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UWO Mobile

UWO Mobile AppDid you know that UW Oshkosh has its very own app for Apple and Android devices? With the UWO Mobile app you can get the latest campus news, check your TitanCard balance, access Titan Web, D2L and email, see what computers are available in Polk and more! You can also sign up for Titan Alerts, and recently the Safewalk program was added to the UWO Mobile app. Check out the free app to see all of the helpful features.


UW Oshkosh Magazines

UW Oshkosh Magazines AppAre you a big reader? If so, the UW Oshkosh Magazines app is perfect for you. The tablet version of UW Oshkosh’s award-winning Engage magazine is full of great content, including videos and galleries. The tablet app is available for free in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.






Career Fair on the Fox AppCareer Fair Plus

With the Career Fair on the Fox taking place on Tuesday, March 3, this handy app will make sure you’re prepared. The Career Fair Plus app allows you to see what employers will be attending, where their booth will be and a description of the companies. You can also search for companies based on position type and majors. Be sure to grab this free app from the Google Play Store or iTunes Apple Store to help you become prepared for the career fair.



Google Drive & Gmail

Google Drive AppAt UW Oshkosh, all students and faculty are assigned Gmail accounts. These two apps from Google let you access your campus inbox or any files you have uploaded to your cloud storage. Both apps are very helpful when you are on the go during the day between school, work, home and elsewhere. Google Drive and Gmail are both available for free.






Evernote AppMore and more college students are starting to take notes exclusively on their laptops or tablets. With Evernote, one of the most powerful note taking apps, you can write, store and organize all of you data across any devices. Some helpful features are creating reminders and the ability to digitize any handwritten notes or even store business card information. There is a free version of Evernote available as well as premium, paid versions.



StudyBlue AppIf you’re a fan of flash cards when studying, then you’ll love StudyBlue. This app lets users create, upload and share custom flashcards for studying. You can search by subject or even school. Professors also have to the ability to upload their own notes for students to study from! Free for both iOS and Android devices, StudyBlue is a great addition to your app collection.





Mint AppThe Mint app makes keeping track of your personal finances is easier than ever. With this free app, you can create budgets, monitor your accounts, keep track of bills and more on all of your devices! It’s never too soon to start managing your money on your own.



Wunderlist AppCollege can be a pretty busy time for some people when having to balance school, work and extra curricular activities. Wunderlist lets you create to-do lists, organize your work, share lists, create reminders and more. This app syncs to all of your devices and is available for free!




Yahoo Weather

Yahoo AppThere are tons of great weather apps out there, but one Yahoo has a well-rounded app for users. The Yahoo Weather app is free and easy to use. With it you can check out different forecasts, get current weather details, browse interactive maps and more. Weather apps are nice for students to see what they might need to wear to class that day.





EatStreet AppNo matter what type of food you’re in the mood for, the EatStreet app has got you covered. This food ordering app lets you search for restaurants in your area and put in an order for pickup or delivery. This is perfect for busy, hungry college students. The app is available for free on either iOS or Android devices.






Argus Fitness APpMany people are beginning to use their smartphones to track their workouts and fitness habits. There are a lot of apps out there for specific areas such as running, yoga and nutrition, but a solid overall fitness app is the Argus mobile app. Argus can do many things including: tracking your daily steps and calories, mapping your walk or run, setting goals and more. Unfortunately, Argus is available on iOS devices only for the time being.