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Star Award May 2015Daniel Strey, who works in Central Stores and Receiving at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the June STAR Award.

He was nominated by Aimee Niendorf, Renewable Energy Institute, and Barry Gauthier, Document and Mail Services/Central Stores and Receiving.

Portions of Strey’s nominations follow:

Aimee Niendorf:

“Dan really wowed us with his wonderful attitude. This spring we embarked on a first time e-waste recycling event during Earth Week. Without Dan’s assistance, knowledge and willingness to help with logistics the event would not have happened. As he educated us on University policies, procedures and vendors he offered solutions and a willing attitude instead of ‘no’, or ‘we can’t.’

“This event was for our employees and our students to recycle their personal electronic waste. The idea is right on target with our sustainability focused campus activities and operation and our mission to be a green campus.  The process was more complicated than anticipated and Dan really stepped up and made it possible to complete the event in a way that was acceptable to all UW Oshkosh stakeholders and blazed the way for making it sustainable for future years. We are looking forward to doing the event next year with the process and procedures Dan helped to develop.”

Barry Gauthier:

“Dan Strey’s big roll on campus is to coordinate deliveries for all sorts of items on campus, as they arrive or as they are scheduled (when needed) for projects around campus. Almost everything delivered on campus flows through our Receiving Dock.  Dan makes sure that everything purchased is delivered to the correct end location and that it’s delivered when needed. This sometimes means finding storage areas for equipment and scheduling workers to be available when large deliveries are planned.  Dan is not shy about offering his help in making activities run smoothly. Even on his days off, Dan makes himself available if necessary, going so far as coming to work to resolve a problem if his help is needed.”

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