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Before and After UWO Home PageThe revamped University of Wisconsin Oshkosh homepage launched Feb. 12 with a strong emphasis and bright spotlight on the stories of student, staff, faculty, alumni and University partners involved in the institution’s academic mission and community and economic initiatives.

The new design, multimedia stories, calendar items and other content woven into will update daily and, in the news rhythm of UW Oshkosh, serve as an interactive collage of the many examples of leadership, excellence in teaching, service and responsiveness that make the University great.

“Our students, staff, faculty, alumni and community partners have so many incredible stories of high-impact learning and teaching, research, discovery and success to share, we owe it to our campus community and countless external audiences to develop and nurture a University homepage that is easy to use, ever-changing and always shining the brightest spotlight on excellence and opportunity,” said Jamie Ceman, executive director of UW Oshkosh Integrated Marketing and Communications, as the new website’s “beta” version was unveiled in January.

“We have worked hard to design a website and empower a collaborative team of storytellers from colleges, divisions and departments across the institution to daily deliver and share incredible content and showcase it front and center at,” Ceman said.

Beta site shot LARGEThe new site is also designed to provide easier access to the key University quick links and tools the campus community and tens of thousands of online visitors every month use most. Additionally, the new site will work better on increasingly popular mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones.

“We incorporated responsive design to this new homepage,” said Shawn Hansen, senior web developer in Integrated Marketing and Communications. “This allows the site to morph its shape and structure to fit a number of different-sized screens, without compromising a user’s ability to easily navigate and access all the tools, stories, videos and photos within.”

Within that framework, the new site features an array of new features:

  • Easier access to the top tools and pages used by visitors.
  • A prominent carousel of front-and-center stories that demonstrate UW Oshkosh’s commitment to education, leadership, responsiveness, service and sustainability.
  • Daily-changing stories sharing campus, research and community-collaboration news.
  • Interactive event calendars, a weekly campus-events-focused webcast and one-click access to Admissions information.
  • The opportunity to take a campus virtual tour with interactive, 360-degree panoramas of many buildings.
  • Spotlight profiles on University students, faculty, staff and alumni members and a special featured video called “Faculty Five,” in which faculty members share their passions for teaching and research and reflections on student success in a fast-moving, five-question YouTube interview.
  • Easy-to-access to social media with tickers running down recent UW Oshkosh Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr messages and content.


Students, staff, faculty, alumni and other University stakeholders were invited Jan. 7 to begin exploring the new Their feedback and suggestions helped improve the site’s features and navigation as it moved from its its beta version to the final, live version.

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