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Oshkosh’s GO Transit bus system is welcoming three University of Wisconsin Oshkosh IDs to guarantee a free ride on a city bus.

Starting today, Feb. 3, GO Transit will accept:

  • The current UW Oshkosh student, staff or faculty ID “TitanCard.”
  • Either of the two versions of the UW Oshkosh “Alumni” card.


TitanCardAlumniCard1 AlumniCard2TitanCards that look different – those produced before January 2011 – will no longer be accepted on the city buses and will need to be replaced to qualify for the free ride.

Current students, staff and faculty can stop by Titan Central to obtain a new card for free. Hours are at

“These changes will help our drivers quickly identify eligible free riders on GO Transit buses,” said GO Transit Coordinator David Vickman. “In 2012, UW Oshkosh community riders broke a ridership record, and we want to make it easy for students, staff, faculty and alumni to do it again in 2014 and beyond.”

UW Oshkosh alumni who would like to take advantage of the free GO Transit service can purchase an official UW Oshkosh Alumni Card from Titan Central for $10. The card offers an array of other alumni benefits, too, including access to Polk Library, Albee Pool and other University buildings and discounts for the University Books & More, Titans Athletic events and UW Oshkosh Theatre productions.

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