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April STAR AwardShawna Kuether, Human Resources Manager for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the May STAR Award.

Sharri Wolc, Human Resources Assistant, put together a collaboration of nominations.

Portions of Shawna’s nominations follow:

Kate Mcquillan, Organizational Development Program Manager:
“Shawna has worked tirelessly on UPS local policies so that the process is transparent and collaborative.”

Jo Fenrich, Human Resources Assistant Advanced:
“When I think of individuals I have admired and those who have mentored me over the years, one characteristic they all possess is “credibility!” Shawna has credibility. She has ethics and is honest with people; she is competent, she knows what she is talking about because she does the research and asks questions; she is committed, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done; she is caring, she works for people, gives them her time and pays attention to what they are saying; she has open communication, she listens to others but is also willing to openly share her vision; she is consistent, even with its not the popular thing to do.”

Rick VanDrisse, Building and Grounds Superintendent:
“I have had the pleasure to work with Shawna over the past three years in filling jobs for Facilities Management. Her knowledge and expertise is only exceeded by her pleasant and likable personality. She aims to please people and is always professional in her approach. She is an extremely hard worker and talented person and I cannot think of a more worthy candidate than Shawna for the STAR Award.”

Joseph LeMire, University Police Chief:
“As Chief of University Police I have many interactions with Shawna related to recruitment of positions, training of campus supervisors and seeking answers and input to Human Resources related questions and topics. I am always struck by the timeliness of our interactions knowing that she is also dealing with many other Directors and supervisors in the University community. In addition to these duties, Shawna has been instrumental in preparing for the new University Personnel System while also providing leadership in the absence of a full time Human Resources Director. My support for Shawna certainly lies within the idea that she can take on the many duties she performs and still maintain timely responses to me and our department related to the Human Resources and recruitment needs we have here at University Police. Human Resources work can be challenging and difficult when the needs of many are desired. Going above and beyond to maintain that satisfaction and continue to do even more should be commended and recognized.”

Jodi Anthony, Payroll and Benefits Specialist Advanced:
“Shawna truly exemplifies the meaning of a leader. There is an innate ability of a leader to foresee goals and attack them with determination and broad scoped vision. Her understanding and knowledge of the complexities within Human Resource policies is extraordinary. Her vision and dedication to the coming changes and challenges within the University Personnel System (UPS) is what will make our campus a success with this transition.

“Shawna truly places a high value on collaborative work relationships and the diverse needs of all University employees. I could not ask for a better role model or team colleague. I’m so grateful she has come to UW Oshkosh. Our campus is truly better for having her here.”

Brenda Rens, Payroll and Benefits Specialist:
“Shawna is a respected leader in Human Resources. This has been proven during our time with a part time interim director. She is the lead person in Human Resources successfully working on the implementation of UPS. She has earned the respect of university staff across campus as she works with many to develop UPS policies.”

Lisa Goetsch, University Services Program Associate/VP USC:
“Over the past four months I have worked with someone that I didn’t know very well, Shawna Kuether from Human Resources. I am currently Vice President of the University Staff Council (USC) and heavily involved with developing our new policies for UPS. I served as chair of our Grievance subcommittee and worked closely with Shawna.

“Shawna immediately put our committee at ease. She did that by walking us through the steps that our committee would need to follow as well as created the draft of the grievance policy. As someone that has never created a policy like this before, I was very grateful for her motivation, dedication and knowledge. Shawna was available for routine committee meetings, as well as answering questions via email or phone, in a very timely manner.

“Personally, I don’t know what I would have done without her leadership and dedication.”

Jill Reichenberger, University Services Program Associate/President USC:
“The University Staff Council is beginning a new chapter in its existence. The responsibility of this Council to the University Staff has been nothing short of overwhelming. We have had to confront and conquer many issues and obstacles and will continue to face many challenges in the coming months. Shawna Kuether has been at the forefront in assisting the Council and University Staff in our efforts working on the University Personnel System Operational Policies. More specifically, writing the local policies for our campus.

“In addition, she has assumed many of the responsibilities of the daily operation of Human Resources. She has been an asset to the Interim Director with her knowledge and professionalism.

“It is my distinct privilege to recommend Shawna Kuether for the STAR Award.”

Kimberly Olson, Human Resources Assistant:
“Shawna has done a wonderful job overseeing the UPS implementation. Her leadership skills have helped guide our office during this transitional time, and I admire the hard work and determination she consistently puts forth.”

Sharri Wolc, Human Resources Assistant:
“Coming from the private sector to working for higher education was intimidating for me since I was not familiar with the institution, but shortly after I started I felt comfortable in my new position knowing I had an excellent mentor. Shawna was not afraid to share her knowledge and her ideas and made sure I had the tools that I needed. I knew I could always go to her with my questions. I give credit to what I have learned to Shawna.

“She is committed, motivated, and follows through with projects doing what is needed to get the job done in a timely manner.”

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