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Humans exhibit some of the most complex and strange behavioral patterns in the natural world. Without psychologists constantly dedicating their time and resources, little would be understood about why these patterns exist and how they affect society.

Each year, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh psychology department gives its graduate students a chance to explore questions that can help better explain the causes and effects of human behavior through many different kinds of studies.

These studies are showcased at the biannual Psychology Colloquium Series. The series features a variety of student presentations and provides opportunities for them to receive valuable feedback from professors in the psychology department. The series is designed to promote discourse about different topics in the field as well as give the students important public speaking experience.

The series puts an emphasis on its variety of content. The themes that will be discussed range from the evolution of prejudice to the societal fear of being single. “The series covers all different kinds of studies and topics,” said Sharayah Preman ,a graduate psychology student. “I think that’s something unique to our program here at UWO.”

Preman said that although the colloquium series is a bit intimidating to her, she’s excited for the experience it will bring.

“My main focus is to translate what I’m doing from researcher language to something anyone can understand,” Preman said.

Her proposed study examines the effects of video games on certain aspects of behavior.

“Since my topic relates to video games, it has the possibility to draw a younger crowd, which I think would be beneficial for the underrated graduate studies program, ” Preman said.

Preman’s presentation is one of two on Nov. 14–the final day of the series this semester. The Colloquium Series is open to members of UW Oshkosh or any other interested visitors. All the presentations will be held in Polk 22 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

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