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Marianne Johnson has worked at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh as an economics professor in the College of Business for 15 years, and loves working with a new group of students each semester.

“They come from different places and they have different backgrounds and different interests and even though I teach the same class, it’s never the same class because students want to talk about different things,” Johnson said. “There’s always something different going on and the students bring their own opinions and views into the classroom and it is fun to talk to them and see what they are going to say.”

For Johnson, it is rewarding to work with students to find what it is they are really passionate about and help them pursue their dreams.

“Students come here when they are 18 and they don’t always know what they want to do, and I really love when you see that moment when they figure it out,” Johnson said. “And then these students go out and they do amazing things in the world that they never would have imagined.”

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“Economics is so important to everybody’s daily life, and when students come into my classroom, I feel like it is easy to convince them that this is important,” Johnson said.

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