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b326a5a3-5e53-45de-8bfb-02956852beddLast school year, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students spent hundreds of hours learning outside the classroom. With guidance from their faculty/staff mentors, they practiced their lines, observed stars clusters, scoured historical documents, created works of art and isolated bacteria … and much more.

To capture the breadth of this work, UWO’s Oshkosh Student Scholarly and Creative Activities Program recently published the UW Oshkosh Student Scholarship 2015 Book of Abstracts.

The work of dozens of UW Oshkosh students in majors ranging from art to theatre and from astronomy to sociology is featured in the book available online now.

1c6aee91-de1e-4911-b0ef-315a8b50342cProvost Lane R. Earns said: “The activities showcased in this book positively affect students’ intellectual, professional and personal development by enhancing capabilities including self-directed inquiry, information literacy, communication and collaboration.”

These critical skills can open doors for the students to employment opportunities or graduate school acceptance

“The community at large benefits as students and faculty together conduct applied research to solve real-world problems,” Earns said.

The abstracts were collected from fine and performing arts endeavors, scholarly presentations and publications, 2014-2015 Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Programs, and the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program.

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