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MoveinDaysElectronic signage to help direct traffic and alert students and parents to any wait times.

A new, choose-your-own-check-in-time opportunity.

Easier to navigate entrances to campus and run-ups to residence halls.

And an even bigger corps of helpful volunteers, including University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumni eager to offer some heavy lifting.

Move-in Days just became “Smooth-in Days.” (… See what we did there?).

This year, the UW Oshkosh Department of Residence Life revamped the campus move-in process, routing inbound students and families to easy-access lots 25 and 27 for swift check-in before they head to their respective residence halls. The new approach improves vehicle flow off of High Avenue into campus, compresses students’ check-in time and gives new Titans the chance to more efficiently and swiftly start unloading and unpacking for the new academic year.

“I’m calling it the McDonald’s of move-in,” said Michelle Sponholz, UW Oshkosh Residence Life assistant director of business services and programs.

New students are scheduled to move in to residence halls on Sunday, August 31. Continuing students will move in on Monday, September 1.

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Residence Life and UW Oshkosh are encouraging Twitter users to use the hashtag #uwomovein as they chronicle their move-in experience and share questions and comments.

More information about the move-in process, residence halls and acclimating to life at UW Oshkosh – including videos – is available at

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Sponholz said, for the first time, about 20 to 25 UW Oshkosh alumni will be assisting with the move-in process. She said the volunteer response was heartening and a great demonstration of lifelong Titan pride.

“It’s just letting (new students) know that, as alumni, you’re still connected to UW Oshkosh,” she said.

UW Oshkosh’s social media channels — @reslifeuwo and @uwoshkosh — and on-campus electronic signage will also be providing real-time updates “to encourage preparation” when it comes to campus traffic, identification, wait times and other logistics during the two-day move in, Sponholz said.

Move-in Days also will mark the start of a first-ever, dynamic storytelling project, Sponholz said. Residence Life will work with five to six first-year UW Oshkosh students who have agreed to let staff document their freshman experiences on campus. They include athletes, two roommates and other students with diverse backgrounds.

“We want to chronicle their story through the whole freshman year,” she said.


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