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PostersintheRotundaFive University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students will share their research at the 13th-annual Posters in the Rotunda on Wednesday, April 13.

Undergraduate researchers from throughout the UW System will share their findings with legislators, state leaders, UW System alumni and other supporters from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Capitol Rotunda.

“This is a chance for students to demonstrate to the legislature the high level and often important work being done across the whole of the UW System,” said Jonathan Gutow, chair of the Oshkosh Student Scholarly and Creative Activities board. “This helps our representatives to understand the significant contributions UW-System schools make to the vitality of Wisconsin’s economy and towards the future of the State.

Gutow_Jonathan_2014“It is a great opportunity for a small sample of our top-notch students to interact with legislators and others who wield significant power in our state,” Gutow said.

Faculty mentor Victoria Beck, a criminal justice professor, is driving the students to Madison. Her student, Michaela Otto, will share her findings on Women in Law Enforcement.

“Posters in the Rotunda serves to highlight the research being conducted by students, as a result of faculty and student collaboration and the excellent education students receive in the University of Wisconsin System,” Beck said. “Featuring student research in the Capitol Rotunda showcases the ‘Wisconsin Idea’ in education and may serve to remind legislators and the public of the importance of this century old Wisconsin tradition, as well as the importance of faculty contributions to this tradition inside and outside the classroom.”

In addition to Otto, Isaac Johnson, under the direction of faculty mentor Marianne Johnson, economics, will share his research Simulating Winning Strategies in Backgammon; Alyssa Valentyne under the direction of faculty mentor Kevin Crawford, chemistry, and Sabrina Mueller-Spitz, biology, will share her research Bacterial Degradation of Low Molecular Weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons; Naphthalene, 1-methylnapthalene, and 2-methylnapthalene by Mycobacterium; and Mackenzie Hagan and Hailey Parker under the direction of faculty mentor Rob Sipes, kinesiology, will share their research The Relationship between High School Athlete’s Intention to Report and Athletes and Parents Concussion Knowledge.

“The presentation of research outside the classroom environment facilitates development of academic credentials and helps students become more confident, self-assured and academically excited young women and men,” Beck said.

Undergraduate research enhances students’ learning experiences by providing them with mentoring relationships with faculty, promoting collaborative relationships among students and integrating classroom learning with real-world experiences.

“Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activities (URSCA) are an important part of a UW Oshkosh education. Providing students with appropriate chances to practice the scholarship of their chosen field has been a goal of UW Oshkosh programs for decades,”Gutow said. “Research shows that involvement in URSCA helps students to succeed in college and prepares them well for their lives post-graduation. As such, UW Oshkosh faculty and staff are committed to increasing the availability of URSCA opportunities for our students, such as presenting at Posters in the Rotunda.”

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