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This spring, Target Corporation awarded its Academic/Leadership/Diversity Scholarship to Alicia Knipp, a senior social work major at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. The committee chose Knipp for the one-time, $1,500 scholarship from a pool of 45 applicants.

Knipp has served as a community adviser in a residence hall, where she won the Community Service Program of the Year Award. She continued to mature as a leader, taking on the role as the diversity education leadership development specialist.

Target takes great pride in its vision “to become the best — the best culture and brand, the best place for growth and the company with the best reputations.”

In her essay for the Target Corporation Academic/Leadership/Diversity Scholarship, Knipp wrote, “I want to expose myself to as much as I can, expose myself to people different than me so I can learn more about their perspectives, expose myself to people different than me so I can learn how to be a more effective leader, and expose myself to people different than me so not only do I become that more ‘well-rounded’ person, but so that my growth in understanding will someday hopefully better someone else’s life in my line of work as a social worker.”

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