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Gene_Sobiech_Star_Award-5Gene Sobiech, Custodial Services, has been named the recipient of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh September STAR Award.

Sobiech was nominated by Maryne Taute and Jeff Locy. Portions of his nomination follow:

“It’s our privilege to nominate Gene Sobiech for the University STAR Award as he is the “real deal.”

“For many years as a custodial employee here at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Gene has consistently come to work each day. He even comes to work on days when most of his co-workers would take time off for illness and/or personal related issues. Gene is someone who gives 110 percent effort 100 percent of the time. He is always busy completing one work task after another throughout his workday – not one minute is wasted if there is work to do! Every year during his summer deep cleaning routine Gene makes time to wash and clean the top of all his basement area pipes and ceiling fixtures; this attention to detail is not unusual as Gene takes enormous pride of the building he is responsible for. Gene always strives to complete work tasks “above and beyond the expectations” of his custodial position and responsibilities as a University Staff employee.

“During the academic year, Gene develops caring relationships with residents and student staff. Student staff fondly refer to him as “Gene the Machine” and get excited to share how an exam went or to tell him about their families. He takes time to listen to their stories, hears their concerns and tries to make Webster a home away from home for all the students who live in Webster Hall. If Gene can make something better, he will go out of his way to maintain high standards and make changes to improve Webster Hall.

“Additionally, Gene takes time to communicate with the Residence Hall Director (RHD) about trends or behaviors he is seeing in Webster Hall. The RHD is then able to intervene earlier with troubling behavior because Gene reports his concerns. Gene is also attentive to facilities and reports if equipment or other maintenance issues occur. Most recently, by himself, he deep cleaned all of the windows and student rooms in his assigned work area at Webster Hall. His extra effort in preparation for our Annual EAA event allowed members of our summer Student Crew more time to assist in completion of work assignments in other residence hall areas. Gene is very deserving of the University Star Award because he doesn’t think that he does anything special – he is just treating Webster Hall and the residents and student staff as if they his number one priority. His humbleness, kindness and work ethic make his an exceptional candidate for the University Star Award.”

The CSAC Awards & Recognition Committee submitted this announcement. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to contribute calendar items, campus announcements and other good news to UW Oshkosh Today.