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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Police continue an investigation into a Saturday, March 8 incident involving a gunshot at an event in Reeve Memorial Union.

University and Oshkosh Police were responding to an altercation at the student dance event in Reeve Union after 11 p.m. Saturday when a gunshot was fired into the air by a guest, according to police. The shot was fired at the ceiling, police said. No one was injured.

Anyone with information―including eyewitness reports, phone images or other tips―is encouraged to contact University Police at (920) 424-1216.

Following the incident, event participants quickly and safely dispersed and left the scene. Police immediately locked down Reeve as the investigation began. Authorities also immediately contacted UW Oshkosh residence hall security stations and community service officers to ensure that residence hall doors were locked and the buildings were secure per normal protocol.

It was quickly determined that there was no immediate or broader threat to campus related to the incident. Within an hour of the police response to the incident, an informational Titan Alert text message and email was sent to the campus community.

Services are available on campus at the Counseling Center for those who may need or want assistance in dealing with this stressful situation. Visit for contact information and resources.

UW Oshkosh administration expresses great gratitude to the University Police, Oshkosh Police Department and all involved in Saturday’s response and the ongoing investigation.