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In an effort to provide greater support and coordination of research efforts at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, the institution has established an External Grants Expansion Plan Team.

Team members include Todd Sandrin (COLS), Gary Adams (COLS), Linda Freed (Grants and Faculty Development), Jaya Jambunathan (CON), Peter Meyerson (COEHS), Perry Rettig (Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Staff Affairs), Susannah Sandrin (Science Outreach and UW Women and Science), Simon Sibelman (COLS) and Bill Wresch (COBA).

The team will work to assist faculty in securing the requisite extramural funding to support their scholarly endeavors and conducting those scholarly endeavors after funding has been secured. The team’s goals will be to:

  • Maximize campus ownership of the planning process and the resulting plan.
  • Engage representatives from University administration and the community in the continuing operational planning and refinement of the plan.
  • Develop a Key Operational Plan that specifically addresses the GEP and its role in maintaining faculty vitality in research and teaching.
  •  Articulate elements of a dynamic new program to facilitate rapid and dramatic increases in extramural support for research that is tailored to the individual needs of grants-active faculty and staff. Mechanisms to explore to bring such a program to fruition might include  reassigned time from teaching; 11-month contracts to grants-active faculty to support summer grantwriting and grants management; support for on-campus core facilities; networking programs that partner UW Oshkosh faculty and staff with collaborators at more research-intensive institutions; and support personnel dedicated to the post-award management of research grants.
  • Identify and develop strategies to eliminate existing disincentives, both on-campus and within UW System that discourage faculty and staff from pursuing extramural support.
  • Design strategies to foster a campus culture that supports and encourages faculty and staff to purse extramural support; encourage junior faculty to recognize the importance of pursuing extramural funding; and reward grants-active faculty to encourage their continued pursuit of extramural funding.