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Buff Chick, The Scotts, Winterim…all common UW Oshkosh terms. Check out the list of UW Oshkosh terms in our UWO glossary.

UW Oshkosh Glossary

B-hawk: Blackhawk, or as some students put it, “B-hawk,” is the main dining cafeteria on campus. Here you can help yourself to all-you-can-eat meals including pizza, salad, soup, sandwiches, burgers and more!

Buff Chick: This take-out buffalo chicken wrap is one of the most popular food items at Blackhawk2Go. With the option to add cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and different sauces, the “buff chix” are a big hit with the student body.

KolfPack: The KolfPack is a brand new student fan section dedicated to supporting UW Oshkosh Athletics at the Kolf Sports Center. Members of the KolfPack dress up in different costumes for each sporting event and get loud when cheering for the Titans. 

Late Night Breakfast: During finals week of each semester, the Chancellor’s Midnight Breakfast gives students a chance to take a break from studying for exams. The “midnight breakfast” offerings include omelets, sausage, bagels, eggs and other breakfast foods. The late-night meal also features chair massages, games, balloon artists and more.

Premium Night: Each month Blackhawk provides students with premium meals such as chicken cordon bleu, deep fried shrimp, steak, chicken parmesan and more. Premium Nights have become a fan favorite among the students. 

The Rec: Officially titled Student Recreation and Wellness Center, the Rec. is the campus health and wellness hub that includes: a rock climbing wall, weight and cardio machines, basketball courts, golf simulators and more. Check out the SRWC website for more information.

The Scotts: South Scott and North Scott Halls are two connected dorms, better known to students as “The Scotts.” South Scott houses only first year students, and both halls offer scattered, co-ed and all-women’s living options.

Superfan: If you’ve ever been to a UW Oshkosh sporting event, you might have seen (or heard) Superfan. Wayne Zweig, a 1973 alumnus, attends almost every home Titans event. Students receive FREE admission to all events with their Titan ID card.

The Underground: The Underground, or Titan Underground, is a lounge in the basement of Reeve Union where students can eat, play games or just hang out. Many events such as live music also take place in The Underground.

Winterim: Following the fall semester, UW Oshkosh offers a three-week interim class. During January, students typically take a three-credit course condensed into this period during “winterim.” Basically you will be attending class every day for three hours during this time. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad! It’s a great way to earn more credits, plus it is included in your tuition!