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The annual “Planting the Seeds of Inclusion: Supporting the Growth of All Children” conference on Saturday, March 7 is open to teachers, administrators, related service professionals and families and explores the ways all can support and expand learning opportunities for children with disabilities.

A free resource fair—a one-stop resource for those who have or work with children who require special education services—is intended to connect people with resources and support services. The resource fair is open to the public without participating in the conference.

The conference provides practical information and training on reading and math instruction, assistive technology, special education in virtual learning environments, behavioral interventions, collaborative teaching, college/career readiness and more through breakout sessions and keynote speakers Janice Fialka and Micah Fialka-Feldman.

Breakout session proposals are due on Sunday, Nov. 30 at 11:59 p.m. Registration fees will be waived for accepted speakers, and proposals can be submitted online.

Cost of the conference is $60 for professional educators and $30 for students and family members of children with disabilities. The registration fee includes lunch. Students, educators, therapists, caregivers, teachers and parents are welcome; preregistration is suggested.

Two graduate-level courses are also being offered in conjunction with the “Planting the Seeds of Inclusion: Supporting the Growth of All Children” conference in March 2015. One in Early Childhood Education (Elementary Education 715, Current Trends in Early Childhood Education) and one in Special Education (Special Education 783, Current Issues: Supporting All Children).

Each course is worth one-credit and costs $200, and participants can register for one or both courses.

The conference is hosted annually by the College of Education and Human Services’ departments of curriculum and instruction, reading, special education and educational leadership.

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