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Marci Hoffman is the recipient of the June 2014 STAR Award.Marci Hoffman, student services coordinator and analyst for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Graduate Studies office, has been named the recipient of the June STAR Award.

She was nominated by Karen King, associate professor in the Department of Public Administration.

Portions of Hoffman’s nomination follow:

“Marci Hoffman provides a valuable service to our Master of Public Administration (MPA) students. To graduate, they must complete a culminating experience, in the form of a field project or thesis, which demonstrates that they have mastered the core curriculum of our program. While faculty members guide them through the substance of a project or thesis, staff members in the UWO Office of Graduate Studies have to approve the final form of the document. For some students, this part of the process is as difficult as writing the thesis or field project itself. Despite the written guidelines that tell them what the final manuscript should look like, the ones they turn in for review by Marci are not always acceptable as submitted. Both students and MPA faculty members have reported to me how conscientious Marci has been in correcting, reviewing and re-reviewing documents submitted by our students, well beyond what the Office of Graduate Studies is required to do. Our students have benefited from Marci’s personal attention to their needs and her commitment to her ultimate success.

“Our faculty members appreciate the time and effort she takes with them. And, our program benefits because the theses or field projects our graduates produce reflect well on them and us. So, although Marci makes my life as program coordinator easier by answering my questions and reminding me of deadlines, it is her commitment to going above and beyond the expectations of her assigned position and responsibilities with our students that has prompted me to submit this recommendation that Marci Hoffman receive a STAR Award.”

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