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If there’s one department on campus that every University of Wisconsin Oshkosh student has encountered, it’s the admissions office in Dempsey Hall.

The admissions office offers an incoming student their first glimpse at campus life. Bringing a positive and take-charge attitude to admissions, Susan Calo, lead processor, has helped create an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere for students and faculty since 1976.

For her non-stop efforts to enhance UW Oshkosh and inspire co-workers, Calo has been recognized with the March Star Award.

Describing herself as a generally “clue-full” person, Calo said she was “clue-less” when it came to receiving the Star Award.

“It was definitely a nice thank you,” Calo said of the Star, which now hangs above her desk. “And after 30 years of working here, the recognition was very nice.”

According to Jill Endries, director of admissions, by stepping up to the continued pressure to increase enrollments, the implementation of new processing software and leading office renovations, Calo is particularly deserving of special recognition in 2008.

“It is during the worst of times and during the most critical times that one hopes the ‘office best’ will step up and lead the way,” said Endries who nominated Calo for the Star Award. “Susan Calo has always been that person, this year more than ever.”

Maintaining a positive attitude toward potentially frustrating software updates, Calo, according to Endries, became a source of motivation in the office.

“She explored it and worked with it to make it an integral part of our system,” Endries said of Calo’s wrestling match with the new processing software. “While others in the office feared it or resisted it, she pushed forward.”

While learning the software, Calo also volunteered to take on duties from another position that has been left vacant due to a transfer.

“There is no end to her take-charge attitude even with the new processes and additional work,” Endries said. “Susan can always be counted on to beat the tough stuff and lead the way.”

Outstanding leadership qualities like this make Calo the perfect candidate for the March Star Award, which includes a framed certificate, a reserved parking space for a month and a gift from University Books & More.

The award for exceptional performance is presented each month to employees who have worked at least six months at UW Oshkosh. To make a nomination, click here.