William Behnke, Residence Life, 20 years of service
Constance Bowman, Psychology, 24 years of service
Scott Dennison, Mathematics, 7 years of service
Alfred Folker, Radio/TV/Film, 33 years of service
Michele Foran, Mathematics, 11 years of service
Marcia Fry, Education and Human Services, 23 years of service
Dean Gatz, University Relations, 25 years of service
Pamela Goode, Academic Advising, 16 years of service
Martin Gruberg, Political Science, 45 years of service
James Grunloh, Economics, 39 years of service
Yvette Guillemin-Young, Foreign Language & Literatures, 16 years of service
Dale Hardt, Kinesiology & Health, 32 years of service
Diana Hartman, Human Resources, 21 years of service
Syed Bashir Hussain, Economics, 26 years of service
Gary Johnson, Facilities Management, 11 years of service
Cheri Jost, Head Start, 15 years of service
Stephanie Kissel, Social Work, 12 years of service
Richard Krueger, Center for Community Partnerships, 23 years of service
Craig LeSage, Residence Life, 23 years of service
Judy Lloyd, Career Services, 20 years of service
Imelda McCarthy, College of Nursing, 4 years of service
Beverley McClellan, Head Start, 15 years of service
Gregory Merten, Facilities Management, 26 years of service
Patricia Mier, Telecommunications, 20 years of service
Linda Miller, Reeve Memorial Union, 36 years of service
Jeanie Moore, English, Letters & Science, 11 years of service
Mary Olson, Chancellor’s Office, 28 years of service
Priscilla Packer, Administrative Services, 39 years of service
Judy Pechman, Purchasing, 23 years of service
James Pofahl, College of Business, 10 years of service
Linda Repenshek, Human Resources, 23 years of service
Katherine Roberts, English, 27 years of service
Kathy Rogge, Student Support Services, Academic Support & Diversity, 5 years of service
Loretta Rupiper, Facitilites Management, 25 years of service
Daniell Schreiner, Facilities Management, 6 years of service
Brenda Shearer, Reading Education, Education & Human Services, 9 years of service
Suzanne Stadtmueller, Facilities Management, 15 years of service
Gerald Staerkel, Facilities Management, 33 years of service
David Teal, Facilities Management, 21 years of service
Larry Tiry, Central Stores, 4 years of service
Carolyn Wells, Professor, Social Work, 9 years of service
John Zarter, Facilities Management, 17 years of service