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WITonCampus, a subsection of WIT in Wisconsin, is a student organization designed to give women pursuing a career in the technology field an opportunity to network, serve in leadership roles and learn from guest speakers.

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“WIT in Wisconsin is a group of a 150 business women who are part of 60 different organizations in the Fox Valley,” Monika Heninger, WITonCampus president, said. “WIT in Wisconsin is a great group for women because often times you will be working in a male dominated field. That’s the same for classrooms—you’ll walk in and there are 15 guys and 3 women, so WITonCampus is an opportunity for women in technology to network and talk about some of these issues.”

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“The ratio of men to women is getting smaller and smaller in the tech industry,” Emily Ackerman, a junior majoring in interactive Web management, said. “It’s really important for women to realize that we have a say and our voices matter.”

WITonCampus is open to all majors, with the goal of sharing technology with everyone because technology impacts all areas of business.

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“WITonCampus is important because women are really underrepresented in tech careers, ” Madeline Fisher, a senior majoring in interactive Web management, said. “WIT serves as a mentorship group that empowers women to go into tech careers.”

One barrier to pursuing a career in technology women often have is not thinking they are qualified or smart enough, Heninger said.

“There are a lot of stereotypes we are trying to break,” Heninger said. “A lot of women think that they’re not smart enough for IT. You don’t have to be a scientist or super good at math to be in IT. A lot of people also think IT is only computer science, but it’s not. It’s all different kind of majors that come together to form IT.”

WITonCampus meets every Monday at 5:30 p.m. and hosts guest speakers, socials, as well as hands-on meetings working with new technology.

“Being able to play with new technology is not only a good opportunity to learn, but it is also a good skill to be able to take to an interview,” Heninger said. “It shows the interviewer that you have initiative to explore what is all out there.”

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