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College can seem like a non-stop, 14-week study session at times. Proper study habits can help lead to academic success. Check out some helpful tips and advice on studying below.

Take notes

Whether it’s typed or written, taking notes is important. Even though some professors upload their lecture slides online, taking notes in class can help with remembering course material. Note-taking is a simple way to keep up in class.


Make a schedule

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of class work and studying is to make a schedule. Plan out the upcoming week on a Sunday to help with time management. Set aside some time each day for reading and studying.


Find a study buddy

Studying with a friend or class member can be beneficial. Having a second pair of eyes helps when going over material as they might know or see something different. Dedicated study time with a friend can help students stay motivated, as well as help students stay on top of homework.


Find a study spot

When it comes to studying, location matters. Be sure to find a quiet spot without any distractions so that work actually gets done. There are plenty of quiet areas in Polk Library as well as multiple computer labs around campus. There are study rooms in Sage Hall available for reserving. Do some exploring and find a spot that works. Check out the commuter lounge in Reeve too.


Get some sleep!

It’s important to get some rest during the school week. It is difficult to pay attention in class the next morning after a night of only a couple hours of sleep. Being well-rested leads to more energy and attentiveness.


Find motivation

When all motivation seems lost, keep goals and motivators at the forefront. Look ahead to graduation or landing that dream job. While it might not seem like it now, the hard work in school will pay off.


Use campus resources

There are plenty of resources and programs around campus available to help with class work, studying, writing and more. From tutoring to writing and reading centers and more, take advantage of these helpful resources. For some of the larger classes, there are student-led study groups. Check out the list to see what Supplemental Instructions (SI’s) are available.


Everyone is different

Not everyone has the same study techniques. Sometimes people find success through different habits. The key is to discover what works and then perfect it. Try out different study habits such as: studying at different times of the day, use written notes versus electronic notes, study with a group versus studying alone. There is more than just one path to success!


Share your study tips with us!