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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh officials have announced the names of students who qualified for the University’s Dean’s List and Honor Roll in the fall 2012 semester

To qualify for the Honor Roll, a student must take at least 12 credits and earn a grade-point average (GPA) of at least 3.3 (out of a possible 4.0, or “all A’s”). Those with a GPA of 3.75 or higher qualify for the Dean’s List.

Nicole Aasby Oshkosh Honor Roll
Toryn Abad Mukwonago Honor Roll
Allison Abel Neillsville Honor Roll
Eric Abraham Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amelia Abraham Omro Honor Roll
Sarah Abraham Oshkosh Honor Roll
Maria Abundiz Green Bay Dean’s List
Emilie Aceto Racine Honor Roll
Katrina Achilli Jefferson Honor Roll
Elisabeth Acker Neenah Honor Roll
Kara Ackerman Oshkosh Honor Roll
Heather Ackerman Appleton Dean’s List
Amanda Adam Oshkosh Honor Roll
Travis Adams Marshfield Honor Roll
Adele Adams Oshkosh Dean’s List
Zachary Adams Oshkosh Dean’s List
Curtis Aderholdt Wausau Honor Roll
Beth Adkins Hartland Dean’s List
Amanda Adkins Mount Horeb Dean’s List
Jaime Adler Marshfield Dean’s List
Kalie Adler Brookfield Honor Roll
Jordan Adrians Green Bay Honor Roll
Valerie Agee Milwaukee Honor Roll
Francisco Aguilar Doral Honor Roll
Hajra Ahmad Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kathryn Aikens Pleasant Prairie Honor Roll
Kevin Airaudi West Bend Honor Roll
Zachary Akin De Pere Honor Roll
Hisham Al Bulushi Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ana Alan Milwaukee Dean’s List
Charles Albers Little Chute Dean’s List
Trendon Albers Neenah Honor Roll
Molly Albert Reedsburg Honor Roll
Dane Albinger New Berlin Honor Roll
Kinan Al-Bitar Oshkosh Dean’s List
Chloe Albrecht Greenville Honor Roll
Jacob Albrecht Larsen Honor Roll
Melissa Albright Sheboygan Honor Roll
Natalie Aldrich Antigo Dean’s List
Jason Alexander Oshkosh Honor Roll
Madeline Alexander Tampa Honor Roll
Carly Alexander West Bend Honor Roll
Anna Alger Sobieski Honor Roll
Mark Allermann Oshkosh Honor Roll
Danielle Alsteen Lena Honor Roll
Jessica Alt Franklin Honor Roll
Vincent Alvarez Hartford Dean’s List
Nicholas Ambrose Muskego Honor Roll
Sarah Amenda Belmont Honor Roll
Angela Amos Waupaca Honor Roll
Daniel Amundson Madison Honor Roll
Brittany Anderla Menominee Honor Roll
Ashley Andersen Franklin Honor Roll
Emily Andersen Rolling Meadows Honor Roll
Benjamin Anderson Sturtevant Honor Roll
Lillian Anderson Williams Bay Honor Roll
Drew Anderson Appleton Honor Roll
Danielle Anderson Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Xena Anderson Cottage Grove Honor Roll
William Anderson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jacee Anderson Crandon Honor Roll
Nicole Anderson Mc Farland Honor Roll
Daniel Anderson Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Angela Anderson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Justin Andrews Appleton Honor Roll
Shannon Andris Oshkosh Dean’s List
Neal Andrist Marinette Honor Roll
Joseph Angelo Redgranite Honor Roll
Lauren Anibas Eau Claire Honor Roll
Sylvia Annis Lake Villa Honor Roll
Katie Anschutz Bonduel Dean’s List
Paul Antczak Sullivan Honor Roll
Taylor Anthonsen Kenosha Honor Roll
Olivia Anthony Appleton Dean’s List
Shannon Apel Madison Honor Roll
Taylor Apel Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Nicole Applebury Scottsdale Honor Roll
Kenneth Arbour Green Bay Honor Roll
Sharon Arbtin Racine Honor Roll
Gustavo Arellano Lake Geneva Dean’s List
Matthew Arend Franklin Honor Roll
Michelle Arenz Sheboygan Dean’s List
Cindybel Arias-Castaneda Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda Armour Eagle River Dean’s List
Suzanne Arndt Muskego Dean’s List
Carlos Arnold Waukesha Honor Roll
Julie Arnold Appleton Dean’s List
Katelyn Arquette Kennan Honor Roll
Ian Arthur Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Brooke Arthurs Manitowoc Honor Roll
Amanda Arzberger Pewaukee Honor Roll
Abeni Aschebrook Mayville Dean’s List
Bryan Aschenbrenner Oshkosh Honor Roll
Megan Ashbaugh Oak Creek Honor Roll
Samantha Asselin Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Samantha Atkielski Pleasant Prairie Honor Roll
Melinda Atkinson Portage Honor Roll
Taylor Aune Milwaukee Dean’s List
Elizabeth Austin Portage Honor Roll
Micheal Austin Oxford Honor Roll
Maxwell Ayres Port Edwards Dean’s List
Amanda Baalke Pewaukee Honor Roll
Beth Baar Wautoma Dean’s List
Devin Bach Milwaukee Honor Roll
Joshua Bacher Pleasant Prairie Honor Roll
Kelsey Backlund Presque Isle Dean’s List
Betsy Bader Sturgeon Bay Honor Roll
Alyssa Baehman Omro Honor Roll
Kimberly Baehnman Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kathryn Baez Oshkosh Honor Roll
Aaron Bagley Janesville Dean’s List
Brenna Bahr Oshkosh Honor Roll
Harrison Bahrke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Marisa Bailey Watertown Dean’s List
Vanessa Bailey Beaver Dam Dean’s List
Robert Baker Madison Honor Roll
Breanna Baker Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Timothy Baker Tomahawk Dean’s List
Miguel Baldomero Oshkosh Honor Roll
Abigail Baldwin Green Bay Honor Roll
Amber Baldwin Oshkosh Honor Roll
Austin Baldwin Menasha Honor Roll
Emily Baltisberger Madison Dean’s List
Kaycee Bandt Pardeeville Honor Roll
Lauren Bane Eagle Dean’s List
Martin Bangart Hopkinsville Honor Roll
Nicole Banks Muskego Honor Roll
Samantha Bannenberg Oshkosh Honor Roll
Emily Banta Omro Dean’s List
Alison Barger Blue Mounds Honor Roll
Haley Barlass Brooklyn Dean’s List
Nickolas Barnes Menasha Honor Roll
Katharine Barnett Oshkosh Honor Roll
Rebeka Bartel Chilton Honor Roll
Steven Bartel Coleman Honor Roll
Sarah Bartels Columbus Dean’s List
Ross Bartelt Franklin Dean’s List
Kimberly Barth Oshkosh Honor Roll
Anna Bartlein Saukville Honor Roll
Cassandra Bartlett Oshkosh Honor Roll
John Bartlett Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Micaela Bartlett Oshkosh Honor Roll
Michelle Bartzen Cottage Grove Dean’s List
Maria Basak Crivitz Honor Roll
Bridget Bashynski Randolph Honor Roll
Ryan Basiliere Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ronald Basler Appleton Honor Roll
Brooke Basler Oshkosh Honor Roll
Barbara Bass Homer Glen Dean’s List
Kassondra Batchelor Owen Dean’s List
Alicia Bates Baraboo Dean’s List
Joshua Bates Genoa City Honor Roll
John Bates Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kala Bathke Omro Honor Roll
Meghan Battermann Greenville Dean’s List
Taylor Bauer Fort Atkinson Honor Roll
Kaylin Bauer Delavan Dean’s List
Lindsey Bauer Cedarburg Dean’s List
Stephen Bauer Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Hannah Baugnet Oconto Falls Dean’s List
Wynelle Baum Kewaskum Dean’s List
Eamon Bauman Neosho Honor Roll
Katherine Baumgart Sheboygan Honor Roll
Justin Baur Kaukauna Honor Roll
Sandy Bautch Neillsville Honor Roll
Brent Baxter Brodhead Honor Roll
Mckenzie Beach Grafton Dean’s List
Douglas Beattie Escanaba Honor Roll
Danielle Beauchamp Niagara Dean’s List
Dylan Beaudo Marinette Dean’s List
Brandon Beaumont Iron Ridge Dean’s List
Kyle Beck Eden Honor Roll
Jeffrey Becker Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Anthony Becker Port Washington Honor Roll
Megan Becker Wales Honor Roll
Nathan Becker Waukesha Honor Roll
Tabbitha Becker Medford Dean’s List
Alissa Becker Oshkosh Dean’s List
Andrea Becker Hartford Dean’s List
Jessica Becker Green Bay Dean’s List
Anna Beckerleg Verona Honor Roll
Easton Beckman Beaver Dam Dean’s List
Hannah Bednar Mayville Dean’s List
Taylor Bednarek Lannon Dean’s List
Kaitlyn Behnke Peshtigo Dean’s List
Lindsie Beining Combined Locks Dean’s List
Robert Bellile New London Dean’s List
Scott Bellile New London Dean’s List
Katie Belmer Brandon Honor Roll
Kaitlyn Belonger Appleton Honor Roll
Abigail Belton Oshkosh Honor Roll
Joshua Belton Oshkosh Honor Roll
Stephanie Belton Sheboygan Honor Roll
Alexander Belville Van Dyne Honor Roll
Nathaniel Bender Brandon Honor Roll
Shelley Benedict Plymouth Dean’s List
April Bennett Winneconne Honor Roll
Brian Bennett De Pere Honor Roll
Clifford Bennett Mukwonago Honor Roll
Sean Bennett Winneconne Honor Roll
Aaron Benson Neenah Honor Roll
Adrianne Benson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jessica Benson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Anna Bentzler Stoughton Honor Roll
Aaron Benz Ixonia Honor Roll
Zachary Benzaid Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jill Berens Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Quincy Berg Twin Lakes Honor Roll
Jason Berg Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Shannon Berg Stoughton Honor Roll
Jeffery Berger Oshkosh Dean’s List
Amanda Bergesen Lake Geneva Dean’s List
Kristopher Bergh Oshkosh Dean’s List
Taylor Berglund Racine Dean’s List
Kelsey Bergman Racine Honor Roll
Katherine Berkopec Apple Valley Dean’s List
Ryan Berman Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Alec Bernander Wisconsin Dells Dean’s List
Ashley Bero Manitowoc Honor Roll
Jennifer Berry De Forest Dean’s List
Alana Berthiaume Oshkosh Dean’s List
Brooke Besaw Janesville Honor Roll
Brittany Beschta Black Creek Dean’s List
Thomas Beschta Lena Dean’s List
Matthew Betz Clintonville Honor Roll
Derek Betz West Salem Dean’s List
Jonathan Beuthin Oshkosh Honor Roll
Beth Beyer Milton Dean’s List
Jacqueline Beyer Oshkosh Dean’s List
Melissa Beyer Appleton Dean’s List
Anthony Bibbs Kasson Honor Roll
Justin Bichler Neenah Honor Roll
Jacob Biederwolf Sheboygan Honor Roll
Krystyna Biel Waterford Honor Roll
Bryon Bierce Oshkosh Honor Roll
Michael Biese Appleton Dean’s List
Nicholas Biffert Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Jenna Bilz Baraboo Honor Roll
Stephanie Binder Mukwonago Honor Roll
Amanda Bingham Waukesha Dean’s List
Benjamin Binner Oshkosh Dean’s List
Ryan Binsfeld De Pere Honor Roll
Jamie Birschbach Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Rebecca Birschbach New Holstein Dean’s List
Aaron Bixby Racine Dean’s List
Hunter Bjarnarson Washington Island Dean’s List
Brandon Bjorkman Green Bay Honor Roll
Alexandria Black Merrill Dean’s List
Sara Blackburn Dousman Honor Roll
Peter Blain Mequon Honor Roll
Adam Blair Wausau Dean’s List
Elijah Blair Marshfield Honor Roll
Faith Blair Janesville Honor Roll
Leane Blais Salisbury Honor Roll
William Blake Waukesha Honor Roll
Callie Blakey Marshfield Dean’s List
Mary Blank Ixonia Dean’s List
Maggie Blau Green Bay Dean’s List
Staci Bley Port Washington Dean’s List
Annie Bley Egg Harbor Dean’s List
Jacob Bloch Sobieski Honor Roll
Charles Block Oshkosh Honor Roll
William Block Bear Creek Dean’s List
Sara Blohm Green Bay Honor Roll
Holly Bloom Stillwater Honor Roll
Samantha Blue Appleton Honor Roll
Brock Blum Neenah Honor Roll
Natalie Blumer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Marcus Bobholz Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Karl Bock Madison Dean’s List
Molly Bockhop Belmont Dean’s List
Stephanie Bockhop Lodi Honor Roll
Janalee Bodoh Weyauwega Honor Roll
Jordan Boe Ripon Honor Roll
Kyler Boeck Orfordville Honor Roll
Keegan Boehnen Cross Plains Honor Roll
Bryce Boehrig Saint Cloud Honor Roll
Jamie Boeldt Kaukauna Dean’s List
Colton Boggs Milwaukee Honor Roll
Andrew Bogusz New Berlin Honor Roll
Leah Bohnert Oshkosh Honor Roll
Matthew Bohr Marathon Dean’s List
Katelyn Boldt Hustisford Honor Roll
Eric Boll Chilton Dean’s List
Alyssa Bolly Neenah Honor Roll
Ariel Boltz Fort Atkinson Honor Roll
Jennifer Bolwerk Appleton Honor Roll
Jacqueline Bolwerk Neenah Dean’s List
Taylor Bombinski Milwaukee Honor Roll
Lauren Boodry Antigo Dean’s List
Kimberly Boom Oshkosh Honor Roll
Melanie Boone Oshkosh Dean’s List
Hannah Borchardt Appleton Honor Roll
Sarah Borkowski Prairie Du Sac Dean’s List
Vanessa Born Manitowoc Dean’s List
Maxwell Bornemann Stockbridge Honor Roll
Kendra Borski Stevens Point Dean’s List
Hannah Borth Ironwood Honor Roll
Jessica Borucki Germantown Honor Roll
Robert Bottom Green Bay Honor Roll
Sarah Bouc Manitowoc Honor Roll
April Boucher Oshkosh Honor Roll
Haley Bouzard Hudson Dean’s List
Zachary Bowers Greenleaf Honor Roll
Katie Bowers Kaukauna Dean’s List
Philip Bowers Menasha Honor Roll
Caitlin Boyd Appleton Dean’s List
Tania Boyden Waukesha Dean’s List
Sarah Boyea De Pere Honor Roll
Nickolas Boylan Greenleaf Honor Roll
Travis Brace Allenton Dean’s List
Thomas Bracewell Neenah Honor Roll
Cheyenne Bradley Appleton Honor Roll
Scott Bradley Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda Bradshaw Oshkosh Dean’s List
Dylan Bram Middleton Honor Roll
Shannon Brand Cudahy Honor Roll
Eric Brandenburg Elgin Honor Roll
Matthew Brandis Upson Honor Roll
Kathryn Brandner Hortonville Dean’s List
Jonathon Brandt Marshfield Dean’s List
Mason Brandt Neenah Honor Roll
Jeremy Brandt Wausau Dean’s List
Molly Brannon Milwaukee Dean’s List
Bridget Bratel Waukesha Honor Roll
Joshua Brath West Bend Dean’s List
Matthew Braun Waupaca Honor Roll
Justine Braun Neenah Honor Roll
Matthew Braun Appleton Honor Roll
Raven Braun Eden Honor Roll
Madeline Braun Racine Honor Roll
Hayden Brautigam Green Bay Honor Roll
Benjamin Brecklin Green Bay Dean’s List
Marlys Brehm Oshkosh Dean’s List
Hailey Breister Winneconne Dean’s List
Emily Breitbach Appleton Dean’s List
Jennifer Brenner Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Kaitlyn Breuer Red Wing Honor Roll
Tiffany Breunig Sauk City Honor Roll
James Bricco Oshkosh Honor Roll
Morgan Brickham Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alisha Brieske Milton Honor Roll
Sarah Brink Mound Honor Roll
Jordan Brinkman Hatley Honor Roll
Ashley Brinkman Mosinee Honor Roll
Hannah Briones Williams Bay Honor Roll
Rebecca Briski Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jenna Brochtrup Brillion Honor Roll
Chad Brockman Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cody Broeren Hilbert Honor Roll
Kelly Broihahn Madison Dean’s List
Cassandra Brooks Madison Honor Roll
Abigail Brooks Neenah Honor Roll
Robert Brooks Neenah Honor Roll
Sunny Brooks Kimberly Honor Roll
Daniel Brosman Neenah Honor Roll
Michael Brosman Neenah Honor Roll
Michael Brott Sheboygan Dean’s List
Alexis Brown Glenwood Honor Roll
Ashley Brown Wisconsin Dells Honor Roll
Derek Brown Slinger Honor Roll
Taylor Brown Mukwonago Honor Roll
Angela Brown Shawano Dean’s List
Travis Brown Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Melissa Brueggeman Ontario Dean’s List
Brandon Brummeyer Van Dyne Honor Roll
Erich Brungraber Little Chute Honor Roll
Joseph Brunner Manitowoc Honor Roll
Alyssa Brunner New Auburn Dean’s List
Lauren Brusewitz Franklin Dean’s List
Robert Brush Neenah Honor Roll
Brittany Brusky Oconto Falls Dean’s List
Grace Bryant Cedarburg Dean’s List
Maureen Bryden Ripon Honor Roll
Nathan Brzezinski Milwaukee Honor Roll
Challise Bubolz Whitelaw Dean’s List
Shelby Buchanan Poynette Honor Roll
Linsey Buchberger Sheboygan Honor Roll
Jasmine Buchberger Sheboygan Dean’s List
Chelsea Buchholz Bonduel Dean’s List
Brandon Buchman Waterford Honor Roll
Talia Budz Oconto Falls Honor Roll
Dylan Buechel Appleton Honor Roll
Kelly Buechel Malone Honor Roll
Rebecca Buechel Rosendale Honor Roll
Jennifer Buelow Appleton Honor Roll
Sarah Buerger Oak Creek Honor Roll
Brandon Bukovitz Oshkosh Dean’s List
Zachary Buman Oshkosh Honor Roll
Thawinun Bunditrojanarit Khaosai, Phichit Dean’s List
Jarrod Bunnell Manitowoc Dean’s List
Sarah Buntrock Cedarburg Honor Roll
Nicholas Burbach Malone Honor Roll
Amanda Burch Franklin Dean’s List
Amanda Burchardt Oconomowoc Dean’s List
Matthew Bureau Neenah Dean’s List
Ryan Bures Oshkosh Dean’s List
Paige Burgess Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Mandy Burmeister Oshkosh Dean’s List
Julia Burns Verona Dean’s List
Patrick Burnside Sussex Honor Roll
Anna Burrows Cuba City Honor Roll
Karen Burrows Cuba City Honor Roll
Dakota Burt Green Bay Dean’s List
Heather Burtness Janesville Dean’s List
Brittni Burwitz Appleton Honor Roll
Lydia Buske Milwaukee Honor Roll
Amanda Buskov Poynette Honor Roll
Savannah Busnelli Oshkosh Honor Roll
Andrew Buss Randolph Honor Roll
Danielle Buss Menasha Dean’s List
Amanda Buss Arbor Vitae Honor Roll
Laurie Busse Berlin Honor Roll
William Busse Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amy Busse Evansville Honor Roll
Krista Busse Oshkosh Dean’s List
Nicole Buttke Milwaukee Honor Roll
Kate Button Sobieski Dean’s List
Courtney Buvid Kiel Dean’s List
Marissa Buzzanca Mequon Honor Roll
Gina Buzzanca Mequon Dean’s List
Leslie Bychinski Wausau Honor Roll
Sarah Bygd New Richmond Dean’s List
Maria Cachu Appleton Honor Roll
Lindsay Calder Oshkosh Honor Roll
Lydia Caldwell Arlington Dean’s List
Wyatt Caldwell Markesan Dean’s List
Erin Calhoon Brodhead Dean’s List
Zachary Calhoon Brodhead Dean’s List
Alyssa Call Verona Honor Roll
Michael Calvert Oconto Dean’s List
Timothy Campbell Combined Locks Dean’s List
Courtney Campbell Pewaukee Honor Roll
Christine Campbell Oshkosh Honor Roll
Danielle Capek Richfield Honor Roll
Jay Capelle Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Travis Cardarella De Forest Honor Roll
Joseph Carl Fennimore Honor Roll
Rebecca Carli Hurley Honor Roll
Jenelyn Grace Carlson Eau Claire Honor Roll
Amanda Carlson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jordan Carpenter Green Bay Dean’s List
Danielle Carrigan Waukesha Honor Roll
Alexander Carroll Kimberly Honor Roll
Alia Carroll Appleton Honor Roll
Chris Carter Hartland Dean’s List
Sarah Caruana Oshkosh Honor Roll
Drew Casperson Appleton Dean’s List
Katherine Casucci Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Christina Cazzola Appleton Honor Roll
John Cejka Wausau Honor Roll
Anthony Celebre Kenosha Honor Roll
Mark Cesario Sheboygan Honor Roll
Victoria Chacon Oshkosh Dean’s List
Shanna Chamberlain De Pere Honor Roll
Lindsey Chambers Mankato Honor Roll
Hue Chang Oshkosh Honor Roll
Samantha Charapata Lomira Honor Roll
Andrew Charles Stevens Point Honor Roll
Kristina Charlier De Pere Honor Roll
Jordan Chart Burlington Honor Roll
Alyssa Chase Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Thomas Chaudoir Oshkosh Dean’s List
Matthew Cheaney Oak Creek Honor Roll
Stephanie Checkie Oshkosh Dean’s List
Mark Chevremont Milwaukee Dean’s List
Michael Chevremont West Allis Dean’s List
Alexia Child Lake Geneva Dean’s List
Callie Chitel Oshkosh Dean’s List
Rochelle Choudoir Winneconne Honor Roll
Patricia Christenbury Pleasant Prairie Honor Roll
Benjamin Christensen Hudson Honor Roll
Cody Christensen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Joseph Christensen Olympia Honor Roll
Brianna Christensen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Mitchell Christenson Wausau Honor Roll
John Christian Appleton Honor Roll
Leah Christian Racine Honor Roll
Katlyn Christiansen Mukwonago Dean’s List
Jesse Christianson Appleton Dean’s List
Elisabeth Christine Sussex Honor Roll
Danielle Christl West Bend Honor Roll
Justin Christoffersen Waupaca Honor Roll
Stephanie Christopher Muskego Honor Roll
Chinemelum Chris-Ukah New Berlin Dean’s List
Jamie Churchill Florence Honor Roll
Gretchen Cimermancic Milwaukee Honor Roll
Sara Circo Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Nicholas Cirricione Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda Ciske Fort Atkinson Dean’s List
Brittany Cisler Green Bay Honor Roll
John Cismoski New London Honor Roll
Danielle Clark Appleton Honor Roll
Megan Clarke West Bend Honor Roll
Brian Clarke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jennifer Clarke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Robert Clary Green Bay Honor Roll
Jeremy Clausing Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Anna Clayton Oshkosh Dean’s List
Daniel Clayton Oshkosh Honor Roll
Constance Cleland Menasha Honor Roll
Katie Cleland Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Allison Cleveland Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cassandra Clough Winneconne Honor Roll
Laura Coates Menasha Dean’s List
Daniel Coats Mukwonago Honor Roll
Shelby Coats Waterford Honor Roll
Caitlin Cobb Cedar Grove Dean’s List
Charlene Cocchiola Birnamwood Dean’s List
Hana Cochran Sussex Honor Roll
Bekka Coenen Fremont Dean’s List
Jessica Coenen Appleton Dean’s List
Anna Coenen Fremont Dean’s List
Eli Coenen Waupaca Dean’s List
Aubrey Coffey Little Chute Honor Roll
Ramiro Colchado-Mendez Little Chute Honor Roll
Erik Cole De Pere Honor Roll
Anne Coleman Oshkosh Dean’s List
Maame Esi Coleman Accra Dean’s List
Nicholas Collar Appleton Dean’s List
Erin Collins Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kelsey Collins Kaukauna Honor Roll
Steven Combs Ripon Honor Roll
Ryan Combs Oshkosh Dean’s List
Timothy Conard Green Bay Honor Roll
Karen Conger Oshkosh Honor Roll
Crystal Conger Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Cullin Conklin Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Ryan Conklin Eagle Dean’s List
Emily Conlee Franksville Dean’s List
David Conley Sturgeon Bay Dean’s List
Susan Conner Green Bay Honor Roll
Lindsay Connon Dousman Honor Roll
Ian Connors Mount Horeb Dean’s List
Britny Conrad Kaukauna Dean’s List
Heather Conroy Wisconsin Dells Honor Roll
Lucas Conway Mukwonago Honor Roll
Alyssa Conway Sheboygan Dean’s List
Elizabeth Cookle Tigerton Dean’s List
Morgan Copeland Orfordville Honor Roll
Levi Corbeil-Wild Minneapolis Honor Roll
Neal Corby Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Kyle Cordle Mukwonago Honor Roll
Dawn Cornelius Green Bay Dean’s List
Christian Cornell Washington Island Honor Roll
David Cornell Port Washington Honor Roll
Loryn Cornette Greenleaf Honor Roll
Mitchell Cornils Two Rivers Dean’s List
Katelyn Corson Sheboygan Falls Dean’s List
Nichole Corsten New Franken Honor Roll
Jennifer Costa Hartland Dean’s List
Morgan Costello Oshkosh Honor Roll
Lisa Costigan Robbinsdale Dean’s List
Jessica Cotterill Markesan Honor Roll
Amanda Cottrell Shiocton Honor Roll
Nicole Coughlin Deerfield Honor Roll
Eva Counsell Elkhorn Honor Roll
Morgan Counts Oshkosh Dean’s List
Brent Cournoyer Appleton Dean’s List
Daniel Courtney Allenton Honor Roll
Paige Courtney Mukwonago Dean’s List
Kyle Cowling Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kristyn Coyne Oshkosh Honor Roll
Wendy Cracraft Manitowoc Dean’s List
Alissa Cragun Bonduel Dean’s List
Amanda Crahan Bancroft Honor Roll
Melissa Crane Oshkosh Dean’s List
Pamela Cribbs Menasha Dean’s List
Monica Crone Delafield Dean’s List
Ashley Cross Little Suamico Dean’s List
Abbey Crossman Neenah Honor Roll
Justin Cumley West Bend Dean’s List
Anne Cummins Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alexander Cunningham Oshkosh Honor Roll
Patrick Cunningham Neenah Honor Roll
Vince Curatola Muskego Honor Roll
Anna Curley Waunakee Honor Roll
Jessica Curns New London Honor Roll
Christopher Curran Appleton Honor Roll
Jolene Currey Greenleaf Honor Roll
Kasey Custer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Daniel Czarnecki Greenville Dean’s List
Brianna Czech Merrill Honor Roll
Kathryn Daggett Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Isaac Dahl Mc Farland Honor Roll
Samantha Dahlke Neenah Dean’s List
Mackenzie Daines Cashton Honor Roll
Elizabeth D’Alessio Brookfield Honor Roll
Danielle Dallman Waukesha Honor Roll
Joseph D’Amico Sheboygan Honor Roll
Brett Danelski Appleton Honor Roll
Jennifer Daniels Burlington Honor Roll
Kristin Danielski Suamico Dean’s List
Corey Danley Kaukauna Honor Roll
Jennifer Dardich Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Jacob Darkow Menasha Dean’s List
Rachael Dauman Fall River Dean’s List
Matthew Davel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cody Davies Coloma Honor Roll
Daniel Davis Luxemburg Honor Roll
Nicholas Davison Markesan Honor Roll
April Dawalt-Peterson Blanchardville Dean’s List
Nathan Dax Green Bay Honor Roll
Brittany Deaver Brooklyn Dean’s List
Brandon Debbink Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Melani Debish Montello Honor Roll
Jared Decker Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jennifer Dedolph De Pere Dean’s List
Carrie Deeg Menasha Dean’s List
Chris Deegan Brooklyn Honor Roll
Brandee Deering Tomahawk Honor Roll
Kaytlyn Dehling Oshkosh Honor Roll
Erin Dehling Kewaskum Dean’s List
Rachel Dehn Waukesha Honor Roll
Kristina Deibert Green Lake Dean’s List
Colleen Deiss Nashotah Honor Roll
Kara Delaet Wausaukee Dean’s List
Michael Delain Appleton Honor Roll
Jonathan Delray Sheboygan Honor Roll
Andrea Delwiche Green Bay Dean’s List
Haley Delzer Appleton Honor Roll
Thomas Demailly Orsay Honor Roll
Kaylin Dempsey Appleton Honor Roll
Abbey Denis De Pere Honor Roll
Cassandra Dennee Appleton Honor Roll
Brian Denor Cato Honor Roll
Megan Denure Neenah Honor Roll
Angela Denver Cumberland Dean’s List
Alexander Depies Sturgeon Bay Honor Roll
Alisha Dequaine Abrams Dean’s List
Rebecca Deremer Walworth Honor Roll
Nicole Deroode Saint Louis Honor Roll
Andrew Deruyter De Pere Honor Roll
Jon Derynda Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Blair Des Jardin Green Bay Honor Roll
Mark Dessart Seymour Honor Roll
Michael Dettlaff De Pere Honor Roll
Courtney Dettman Green Bay Honor Roll
Craig Devine Owen Honor Roll
Jacob Devries Randolph Honor Roll
April Devroy Peshtigo Honor Roll
Whitney Dewald Verona Dean’s List
Katherine Dewane Green Bay Honor Roll
Cassandra Dewhurst Hortonville Honor Roll
Austin Dewhurst New Holstein Honor Roll
Marina Dewhurst New Holstein Dean’s List
Alex Dewitt Green Bay Dean’s List
Alyssa Dichraff Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Jacob Dickmann Kewaskum Honor Roll
Melinda Dickmann Grafton Honor Roll
Alan Dickson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Matthew Diederichs Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Katie Diederichs Malone Dean’s List
Brittany Diederichs Malone Dean’s List
Brian Diedrich Saint Cloud Dean’s List
Olivia Diedrich Omro Dean’s List
Jayna Diedrick Kaukauna Honor Roll
Jason Diem Appleton Honor Roll
Corina Dierich Oshkosh Honor Roll
Genny Diesso New Berlin Honor Roll
Jennifer Dietzel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Elizabeth Dillinger Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jennifer Dimatteo Appleton Dean’s List
Ellen Diny De Pere Dean’s List
Emily Dittman Edgar Dean’s List
Veronica Dix Kaukauna Dean’s List
Collin Dobrich Waukesha Honor Roll
Rebecca Docter Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Elizabeth Dodd Appleton Dean’s List
Jordan Doemel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Stacy Doering Appleton Dean’s List
Erin Dolan Trevor Dean’s List
Niccole Dolde Neenah Honor Roll
Lori Dolezal Appleton Dean’s List
Hailey Dominguez West Bend Honor Roll
Mckall Dominski East Troy Honor Roll
Stephanie Donlevy Greenfield Dean’s List
Danielle Donnelly Campbellsport Dean’s List
Lisa Donner Park Falls Honor Roll
Brianna Dorner Baraboo Honor Roll
Andrew Dorner Manitowoc Honor Roll
Ryan Doro Berlin Honor Roll
Cassandra Doro Berlin Honor Roll
Jacob Dostalek Waterford Honor Roll
Claire Doty Oshkosh Honor Roll
James Dovalis Appleton Dean’s List
Danielle Downey Bancroft Honor Roll
Dustin Draeger Appleton Honor Roll
Douglas Draeger Oshkosh Dean’s List
Mark Drees Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jacob Drefs Delavan Honor Roll
Keith Dreikosen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kayla Dreikosen Campbellsport Honor Roll
Amy Drewicz Waukesha Honor Roll
Jason Drews Brookfield Honor Roll
Kathleen Dreymiller Waupun Honor Roll
Tanya Dring Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Molly Druliner Silverton Honor Roll
Cassandra Drury Merrill Honor Roll
Adam Du Vall Green Bay Dean’s List
Cortney Dudley Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Amy Duesterhoeft Monmouth Dean’s List
Elizabeth Duffey Mc Farland Honor Roll
Michael Dugan Waukesha Dean’s List
Bradley Duggan New Berlin Honor Roll
Scott Duginski Appleton Honor Roll
Charlene Dungan Oshkosh Honor Roll
Zachary Dunton Waukesha Honor Roll
Michelle Duren Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Chad Durkee Ripon Dean’s List
Carissa Durkee Ripon Honor Roll
Fatih Dursun Emsdetten Honor Roll
Angela Dusenberry Kenosha Honor Roll
Alyson Dutkiewicz Muskego Honor Roll
Jordan Dvorak Mishicot Dean’s List
Christopher Dwyer Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Jessica Dwyer Rubicon Honor Roll
Matthew Dykstra Fort Walton Beach Dean’s List
Trevor Dyreson Deerfield Honor Roll
Michael Dziekan De Pere Honor Roll
Madeleine Eastman Germantown Dean’s List
Brett Ebben Combined Locks Honor Roll
Taylor Ebbers Burlington Honor Roll
Nicholas Ebert Kewaskum Honor Roll
Alexandria Ebert Appleton Dean’s List
Ameera Eckles-Sabree Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jennifer Edwards Oak Creek Honor Roll
Hannah Egan Omro Honor Roll
Jenna Eggebrecht Mukwonago Honor Roll
Robyn Eggert Woodridge Honor Roll
Rebekah Ehlert Antigo Honor Roll
Andrew Eichstaedt Appleton Honor Roll
Sarah Eisch Appleton Honor Roll
Aimee Elandt Appleton Dean’s List
Travis Elkins Little Suamico Honor Roll
Julie Elkins Beaver Dam Dean’s List
Anthony Ellenbecker Merrill Honor Roll
Kacie Ellenbecker Hortonville Dean’s List
Ahnna Ellingsworth Algoma Dean’s List
Bria Ellis Milwaukee Honor Roll
Joseph Elmer Oshkosh Dean’s List
Darci Elmer Bloomer Honor Roll
Laurin Endres Madison Dean’s List
Nick Engle Amherst Honor Roll
Brett Englebert Sturgeon Bay Dean’s List
Harold Epright Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Nicholas Erd West Bend Honor Roll
Chad Erickson Green Bay Honor Roll
Alyssa Erickson Iola Honor Roll
Emily Erickson Denmark Dean’s List
Brian Eriksson Arlington Heights Honor Roll
Jessica Erny Wauwatosa Honor Roll
Emily Ertl Wausau Honor Roll
Megan Esau Greendale Honor Roll
Michelle Escamilla Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Nora Esposito Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Jennifer Esser De Forest Honor Roll
Zachary Evers Freedom Dean’s List
Timothy Evers New London Honor Roll
Andrea Ewald Appleton Honor Roll
Evelyn Ewald Appleton Dean’s List
Vincent Fabbri Appleton Dean’s List
Jennifer Fabel Greenville Dean’s List
Amanda Fahrner Ironwood Honor Roll
Jeffrey Fallona Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kara Fameree De Pere Honor Roll
Patrick Farley Appleton Dean’s List
Michelle Farr Oak Creek Honor Roll
Brittany Farrell Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jeffrey Farvour Oshkosh Dean’s List
Austin Faucher Oshkosh Honor Roll
Genevieve Faucher Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cassandra Faulks Neenah Dean’s List
Melanie Faustich Freedom Dean’s List
Isaac Federspiel Random Lake Honor Roll
Elizabeth Fedie Mukwonago Honor Roll
Andrew Feldkamp Kaukauna Honor Roll
Mckenzie Felix Oshkosh Dean’s List
Brian Felten Saint Cloud Honor Roll
Eric Fennig Hartland Honor Roll
Kimberly Fenske New London Honor Roll
Nayla Ferreira Suzano Honor Roll
Carla Ferrel Menasha Honor Roll
Alysha Ferron Casco Honor Roll
Britney Feuerhammer Campbellsport Dean’s List
Benedicta Fiaty Hohoe, Volta Region Honor Roll
Emma Ficek De Pere Dean’s List
Shelby Fields Custer Honor Roll
Stephanie Finke Green Bay Honor Roll
Sharon Finlayson Columbus Dean’s List
Andrea Finley Rochester Honor Roll
Brittany Finn Oshkosh Honor Roll
Christian Finne Milwaukee Honor Roll
Kara Fintel Waukesha Dean’s List
Carmen Fiordellisi Green Bay Dean’s List
Kristina Fischer Ripon Honor Roll
Brandon Fischer Oostburg Honor Roll
Katelyn Fischer Peshtigo Dean’s List
Kristina Fischer Mequon Dean’s List
Ross Fischer Antigo Dean’s List
Ashley Fisher Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Daniel Fisher Waunakee Honor Roll
Madeline Fisher Milwaukee Honor Roll
Kayla Fisher Saint Francis Dean’s List
Letha Fitzgerald Oshkosh Dean’s List
Crystal Fitzwater Ripon Honor Roll
Brady Flaherty Centuria Dean’s List
John Flanigan Oshkosh Honor Roll
Mira Fleming Markesan Honor Roll
Chelsie Flink Oshkosh Honor Roll
Christopher Flood Appleton Dean’s List
Tasia Florence Wisconsin Rapids Dean’s List
Kyle Floros Oshkosh Dean’s List
Christopher Flury Mukwonago Honor Roll
Adam Flynn Stoughton Honor Roll
Susan Fochs Egg Harbor Honor Roll
Lauren Foellings Muskego Dean’s List
Daniel Fogarty Columbus Dean’s List
Kirsten Fohrman Waupun Honor Roll
Hannah Forcey Appleton Dean’s List
Amy Ford Hales Corners Dean’s List
Steven Forner Crystal Lake Honor Roll
Ashley Foster Oshkosh Dean’s List
Breanna Foth Marshfield Honor Roll
Michael Foust Oshkosh Honor Roll
Marisa Fowler Saukville Honor Roll
Kendal Fragosso Greendale Honor Roll
Eric Framke Green Bay Honor Roll
Karen Framnes Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kimberly Francek Berlin Dean’s List
Ashley Francis Oshkosh Honor Roll
Lindsay Francum APO Dean’s List
Lisa Frank Oshkosh Honor Roll
Darryl Franklin Appleton Dean’s List
Jessica Franzen Plymouth Honor Roll
Nathan Franzke Oshkosh Honor Roll
Sarah Frassetto Little Chute Honor Roll
Laura Frassetto Little Chute Honor Roll
Luke Frassetto Little Chute Honor Roll
Jenessa Freck Mequon Dean’s List
Hannah Fredenberg Kewaskum Dean’s List
Austin Frederick Markesan Dean’s List
Braden Frederickson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Gwen Frederiksen Fall Creek Honor Roll
Patrick Frees Oshkosh Honor Roll
Megan Frees Omro Dean’s List
Casey Freiherr Oshkosh Honor Roll
Sarah Freimuth Appleton Dean’s List
Nicholas Fretchel Germantown Honor Roll
Jaclyn Freund Eldorado Dean’s List
Tanner Freund Eagle River Honor Roll
Andrew Fricke Kenosha Honor Roll
Steven Fricke Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ashley Friedenfels Medford Dean’s List
Alexa Friedrich Brookfield Honor Roll
Allison Fritz Sheboygan Honor Roll
Tyler Frodl Waukesha Honor Roll
Nicole Froehlich Belleville Honor Roll
Nathan Froemming New Berlin Honor Roll
Alexandra Fuerst Neenah Honor Roll
Stephen Fuhrmann Kaukauna Honor Roll
Sarah Fuller Appleton Honor Roll
Eric Fuller Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kathryn Fuller Appleton Honor Roll
Laura Fulmer Kenosha Honor Roll
Timothy Fulton Wonewoc Honor Roll
Eve Funnell Oshkosh Dean’s List
Sonja Funnell Oshkosh Dean’s List
Andrew Gaber New Berlin Honor Roll
Andrea Gableman New Berlin Honor Roll
Andrew Gabrielse Oshkosh Dean’s List
Vincent Gain Waupaca Honor Roll
Luke Gajewski Wausau Dean’s List
Julie Gallagher Wautoma Dean’s List
Melanie Gallman Evansville Honor Roll
Alyssa Galovich Sussex Honor Roll
Bryce Gannon Slinger Honor Roll
Alexandra Garbers Holmen Dean’s List
Cody Garcia Jefferson Honor Roll
Elizabeth Garrow Appleton Honor Roll
Jamie Garrow Germantown Dean’s List
Jacalyn Garton Wausau Honor Roll
Christine Gartzke Luxemburg Dean’s List
Garrick Garvens Omro Honor Roll
Rachel Gaskins Lone Tree Dean’s List
Andrew Gassner Burnett Dean’s List
Zak Gast Manitowoc Honor Roll
Amanda Gauger Denmark Honor Roll
Alyssa Gauthier Neenah Honor Roll
Megan Gauthier Maribel Dean’s List
Sarah Gayhart Burlington Honor Roll
Stephanie Gehring Shiocton Honor Roll
Mathew Gehrke Oshkosh Honor Roll
Elizabeth Geilfuss Trevor Dean’s List
Cheyenne Geisthardt Brownsville Honor Roll
Bryan Gelhaus Medford Honor Roll
Kelly Genskow Suring Dean’s List
Amy George Green Bay Honor Roll
Coree Georgenson Stevens Point Honor Roll
Elizabeth Gerharz Oshkosh Honor Roll
Anthony Gerling Viroqua Honor Roll
Jecel Gerner Fox Lake Honor Roll
Joshua Gerner Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Elizabeth Gerondale Green Bay Honor Roll
Rory Gerow Freedom Honor Roll
Brian Gerrits Greenville Honor Roll
Mara Geurts Greenleaf Dean’s List
Gregory Geurts Eau Claire Honor Roll
Jordan Gibbon West Bend Honor Roll
Richard Gibbs Pell Lake Honor Roll
Samantha Gibson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Morgan Gibson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Katina Giebel Kaukauna Honor Roll
Nathan Giebink Waupun Honor Roll
Rachel Giese Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Heather Giesen New London Dean’s List
Hayley Giesfeldt Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kurt Gilane South Milwaukee Honor Roll
Elizabeth Gill Oshkosh Dean’s List
Carly Gillam New Glarus Honor Roll
Shannon Gilson Green Bay Dean’s List
Julie Girard West Bend Honor Roll
Warren Glas Ripon Dean’s List
Anthony Glaser Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jessica Glaser Oshkosh Dean’s List
Emily Gleason Boscobel Dean’s List
Matthew Glenzer Sheboygan Honor Roll
Rebeccah Glick Brookfield Honor Roll
Kaitlin Glod Markesan Honor Roll
Kimberly Glodowski Amherst Honor Roll
Kalli Gloudemans Appleton Honor Roll
Lucas Glover Manitowoc Honor Roll
Laryssa Glunn Arbor Vitae Honor Roll
Richard Goepel Sussex Honor Roll
Katelynn Gohr Pulaski Dean’s List
Kathryn Golab Brookfield Honor Roll
Josie Golla Stevens Point Honor Roll
Kristen Goltz Oshkosh Dean’s List
Sean Gomm Appleton Honor Roll
Kortney Gonnering Seymour Dean’s List
Kathleen Gonsman Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda Goodrich Franksville Honor Roll
Ross Gordon Green Bay Honor Roll
Julie Gordon Oshkosh Dean’s List
Amanda Gordon Berlin Honor Roll
Jacqueline Gordy Mukwonago Honor Roll
Samantha Gore Wausau Honor Roll
Amanda Gorecki Oshkosh Honor Roll
Philip Gorecki Green Bay Dean’s List
Heidi Gors Madison Dean’s List
Sarah Gorski Franklin Honor Roll
Michael Gorz Algoma Dean’s List
Kristin Gosse Milwaukee Dean’s List
Tasha Gosselin Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Erik Gotthart Port Washington Honor Roll
Zachary Goulder Green Bay Honor Roll
Michael Gower Jordan Honor Roll
Danielle Gradecki South Milwaukee Dean’s List
Cody Graff Waukesha Honor Roll
Brianna Grahn Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Alyssa Gray Sussex Honor Roll
Peter Gray Baileys Harbor Honor Roll
Elizabeth Gray Winnebago Honor Roll
Elizabeth Greatens Green Bay Honor Roll
Lisa Grebe Greenville Honor Roll
James Green Oostburg Honor Roll
Kendra Green Bristol Honor Roll
Tristan Greening Green Bay Honor Roll
Maggie Greeninger Appleton Dean’s List
Timothy Greenwood Kaukauna Honor Roll
Jeramy Greenwood Reedsburg Honor Roll
Kaitlyn Gregor Berlin Honor Roll
Hannah Greisch Port Washington Honor Roll
Sophie Gresens Lodi Honor Roll
Jarrod Greuel New Holstein Honor Roll
Kelsey Greuel Milwaukee Dean’s List
Bonnie Greuel Little Chute Dean’s List
Michelle Griesbach Appleton Honor Roll
Alexandra Griffith Menasha Honor Roll
Joseph Grimm Oshkosh Honor Roll
Stephanie Grindheim Kaukauna Honor Roll
Peter Groehler Oconomowoc Dean’s List
Lauren Groene Onalaska Dean’s List
Lisa Groff Appleton Dean’s List
Jaci Grooters Woodruff Dean’s List
Jamie Groshek Stevens Point Honor Roll
Jacob Gross Monroe Honor Roll
Kaitlin Gross Oakfield Honor Roll
Katelyn Gross Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Steven Gross Oakfield Honor Roll
Darian Grosskreuz Rosendale Honor Roll
Jordan Grosz West Bend Dean’s List
Andrew Gruber Green Bay Honor Roll
Bradley Gruetzmacher Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kayla Gruse Oshkosh Honor Roll
Anthony Guagliardo Milwaukee Honor Roll
Justin Guagliardo Eagle Honor Roll
Joseph Guardiola Racine Honor Roll
Molly Guendert Wauwatosa Dean’s List
Lyndie Guenther Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Nicholet Guenther Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Caleb Gueths Green Bay Honor Roll
Brock Guetzke Hartford Honor Roll
Catherine Gugala Menasha Honor Roll
Erin Gulan Hurley Honor Roll
Joshua Gulbronson Wautoma Honor Roll
Michelle Gumm West Bend Dean’s List
Cori Gumz Omro Dean’s List
Carley Gussert Wrightstown Dean’s List
Tanner Gussert Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jeffrey Guth Monroe Honor Roll
Nicolas Gutierrez Oshkosh Dean’s List
Sherry Gutsch Madison Honor Roll
Alyssa Guzikowski Oak Creek Dean’s List
Aerin Ha Oak Creek Honor Roll
Gregory Haag Marshall Honor Roll
Cortney Haak Appleton Dean’s List
Lauren Haas Sauk City Dean’s List
Katherine Haase Poynette Honor Roll
Rachel Haase Oshkosh Dean’s List
Amanda Habert Appleton Honor Roll
Kendell Hack Fort Atkinson Honor Roll
Ky Hackbart Westfield Honor Roll
Annie Hackbarth Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Dustin Hackbarth Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ryan Hackbarth Oshkosh Dean’s List
Cassondra Hacker Oshkosh Honor Roll
Alexis Haen Rosendale Honor Roll
Brandon Hageman Rochester Dean’s List
Jessica Hagen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Daniel Hager Appleton Honor Roll
Kayla Hahn Cudahy Honor Roll
Mickenzie Hahn Oshkosh Honor Roll
Katrina Hale Mukwonago Dean’s List
Lerocman Hall Milwaukee Honor Roll
Victoria Hall Edgar Honor Roll
Lauren Halle Plymouth Honor Roll
Devyn Halle Oshkosh Honor Roll
Alayna Halley Brownsville Honor Roll
Shauna Hallock Appleton Honor Roll
Cassie Haltinner Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ryan Hamann Oshkosh Honor Roll
David Hamed Oshkosh Honor Roll
Levi Hamel Cedarburg Honor Roll
Caroline Hamer Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Kelly Hamilton Clintonville Honor Roll
Madison Hamilton Trevor Honor Roll
Andrea Hammann West Bend Honor Roll
Cassandra Hammen Kohler Dean’s List
Chelsea Hammett Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda Hammond Butte Des Morts Dean’s List
Stephanie Hands Oshkosh Honor Roll
Julie Handwerker Appleton Dean’s List
Jacob Hanke Wausau Honor Roll
Brady Hansen Green Bay Honor Roll
Chad Hansen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jordan Hansen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Heidi Hansen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Rylee Hanson Baldwin Honor Roll
Kayla Hanson Baraboo Honor Roll
Anna Hanson Beloit Dean’s List
Matthew Hanson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Lisha Hanson Clintonville Dean’s List
Ali Harasha Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Phillip Harder Sheboygan Falls Dean’s List
Kyle Harding East Troy Dean’s List
Brian Hardy Bristol Dean’s List
Brandy Hargett Menasha Honor Roll
Barbara Harmann Pewaukee Dean’s List
Danielle Harmon Fox Lake Honor Roll
Matthew Harris Appleton Honor Roll
Alexander Harris Appleton Honor Roll
Duane Hartkopf Crivitz Dean’s List
Amy Hartl Marshfield Honor Roll
Erika Hartwell Portage Honor Roll
Lindsey Hartz Sherwood Honor Roll
Tess Harvatine Greenville Dean’s List
Melissa Harvey Kingsford Honor Roll
Clariel Hass Boulder Honor Roll
Emily Hass Shawano Honor Roll
Stefanie Hasse Pardeeville Dean’s List
Ashlin Hastings Mount Horeb Honor Roll
Erin Hasz Oshkosh Honor Roll
Linda Hathorn Beloit Honor Roll
Kierstyn Haubrich Franksville Honor Roll
Kiley Hauck Hubertus Dean’s List
Jessica Hauke Franklin Honor Roll
Laine Havens Monticello Honor Roll
Margaret Haverland Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kristin Havey Green Bay Dean’s List
Jacob Hawes Burlington Dean’s List
Caitlin Hayes Waunakee Dean’s List
Angela Hayes Oshkosh Dean’s List
Patrick Haynes Pardeeville Honor Roll
Erin Hays Wind Lake Honor Roll
Taylor Hazelwood Hartland Honor Roll
Maureen Heaney Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Cherish Heath Shawano Dean’s List
Samuel Hebel Green Bay Dean’s List
Gabrielle Hebert Kimberly Dean’s List
Kristin Heckel Waukesha Dean’s List
Thomas Heffernan Oshkosh Dean’s List
Janelle Hegner Hortonville Honor Roll
Joshua Heid Neenah Dean’s List
Ashlee Heidke Appleton Honor Roll
Emily Heidl Oshkosh Honor Roll
Briana Heimark Waterford Honor Roll
Stephanie Heimbruch New London Honor Roll
Brienne Heimermann New Holstein Honor Roll
Amanda Hein East Troy Honor Roll
Rebecca Hein Muskego Honor Roll
Michael Heinz Shawano Honor Roll
William Heisel Lake Nebagamon Honor Roll
Katee Heisel La Farge Dean’s List
Ross Helein De Pere Honor Roll
Stephanie Helgeson Redgranite Dean’s List
Courtney Heling Shawano Dean’s List
Brittany Helphrey Appleton Honor Roll
Brooke Helt Oconomowoc Dean’s List
Cassandra Hemmen Appleton Dean’s List
Heidi Hemming Portage Honor Roll
Megan Hemstrom Neillsville Dean’s List
Elizabeth Henderson Sturtevant Dean’s List
Tannor Henke Baraboo Honor Roll
Tyler Henke Baraboo Honor Roll
Michael Hennessy Greendale Dean’s List
Katie Hepp Wisconsin Rapids Dean’s List
Sarah Herbst Berlin Honor Roll
Michelle Heren Eau Claire Honor Roll
Kayla Herget Mayville Dean’s List
Lindsay Hermsen Green Bay Dean’s List
Christopher Hernday Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jessica Herold Baraboo Dean’s List
Peter Herr Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Matthew Herrbold Menasha Honor Roll
Chelsy Herring Oshkosh Honor Roll
Russell Herring Billings Dean’s List
Kyle Herring Oshkosh Dean’s List
Sylvia Hersh Milwaukee Dean’s List
Stephanie Hertzenberg Wayzata Honor Roll
Samantha Hessel Maribel Dean’s List
Stephanie Hesselman Appleton Honor Roll
Justin Hetzel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Brianna Hetzel Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Shane Heyrman Green Bay Dean’s List
Mckenzie Hicks Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Shanna Hiemstra Brandon Dean’s List
Matthew Hietpas Denmark Honor Roll
Ross Hietpas Appleton Dean’s List
Mikaela Higgins Horicon Honor Roll
Allison Higgins Kaukauna Honor Roll
Erin Higgins Kaukauna Honor Roll
Hunter Hildebrandt Oshkosh Dean’s List
Britney Hilgendorf Madison Honor Roll
Katelyn Hill Burlington Honor Roll
Nicholas Hillary Oregon Honor Roll
Amber Hiller Watertown Dean’s List
Joseph Hills Waupaca Honor Roll
Wendy Hilmershausen Marathon Honor Roll
Jessica Hilt Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Brenton Hinch Hortonville Honor Roll
Jessica Hinkley Oak Creek Dean’s List
Alicia Hintz Appleton Dean’s List
Kaitlin Hintz New Berlin Honor Roll
Kassandra Hinz Waupaca Honor Roll
Alexander Hinz Berlin Dean’s List
Ross Hirte Oshkosh Dean’s List
Cameron Hitchcock Neenah Dean’s List
Hunter Hix Madison Dean’s List
Colin Hoard De Pere Dean’s List
Karl Hockerman Hartford Honor Roll
Kevin Hockerman Hartford Honor Roll
Robert Hofacker Appleton Dean’s List
Kristin Hoff Menasha Dean’s List
Ryan Hoffland Wauwatosa Honor Roll
Andrew Hoffman Oshkosh Dean’s List
Rachel Hoffman Green Bay Dean’s List
Tyler Hoffmann Appleton Honor Roll
Avery Hoffmann Kaukauna Dean’s List
Jerald Hofman Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Marcus Hofmeister Iron Ridge Honor Roll
Andrew Hogan Little Suamico Dean’s List
Meagan Hogan Hortonville Honor Roll
Kristin Hogan Little Suamico Dean’s List
David Hogan Sussex Honor Roll
Kaelyn Hogan Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jesse Hoh Appleton Honor Roll
Colleen Hohensee Clintonville Dean’s List
Johannes Höhl Poppenhausen Dean’s List
Paula Hohol Wrightstown Dean’s List
Jennifer Hoks Appleton Honor Roll
Jin Holewinski Oshkosh Honor Roll
Melanie Hollman Geneva Dean’s List
Tyler Hollnagel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kristin Holschbach Plymouth Dean’s List
Riley Holthaus Oregon Honor Roll
Katja Holtkötter Wadersloh Dean’s List
Morgan Holz West Bend Dean’s List
Alyssa Holzhausen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cassandra Holzman Hartford Honor Roll
Carly Hood Eau Claire Dean’s List
Kara Hopfensperger Oshkosh Dean’s List
Betsy Hopkins Oshkosh Dean’s List
Victoria Horstman Sparta Honor Roll
Bethany Hottmann Appleton Honor Roll
Sara Houle Greenville Honor Roll
Jeremy Houser Onalaska Dean’s List
Rebecca Housey Milwaukee Dean’s List
Casey Houts Schaumburg Honor Roll
Lauren Hove Appleton Honor Roll
Courtney Howard Johnson City Honor Roll
Adam Howe Appleton Dean’s List
Sydney Howell Roberts Honor Roll
Calli Hoyt Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Haoxuan Huang Honor Roll
Christy Hubbard Oshkosh Dean’s List
Katarena Hubbartt Kiel Dean’s List
Natalie Huber Oshkosh Dean’s List
Nicholas Huberty Appleton Honor Roll
Patrick Hudak Appleton Honor Roll
Devon Hudak Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Aubrey Huelsbeck Kaukauna Dean’s List
Amber Huerth Poy Sippi Honor Roll
Leah Huff Menasha Honor Roll
Michael Huff Grafton Honor Roll
Rebecca Hughes Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda Hughes Oshkosh Honor Roll
Hannah Humburg Oshkosh Dean’s List
Amy Hungerford Sherwood Dean’s List
Becklyn Hunter Rockford Honor Roll
Tara Huse Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Jenna Husman Oshkosh Honor Roll
Katie Hustad Mount Horeb Honor Roll
Brittney Hutchinson Geneva Honor Roll
Jean Hwang Seoul Honor Roll
Amanda Hying Dodgeville Honor Roll
Kimberly Irion Green Bay Dean’s List
Ashley Isaac Eldorado Honor Roll
Ashley Ivansek Oshkosh Honor Roll
Brianna Izzo New Berlin Honor Roll
Tyler Jackels Menasha Dean’s List
Molly Jackson Antigo Dean’s List
Jennifer Jackson Brodhead Dean’s List
Hailee Jacobs Manitowoc Honor Roll
Kari Jacobsen Burlington Dean’s List
Jonathan Jacobson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda Jacobson Kenosha Honor Roll
Abby Jacobson Monroe Dean’s List
Jordan Jacobson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Megan Jacquet Winneconne Honor Roll
Logan Jaeger Marathon Honor Roll
Emily Jagla New London Honor Roll
Stephanie Jahn Deerfield Honor Roll
Kali Jahn Oregon Honor Roll
Carrie Jahnke Oconto Falls Honor Roll
Taneisha James Menasha Honor Roll
Mitchell Jameson Arkdale Honor Roll
Da Som Jang Gwangju Dean’s List
Chad Janke Marshall Dean’s List
Jacquelin Jankiewicz Saint Paul Dean’s List
Taryn Jankowski Muskego Honor Roll
Kelsey Jannsen Pewaukee Honor Roll
Jacob Jansen Little Chute Dean’s List
Jordyn Jansen Columbus Honor Roll
Stephanie Jansen Appleton Dean’s List
Emily Janssen Little Chute Honor Roll
Brad Janssen Green Bay Honor Roll
Erica Janz Beaver Dam Dean’s List
Lauren Jares Neenah Honor Roll
Chelsea Jarnigo Oshkosh Dean’s List
Laura Jaroczynski Oshkosh Honor Roll
Rachel Jarvis Racine Honor Roll
Lauryn Jashinsky Franklin Honor Roll
Brent Jeffery Pickett Dean’s List
Lauren Jelinek De Pere Dean’s List
Eric Jenks Greenville Honor Roll
Zachary Jennings Lake Geneva Honor Roll
Nicolas Jensen Greendale Honor Roll
Theresa Jensen Shell Lake Dean’s List
Sadie Jensen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Elainna Jentz Hortonville Honor Roll
Elizabeth Jerabek Kewaunee Honor Roll
Stephanie Jewell Muskego Honor Roll
Calvin Jirschele Oshkosh Honor Roll
Nicholas Jirschele Oshkosh Honor Roll
Sean Joachim Green Bay Dean’s List
Elizabeth Jobe Baraboo Dean’s List
Joseph Johanek Appleton Honor Roll
Kristian Johannes Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda Johanning Plymouth Honor Roll
Samuel Johansen Appleton Honor Roll
Hillary Johnson Saukville Dean’s List
James Johnson Twin Lakes Dean’s List
Amy Johnson De Forest Honor Roll
Carly Johnson Merrill Honor Roll
Justin Johnson Winneconne Honor Roll
Kathryn Johnson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Michael Johnson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Torri Johnson Ontario Honor Roll
Elizabeth Johnson Hartford Dean’s List
Courtney Johnson Howards Grove Honor Roll
Kelsey Johnson Neenah Dean’s List
Michelle Johnson Gilman Dean’s List
Olivia Johnson Kansasville Dean’s List
Samantha Johnson Appleton Dean’s List
Elizabeth Johnson Madison Honor Roll
Jessica Johnson Appleton Honor Roll
Tina Johnson Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Alexander Johnson Winneconne Dean’s List
Jade Johnson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Matt Johnson Iola Dean’s List
Mckenzie Johnson Green Bay Dean’s List
Derek Johnsrud Fall River Dean’s List
Brittany Jonas Appleton Honor Roll
Chontelle Jones Oshkosh Dean’s List
Craig Jones Wild Rose Honor Roll
Stacey Jones Brookfield Honor Roll
Ciara Jones Oshkosh Dean’s List
Cymone Jones Neenah Dean’s List
Kesley Jones Oshkosh Dean’s List
Austin Jones Waukesha Dean’s List
Samuel Jonsson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Gaeun Joo Seoul Honor Roll
Shaun Jorgenson Neenah Dean’s List
Dale Jorgenson Sturgeon Bay Honor Roll
Jenise Jorsch Cleveland Dean’s List
Chanyang Ju Gwangji Honor Roll
Elizabeth Juetten Menasha Dean’s List
Elizabeth Jungers Appleton Honor Roll
Adam Jungwirth Oshkosh Honor Roll
Courtney Kabara Oshkosh Dean’s List
Robert Kachel La Crosse Honor Roll
Gina Kaczmarek Stevens Point Dean’s List
Mikayla Kaczmarowski Sheboygan Honor Roll
Ericka Kaczmarzyk Hortonville Honor Roll
Jennifer Kaderabek Oregon Dean’s List
Rachel Kaeppeler Kenosha Honor Roll
Ashley Kaeser Menasha Honor Roll
Zachary Kaiser Oshkosh Honor Roll
Trina Kalamarz Pewaukee Dean’s List
Christine Kalies Denver Dean’s List
David Kalk Saint Michael Honor Roll
Laura Kallstrom Little Chute Dean’s List
Melissa Kaminski Freedom Dean’s List
Allyn Kaminski Menasha Dean’s List
Olga Kan Moscow Dean’s List
James Kane Neenah Honor Roll
Megan Kangas Norway Dean’s List
Katie Kannenberg Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kaitlin Kapitan Waukesha Honor Roll
Amanda Kapla Green Bay Dean’s List
Molly Kaprelian Franksville Honor Roll
Kyla Karcz Green Bay Dean’s List
Broderick Karmenzind Pickett Honor Roll
Casey Karpin Saukville Honor Roll
Nick Kartechner Waupun Honor Roll
Haley Kas Janesville Honor Roll
Kayla Kasper Two Rivers Dean’s List
Alex Kassner Suamico Honor Roll
Kraig Kasten Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Laura Kasten Appleton Honor Roll
Kylie Kasten Reedsville Honor Roll
Kayla Kasten Appleton Dean’s List
Stephanie Kastens Oshkosh Honor Roll
Nicholas Kaufman Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Ashley Kaufman Appleton Honor Roll
Kayla Kawula Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kelly Keating Stoughton Honor Roll
Emily Keberlein Menasha Dean’s List
Amanda Keeser Johnson Creek Dean’s List
Broc Keifenheim Malone Honor Roll
Hannah Keil Manitowoc Dean’s List
Amanda Kell Oshkosh Dean’s List
Elizabeth Keller Eau Claire Honor Roll
Travis Kellner Sheboygan Dean’s List
Mckenzie Kelly New Richmond Dean’s List
Shelby Kelso Verona Honor Roll
Peter Kempen Appleton Dean’s List
Emily Kempf Bristol Dean’s List
Josiy Kenas Marinette Honor Roll
Christopher Kendall Ripon Dean’s List
Donald Kennedy Waukesha Dean’s List
April Kent New London Dean’s List
Allysa Kerscher Florence Dean’s List
Amanda Kersten Kaukauna Honor Roll
Jessica Kersten Hilbert Dean’s List
Allison Kerwin Delafield Dean’s List
Sarah Kesner Sheboygan Dean’s List
Ashley Kesselring Fredonia Honor Roll
Samantha Key Green Bay Dean’s List
Dalton Kick Kenosha Honor Roll
Kyle Kiefer Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Emily Kiefer Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Elizabeth Kiel Union Grove Honor Roll
Kayla Kierstead Waterford Honor Roll
Chloe Kierszh Oshkosh Honor Roll
Chelsea Kierszh Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kimberly Kikkert West Bend Honor Roll
Christin Kilanowski Omro Honor Roll
Elaine Kildsig Kiel Dean’s List
Chelsea Kilgas Chilton Dean’s List
Joshua Kilgas Appleton Honor Roll
Jiin Kim Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jiwoong Kim Gwangju Dean’s List
Sunghoon Kim Gwangju Honor Roll
Geonsoo Kim Gwangju Honor Roll
Adam Kimball Oshkosh Dean’s List
Mikaela Kinderman Neenah Honor Roll
Joseph King Wausau Honor Roll
Kimberly King Appleton Honor Roll
Cori King Appleton Dean’s List
Jolenne King Omro Dean’s List
Dylan King Two Rivers Dean’s List
Bradley Kinnard Franklin Honor Roll
Steffi Kinnard Casco Dean’s List
Amanda Kinnunen Slinger Honor Roll
Alison Kintigh Wautoma Dean’s List
Logan Kinyon Eldorado Honor Roll
Laura Kirby Sobieski Honor Roll
Jessica Kirchman-Baumann De Pere Honor Roll
Caitlin Kirchner Appleton Dean’s List
Hannah Kirk Cudahy Honor Roll
Roan Kirschbaum Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kelly Kirschling Muskego Dean’s List
Kaila Kissinger Kiel Dean’s List
Hailey Kitelinger Linden Honor Roll
Rachel Kitz Oshkosh Honor Roll
Katie Kitzke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Patricia Klabunde Milwaukee Dean’s List
Elizabeth Klandrud Brookfield Honor Roll
Nicole Klase Oak Creek Dean’s List
Cheylin Klecker Fort Atkinson Honor Roll
Stephanie Klegin Clintonville Honor Roll
Jesse Klein Appleton Honor Roll
Steven Klein Oshkosh Honor Roll
Bradley Klein Waldo Dean’s List
Katelyn Klein Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Abie Klein Delafield Dean’s List
Jesse Klein Burnsville Dean’s List
Samuel Klein Oshkosh Dean’s List
Sarah Klein Sheboygan Dean’s List
Ryan Kleineschay De Pere Honor Roll
Devin Klesmith Rosholt Honor Roll
Gabrielle Kligis Florence Honor Roll
Krystan Klimke Oregon Dean’s List
Caitlin Kling Neenah Dean’s List
Kelsey Klinksick Wausaukee Honor Roll
Corey Klitzke Oshkosh Honor Roll
Mackenzie Kloehn Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jennifer Kloes Neenah Honor Roll
Lauren Klotz Pewaukee Honor Roll
Stephen Kluever Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Kelsey Kluever Madison Honor Roll
Joseph Knafelc Green Bay Honor Roll
Mary Knapp Madison Dean’s List
Austin Knepprath Plymouth Dean’s List
Racheal Knoke Hudson Dean’s List
Abigail Knoll Oshkosh Honor Roll
Taylor Knoll Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amy Knoll Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alissa Knop Mukwonago Dean’s List
Brett Knudsen Neenah Dean’s List
Karen Knudson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Leslie Knuppel Greenville Honor Roll
Mark Knutson Appleton Dean’s List
Stephanie Knutson Appleton Honor Roll
Lindsey Kobes Kiel Dean’s List
Daniel Kobin Cedarburg Dean’s List
Amanda Koch Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cody Koch Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Zachary Koch Neenah Dean’s List
Kenneth Koehler Menomonie Dean’s List
Karlee Koehler Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Rachel Koehn Florence Dean’s List
Melissa Koenig Columbus Honor Roll
Denys Koenigs Chilton Dean’s List
Amanda Koeppel Poynette Honor Roll
Kevin Koerber Caledonia Dean’s List
Sarah Kofler Prentice Dean’s List
Sterling Kohel Neenah Honor Roll
Zachary Kohlbeck Wausau Honor Roll
Rachel Kohn Appleton Honor Roll
Jenna Kohout Waukesha Honor Roll
Jordan Kolata Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jordan Kolb Kiel Honor Roll
Greg Kolbe Hilbert Honor Roll
Michael Koller Pearson Dean’s List
Joshua Kollmann Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Heidi Kolonko Ashland Honor Roll
Sarah Komasa Stevens Point Honor Roll
Michelle Konczak New Berlin Dean’s List
Kayla Kondracki La Crosse Honor Roll
Becca Konemann Lyndon Station Dean’s List
Katherine Konop Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Kristine Konrath Horicon Dean’s List
Corinna Koopmans Cambria Honor Roll
Brandon Kopetsky Appleton Honor Roll
Lexi Korhonen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kimberly Korinek Grafton Dean’s List
Paul Kornacker Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kendal Kornacki Brookfield Honor Roll
Aimee Kornish Appleton Dean’s List
Ian Korsch Oshkosh Honor Roll
Briana Kortbein Kaukauna Honor Roll
Lydia Korte Sparta Dean’s List
Sarah Kortsch Thiensville Dean’s List
Alexandria Koshak Larsen Honor Roll
Jennifer Kostuch New Berlin Dean’s List
Kayla Koth Milwaukee Dean’s List
Elizabeth Kottke Oakfield Honor Roll
Melanie Kotze Appleton Honor Roll
Nicole Kouba Middleton Honor Roll
Samuel Kougias Kewaunee Dean’s List
Katrina Kovacs Black Creek Honor Roll
Ekaterin Kovatch Waukesha Honor Roll
Lance Kozic Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kristin Kozlovsky Denmark Dean’s List
Danielle Kraak Brodhead Honor Roll
Luke Kramer Little Chute Honor Roll
Jessica Kramer Lone Rock Dean’s List
Sara Kramer Oshkosh Dean’s List
Breanne Kramer Brookfield Honor Roll
Angela Kramer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ryan Kramlich Appleton Dean’s List
Amy Kraning Neenah Honor Roll
Tyler Kranjac Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jennifer Kranjac Oak Creek Dean’s List
Shelby Kranz Mc Farland Honor Roll
Nicole Krasselt Neillsville Honor Roll
Bobbi Krause Valders Dean’s List
Alyssa Krautkramer Kewaskum Dean’s List
Alyssa Kreitzman Hustisford Dean’s List
Kaitlin Krenz Merrimac Honor Roll
Nicholas Krepline Oshkosh Honor Roll
Gabrielle Kress Appleton Dean’s List
Jessica Kretlow Richfield Dean’s List
Saskia Kretzer Schmalkalden Dean’s List
Beverly Krewald West Bend Dean’s List
William Krieger Appleton Honor Roll
Michaela Kriesel Hatley Honor Roll
Caitlyn Krishka Sturgeon Bay Dean’s List
Arienne Krizenesky Appleton Honor Roll
Marie Kroehn Altoona Honor Roll
Krista Kroeninger New Berlin Honor Roll
Sarah Krohn Menomonee Falls Dean’s List
Sarah Kroll Crivitz Honor Roll
Kevin Kropp Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kirby Krueger Oshkosh Dean’s List
Amanda Krueger Stoughton Honor Roll
Kassie Krueger Oshkosh Honor Roll
Apryl Krueger Clintonville Dean’s List
Staci Krueger West Allis Dean’s List
Stephanie Krueger Winneconne Dean’s List
Kimberly Kruk Carol Stream Honor Roll
Melissa Krull Menasha Dean’s List
Jubilee Krump Hancock Dean’s List
Jessica Krupsky Franklin Dean’s List
Kevin Kruse Oshkosh Honor Roll
Brianna Kruzick Appleton Dean’s List
Jonathan Krysiak De Pere Honor Roll
Natalie Kubicek Oshkosh Dean’s List
Ashley Kuborn Oshkosh Dean’s List
Thomas Kuborn Oshkosh Dean’s List
Robert Kubowski West Bend Honor Roll
Jessica Kuderer Hartford Honor Roll
Steven Kuecker Oshkosh Honor Roll
Danielle Kuehl Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Samantha Kuehl Hartford Dean’s List
Taylor Kuehl Sheboygan Dean’s List
Christopher Kuehnl Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ashley Kuhlow Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Samantha Kuik Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Katherine Kujak Alma Honor Roll
Morgan Kujawski Stevens Point Honor Roll
Elizabeth Kulinski Hustisford Honor Roll
Janell Kultgen Random Lake Honor Roll
Molly Kunstman Oshkosh Honor Roll
Nicole Kurszewski Waterford Honor Roll
Melissa Kurth Wausau Honor Roll
Emily Kwak Wauwatosa Honor Roll
Beth Kwiatkowski Little Suamico Dean’s List
Tyler Laabs Greenleaf Dean’s List
Taylor Lackey Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Lauren Ladell Mequon Honor Roll
Karen Ladley Crystal Lake Dean’s List
Mitchell Ladwig Brookfield Honor Roll
Guerline Lafague Petion Ville Honor Roll
Ralph Lafave Gladstone Dean’s List
Magdala Laguerre Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kris Laho Bristol Honor Roll
Michael Lahti Appleton Dean’s List
Sarah Lamers Appleton Dean’s List
Melissa Lamers Little Chute Dean’s List
Melinda Lamore Oshkosh Dean’s List
Hannah Lampe Salem Honor Roll
Kate Landry Pewaukee Dean’s List
Phillip Landua Kaukauna Honor Roll
Megan Lang Waukesha Dean’s List
Bridget Lang Waukesha Honor Roll
Carly Lange New Berlin Honor Roll
Janelle Lang-Piette Slinger Honor Roll
Brittany Lantagne Redgranite Dean’s List
Lao Lao Oshkosh Dean’s List
Mary Laphayvanh Racine Honor Roll
Jordan Lark Germantown Honor Roll
Rachael Larsh Appleton Dean’s List
Anna Larson Appleton Dean’s List
Brianna Larson Whitewater Dean’s List
Casey Larson Wild Rose Honor Roll
Sarah Larson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Deanna Larson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kylie Larson-Robl Oshkosh Dean’s List
Benjamin Laska Stevens Point Honor Roll
Samantha Latham Howards Grove Honor Roll
Katherine Lauersdorf Sheboygan Honor Roll
Christopher Laurishke Menomonee Falls Dean’s List
Amanda Lautenbach Sturgeon Bay Dean’s List
Heather Lauter Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Drew Laux Green Bay Honor Roll
Karlie Laveau Waukesha Honor Roll
Evan Lavine Madison Honor Roll
Matthew Lawrence Plainfield Honor Roll
Jessica Lawry Madison Honor Roll
Alexandria Lawver Beloit Honor Roll
Amy Leach West Bend Honor Roll
Caitlin Leahy Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alice Leathers Baraboo Honor Roll
David Leblanc Port Washington Honor Roll
Choua Lee Appleton Honor Roll
Bee Lee Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cheng Lee Greenville Honor Roll
Lay Lee Neenah Honor Roll
Tong Lee Appleton Honor Roll
Collette Lee Green Bay Honor Roll
Shoua Lee Appleton Honor Roll
Audrey Lee Milwaukee Dean’s List
Kathy Lee Ringle Dean’s List
Jumong Lee Jeonju Dean’s List
Kong Lee Neenah Dean’s List
Nilai Lee Wausau Dean’s List
Olivia Lee Black River Falls Dean’s List
Andrew Leeman Freedom Honor Roll
Elizabeth Leeman Appleton Dean’s List
Zachary Lefeber Malone Honor Roll
Amy Lefevre Casco Dean’s List
Emilie Leffin Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Lauren Leffingwell Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Colette Lehrer Hortonville Honor Roll
Kayla Lehrer Appleton Dean’s List
Lauren Lemberger Oshkosh Honor Roll
Maggie Lemieux Oshkosh Honor Roll
Megan Lemire Blue Mounds Honor Roll
Brittany Lemke Mount Calvary Honor Roll
Julia Lemke Malone Honor Roll
Courtney Lemke Oconto Falls Dean’s List
Alyssa Lemke Peshtigo Honor Roll
Jamie Lemke Kaukauna Honor Roll
Nicole Lemmens Green Bay Dean’s List
Shaqueta Lemmitt Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jesse Lentz Marinette Honor Roll
Theodore Lentz Marinette Dean’s List
Brandon Lenz Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Emma Lenz Oshkosh Dean’s List
Ashley Leonardelli Oshkosh Dean’s List
Daniela Leone Pleasant Prairie Honor Roll
Brittney Leonhardt Reedsville Dean’s List
Maggie Lepine Pewaukee Honor Roll
Erica Lepisko Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kelly Lepkowski Waukesha Honor Roll
Melanie Lepkowski Franklin Honor Roll
Jeffrey Lesniak Woodstock Honor Roll
Suzanne Lesperance Appleton Dean’s List
Brett Lessner Janesville Honor Roll
Jessica Leszczynski Franklin Dean’s List
Keri Lett Wind Lake Honor Roll
Kyle Levenhagen Neenah Dean’s List
Olivia Levezow Manawa Honor Roll
Aaron Lewandowski Lake Zurich Honor Roll
Kevin Lewis Eagle River Honor Roll
Catherine Lewis Muskego Dean’s List
Robin Lewis Oshkosh Dean’s List
Morgan Liebetrau West Bend Honor Roll
Jessica Liegel Plain Honor Roll
Brittany Liegeois Green Bay Honor Roll
Angela Liesen Waukesha Honor Roll
Lori Ligocki Milwaukee Honor Roll
Alexandra Lillard Beloit Honor Roll
Cassandra Limberg Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Chin Yi Lin Taipei Honor Roll
Juana Linares Green Bay Dean’s List
Jill Lindberg Meridian Honor Roll
Andrew Lindsay Green Bay Honor Roll
Erin Lindsey New Berlin Honor Roll
Caleb Linskens Kaukauna Honor Roll
Tyler Linzmeier Appleton Dean’s List
Ann Linzmeyer Winneconne Honor Roll
Andrea Lippert Edgerton Dean’s List
Jonathan Lipsky Deerfield Honor Roll
Amanda Littel Madison Honor Roll
Thomas Liverseed Oshkosh Honor Roll
Branden Lloyd Mukwonago Honor Roll
Michael Locasto Oak Park Dean’s List
Jonathan Loeffelholz Sparta Honor Roll
Tyler Loest Mayville Honor Roll
Andria Loether Sauk City Honor Roll
Samantha Loew Burnett Honor Roll
Taylor Loew Burnett Honor Roll
Nathaniel Logan Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Spencer Long Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Colin Long Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kelli Lopez Milwaukee Honor Roll
Choua Lor Oshkosh Honor Roll
Annie Lor Wausau Honor Roll
Peng Lor Oshkosh Honor Roll
Shuemeng Lor Oshkosh Honor Roll
Touxue Lor Oshkosh Dean’s List
Joshua Lorbecki Grafton Honor Roll
Katherine Loth Germantown Honor Roll
Alyssa Lotzer Appleton Dean’s List
Samuel Lowe Green Bay Dean’s List
Jordan Lubbers Green Bay Dean’s List
Jordan Lubeck Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Justin Lubinski Neenah Honor Roll
Brianna Lucey Holmen Dean’s List
Andrew Lucht Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Chloe Luck Appleton Dean’s List
Amanda Luckow Oshkosh Dean’s List
Stephanie Lueck Campbellsport Dean’s List
Marissa Lueck Cross Plains Honor Roll
Annette Lueck Rosendale Dean’s List
Kiley Luedtke Oshkosh Honor Roll
Dallas Luehring Mayville Dean’s List
Anna Lukyanova Kimberly Dean’s List
Allison Lumsden Oshkosh Dean’s List
Sarah Lund Janesville Honor Roll
Sara Lund Reedsville Honor Roll
Abigail Lundt Shawano Honor Roll
Heather Lundwall Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Heather Lutz New London Dean’s List
Simon Ly Little Chute Honor Roll
Sydney Lybert Fremont Dean’s List
Amanda Lynch Green Bay Honor Roll
Ashley Lyons Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Ashley Lyons Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jeffrey Lytle Oshkosh Honor Roll
Stephanie Maas Appleton Honor Roll
Karli Macgregor Grafton Dean’s List
Charlotte Machalik Racine Honor Roll
Elise Macik Muskego Honor Roll
Shannon Madden Sheboygan Honor Roll
Michele Mader Hilbert Honor Roll
Connor Madison Manitowoc Honor Roll
Kayla Madsen Richfield Honor Roll
Mariah Maedke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Miranda Magadanz Madison Honor Roll
Megan Magelitz Oshkosh Dean’s List
Amy Maguire Mosinee Honor Roll
Kayla Magyar Beaver Dam Dean’s List
Justin Mahlik Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Sherri Mahmoud Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kathryn Mahnke Sheboygan Honor Roll
Allison Mahnke Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Karissa Maier Appleton Honor Roll
Michelle Maiman Greenville Dean’s List
Kyle Majorowicz Milton Honor Roll
Lindsey Makuski Custer Honor Roll
Katelyn Malcheski Little Suamico Dean’s List
Glenn Malecki Lemont Honor Roll
Mason Malesevich Brownsville Dean’s List
Jack Maliszewski Milwaukee Honor Roll
Daniel Mallmann Chilton Honor Roll
Ryanne Mallow Hartford Honor Roll
John Malovrh Medford Honor Roll
Christina Malucha West Bend Honor Roll
Michael Mandujano Oak Creek Dean’s List
Natalie Manion Belleville Honor Roll
Matthew Manley Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Joseph Mann Mount Calvary Dean’s List
Nicole Mann Hartford Honor Roll
Justin Mann Oshkosh Dean’s List
Andrew Mannenbach Green Bay Honor Roll
Benjamin Manogue Watertown Honor Roll
Melissa Mariucci-Knoble Oshkosh Dean’s List
Lucas Markiewicz Pound Dean’s List
Brian Markovich Colgate Honor Roll
Anessa Markowski Berlin Honor Roll
Martha Marks Sheboygan Dean’s List
Sara Marlborough Menasha Dean’s List
Jessica Marley Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
James Maronde Appleton Honor Roll
Kaitlin Marquardt West Bend Honor Roll
Jenna Marquardt Oshkosh Dean’s List
Tamara Marquardt Appleton Dean’s List
Whitney Marr Milwaukee Honor Roll
Brittni Marshall Oshkosh Honor Roll
Carly Martelle Janesville Honor Roll
Morgan Martens Green Bay Dean’s List
Erik Martin Van Dyne Honor Roll
Ashley Martin Menasha Honor Roll
Jessica Martin Wauwatosa Honor Roll
Joshua Martinez Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cynthia Martinez Sharon Honor Roll
Jazmyne Martinez Fort Atkinson Honor Roll
Rachel Martinez Waukesha Dean’s List
Brittany Martinez Oshkosh Dean’s List
Eli Martinez Oshkosh Dean’s List
Justin Martinovich Appleton Dean’s List
Kevin Martinson Appleton Honor Roll
Luke Marty Appleton Honor Roll
Timothy Martzke New London Honor Roll
Paul Marx New Berlin Honor Roll
Rachel Marx Evansville Honor Roll
Amanda Marxen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Courtney Mashin Mount Calvary Dean’s List
Rachel Massey De Pere Honor Roll
Nicole Mathew Bonduel Honor Roll
Melissa Mathews Manitowoc Honor Roll
Emma Mathison Birnamwood Dean’s List
James Mattingly Menasha Dean’s List
Janet Mattingly Oshkosh Honor Roll
Alexander Mattson Brookfield Honor Roll
Allison Matush Dane Honor Roll
Kelsey Matuszak Oak Creek Honor Roll
Megan Mau Browntown Dean’s List
Kelsey Mauer Sheboygan Fls Dean’s List
James Mauthe Appleton Dean’s List
Joelle Maxfield Oshkosh Honor Roll
Franki Mayer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jennifer Mayer Neenah Dean’s List
Caleb Mayes Eldorado Honor Roll
Stevan Mazibrada Appleton Dean’s List
Dylan Mcauley Oshkosh Honor Roll
Zachary Mcauley Oshkosh Honor Roll
Morgan Mcbee Oshkosh Honor Roll
John Mccann Elroy Dean’s List
Jacob Mccarty Milton Honor Roll
Andrew Mccauley Mayville Honor Roll
Sarah Mccorkle Brookfield Honor Roll
Patrick Mccorkle Oshkosh Dean’s List
Grace Mccormick Nashotah Honor Roll
Clinton Mccrary Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Daniel Mcculloch West Bend Dean’s List
Scot Mccullough Wauwatosa Honor Roll
Dana Mcdaniel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Matthew Mcdaniel Menasha Honor Roll
Kassidy Mcdaniels Oshkosh Dean’s List
Patrick Mcdonald Oshkosh Honor Roll
Andrea Mcdonald Sobieski Dean’s List
Jacob Mcdonald Green Bay Dean’s List
Caley Mcfarlane Portage Honor Roll
Julie Mcginnis Middleton Dean’s List
Katherine Mcgrath Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Melissa Mcgroarty New Berlin Honor Roll
Miranda Mcguire Dodgeville Honor Roll
Adam Mckinney Prairie Du Sac Honor Roll
Molly Mckinnon Antigo Honor Roll
Nicole Mcknight Oshkosh Honor Roll
Chad Mclaughlin Sussex Honor Roll
Sherry Mcmahon Manitowoc Honor Roll
Mariah Mcmullen Byron Dean’s List
Lori Mcnamee Neenah Dean’s List
Erin Mcnulty Waukesha Dean’s List
Nolan Mcshane Milwaukee Honor Roll
Matthew Mctrusty Burlington Honor Roll
Brittany Mcwilliams Allenton Dean’s List
Casey Medema Delavan Dean’s List
Martin Meder Oshkosh Dean’s List
Lourdes Medina Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Jennifer Meer Stevens Point Honor Roll
Samuel Mehlberg De Pere Dean’s List
Megan Meier Appleton Dean’s List
Randi Meinert Fort Atkinson Dean’s List
Samuel Melchior Oshkosh Dean’s List
Samantha Mellgren Oshkosh Honor Roll
Zachary Mellgren Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jordan Melvin Saint Cloud Dean’s List
Kathleen Memenga Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jeremy Mercer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Julia Mergner Oshkosh Honor Roll
Megan Merkel West Bend Honor Roll
Evan Mermall Oshkosh Honor Roll
Mollie Merrill Oshkosh Dean’s List
Samuel Messenger Green Bay Dean’s List
Paul Messerly Birnamwood Honor Roll
Brock Messner Seymour Dean’s List
Michael Mester Eslohe Honor Roll
Sean Metoxen De Pere Dean’s List
Jennifer Meulemans Kaukauna Dean’s List
Brenda Meulemans Appleton Dean’s List
Joseph Meurer West Bend Honor Roll
Steffani Meusburger Littleton Dean’s List
Eric Meverden Wausau Honor Roll
Andrew Meverden Birnamwood Honor Roll
Christopher Meyer Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Nicole Meyer Kewaskum Honor Roll
Timothy Meyer Dousman Dean’s List
Jason Meyer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Nathan Meyer Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Martina Meyer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Andrea Meyer Roseville Dean’s List
Austin Meyer Plymouth Honor Roll
Alec Meyers Marshfield Honor Roll
Raymond Meyers Hampstead Dean’s List
Christin Michaelis Brandenburg/Havel Dean’s List
Kelli Michaelis Waukesha Honor Roll
Brian Michalica Brown Deer Honor Roll
Lucas Michalik Marshfield Honor Roll
Adam Michalski Green Bay Honor Roll
Sean Michels Eldorado Honor Roll
Brandon Michels Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Samuel Micka Belleville Honor Roll
Amy Micke Greenleaf Honor Roll
Amy Mickelson Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Anne Mickelson Germantown Honor Roll
Aaron Mielke Rothschild Dean’s List
Emily Miels Oshkosh Honor Roll
Matthew Miescke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Stephen Milani Milwaukee Honor Roll
Cory Milbach Appleton Honor Roll
Leah Milbeck Wausau Honor Roll
Sydnee Milis Appleton Honor Roll
Jolene Milis Appleton Honor Roll
Megan Milkowski Pewaukee Honor Roll
Nicole Milkus Slinger Dean’s List
Krystal Miller Denmark Dean’s List
Aaron Miller Quincy Dean’s List
Michael Miller Colgate Honor Roll
Stephanie Miller Janesville Honor Roll
Matthew Miller Oshkosh Dean’s List
Stephanie Miller Green Bay Dean’s List
Stephanie Miller Slinger Honor Roll
Christina Millermon Osceola Honor Roll
Lauren Millette Crystal Lake Dean’s List
Kyle Milligan Waukesha Honor Roll
Corey Millikin Schofield Honor Roll
Stephanie Milmoe Manitowoc Dean’s List
Nicole Milz Neenah Honor Roll
Dongbin Min Seoul Dean’s List
Ashley Minger Denmark Dean’s List
Sarah Minniecheske Tigerton Dean’s List
Kim Mischler Kaukauna Dean’s List
Chloe Mishler Oshkosh Honor Roll
Emily Miskoski Stevens Point Dean’s List
Kari Mitchell Omro Honor Roll
Samantha Mitchell Oshkosh Dean’s List
Atalie Mittelstedt Montello Dean’s List
Brooke Moats Racine Honor Roll
Brittany Moe Burlington Dean’s List
Haley Moeller Sturgeon Bay Honor Roll
Kelsey Moeller Janesville Honor Roll
Lacey Moeller New London Dean’s List
Dayton Moenning Elkhart Lake Honor Roll
Katrina Moerchen Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Kyle Moerchen Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Timothy Moffitt Kenosha Honor Roll
Lauren Mogensen Kenosha Dean’s List
Nichole Mohr Crystal Lake Honor Roll
Melissa Mohr Menasha Dean’s List
Carla Molder Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kristin Molenda South Milwaukee Honor Roll
Leigha Moll Oshkosh Dean’s List
Reed Molls Turtle Lake Honor Roll
Beth Molnar Phillips Dean’s List
Tyler Monroe Oshkosh Honor Roll
Rebecca Monroe Omro Honor Roll
Allyson Montemurro Racine Dean’s List
Mike Moonde Lusaka Honor Roll
Hanna Lea Moore Janesville Honor Roll
Logan Moore Green Bay Dean’s List
Allison Moran Cambridge Dean’s List
Ryan Morehart Menasha Dean’s List
Patrick Morel Wausau Honor Roll
Sarah Moriarty Milwaukee Honor Roll
Amanda Morin Niagara Honor Roll
Lisa Morin Appleton Honor Roll
Brandon Moroni Green Bay Honor Roll
Jaclynn Morrow Theresa Dean’s List
Megan Moseley Milwaukee Honor Roll
Emily Moss Oshkosh Dean’s List
Lauren Mrkvicka Greendale Honor Roll
Janessa Muchow Prairie Du Sac Honor Roll
Breeann Mueller Kiel Dean’s List
Tamara Mueller Greenville Dean’s List
Jordan Mueller Sussex Honor Roll
Joseph Mueller Appleton Honor Roll
Sarah Mueller Rhinelander Honor Roll
Zachary Mueller Jackson Dean’s List
Brooke Muggenthaler Neenah Honor Roll
Elaine Mulcahy Dane Honor Roll
Christina Mulder Sparta Honor Roll
Lindsay Mulholland Greenville Dean’s List
Juan Munoz Oshkosh Dean’s List
Brittany Murawski Lake Zurich Dean’s List
Austin Murdock Iron Mountain Honor Roll
Emily Murphy Sheboygan Honor Roll
Taylor Murphy Oshkosh Honor Roll
Riley Murphy Oregon Honor Roll
Rebbeca Mussatti Franklin Dean’s List
Brittany Myers Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kyle Nack Sheboygan Honor Roll
Nicholas Nadeau Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jeffrey Naimon Appleton Honor Roll
Tina Naniseni Mancelona Honor Roll
Bryant Nankee Muscoda Honor Roll
Erica Narveson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Beth Navarrete Appleton Dean’s List
Amanda Nazario Oshkosh Dean’s List
Blair Necas Winneconne Honor Roll
Natalie Neibauer Winneconne Honor Roll
Taylor Neis Eagle River Honor Roll
Jared Nelson Ripon Honor Roll
Matthew Nelson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ryan Nelson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Alexandra Nelson-Zirzow Hartland Dean’s List
Megan Nerison Schofield Honor Roll
Kelly Nesst Sheboygan Falls Dean’s List
Chelsea Nest Mosinee Honor Roll
David Neste Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Maggie Nett Malone Honor Roll
Louis Nett Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Andrew Nett Malone Dean’s List
Alex Nettekoven Appleton Honor Roll
Jennifer Neubauer Kaukauna Dean’s List
Ashley Neuhaus Racine Honor Roll
Presley Neuman Appleton Honor Roll
Rachel Neuman Eland Dean’s List
Casey Neuman Eland Honor Roll
Hannah Neuman Baraboo Honor Roll
Tyler Neuman Appleton Dean’s List
Sara Neumann Oshkosh Honor Roll
Katherine Neumann Oshkosh Dean’s List
Ashley Neustifter Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kyle Newhouse Waunakee Honor Roll
Molly Newhouse Ashland Dean’s List
Zachery Newton Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jeb Newton New London Dean’s List
Karena Nichols Black River Falls Honor Roll
Stephen Nickols Little Chute Honor Roll
Philip Nickols Little Chute Dean’s List
Gina Niehausen Mauston Dean’s List
Kaitlyn Nielsen Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Kayla Niemuth Kiel Honor Roll
Amanda Nienhaus Seymour Honor Roll
Katie Nikolai Neenah Honor Roll
Amanda Nilsson Neenah Honor Roll
Douglas Nimke Durand Honor Roll
Eric Nipko Oshkosh Dean’s List
Danielle Niquette Manitowoc Honor Roll
Ashley Noack Green Bay Honor Roll
Jean-Frantzy Noel Kaukauna Honor Roll
Hailey Noffke Neenah Honor Roll
Mayumi Noguchi Oshkosh Honor Roll
Tracy Nohr Neenah Dean’s List
Emily Noonan Kaukauna Honor Roll
Sara Noonan Kaukauna Dean’s List
Mitchell Nooyen De Forest Dean’s List
Kristian Nordby Antioch Honor Roll
Kelsey Norgal Waukesha Honor Roll
Sarah Norton Oshkosh Dean’s List
Bryan Nothem West Bend Honor Roll
Sarah Nowotarski Bristol Dean’s List
Assenal Numa Neenah Honor Roll
Cheyenne Nunnery Clintonville Dean’s List
Ashley Nussbaumer Hortonville Honor Roll
Jenna Nyberg Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Kirsten Nyberg North Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Eric Nygaard Winneconne Honor Roll
Erika Nyman Appleton Honor Roll
Mary O’Bara Montello Dean’s List
Rachael O’Brien Brookfield Dean’s List
Ashley O’Brien Hortonville Dean’s List
Michelle O’Connell Neenah Honor Roll
Katherine O’Connell Oak Creek Honor Roll
Erin O’Connell Waukesha Dean’s List
Christian O’Connor Delavan Honor Roll
Thomas O’Connor Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amy O’Connor Mukwonago Dean’s List
André Offele Rietberg Honor Roll
Madeline Ogden Sheboygan Honor Roll
Hwa Yeob Oh Daejeon, Chung Chung Nam-Do Dean’s List
Clinton Ohman Eveleth Honor Roll
Katrina Oldeen Appleton Dean’s List
Lewis Oleksy Madison Dean’s List
Hannah Olesen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Justin Olesen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Simon Oliden South Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jaeda Oliver Neenah Honor Roll
Daniel Olk Oshkosh Honor Roll
Billie Ollman Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Brett Olmsted Sheboygan Honor Roll
Alexander Olp Delafield Honor Roll
Chantell Olsen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Haley Olson Muskego Honor Roll
Chelsea Olson Waupaca Dean’s List
Rebecca Olson Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Brent Olson Wausau Honor Roll
Danielle Olson Bowler Honor Roll
Michael Olson Kaukauna Honor Roll
Ella Olson Bonduel Dean’s List
Mark O’Malley Madison Honor Roll
Shauna O’Malley Oshkosh Honor Roll
Brian O’Malley Oshkosh Dean’s List
Sean O’Neill Bristol Honor Roll
Azucena Ontiveros Beaver Dam Dean’s List
Ashley Oppeneer Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Wesley Oren Cottage Grove Dean’s List
Brittany Oren Cottage Grove Dean’s List
James Orlando Saint Cloud Dean’s List
Callie Orme Mc Farland Dean’s List
Bridgette O’Rourke Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Alexandra Orr Almond Honor Roll
Emily Orr Green Bay Dean’s List
Brandon Orser Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alyse Oshefsky Green Bay Honor Roll
Zachary Oszman Portage Honor Roll
Sarah O’Toole Appleton Honor Roll
Haley Ott Marshfield Honor Roll
Rebecca Ottman Oshkosh Dean’s List
Meghan Owens Waukesha Honor Roll
Jennifer Pagel Wausau Honor Roll
Clara Pagel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kathleen Palmbach Appleton Dean’s List
Caleb Palmer Neenah Honor Roll
Nicole Palmquist Oshkosh Honor Roll
Brooke Pamer Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alexia Panagopoulos Oshkosh Dean’s List
Andrew Pankow Menasha Dean’s List
Alexander Papak Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Corey Pape Burlington Dean’s List
Teague Paris Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kyeong Jae Park Jeonju Dean’s List
Yongho Park Muan-Gun Dean’s List
Hyerin Park Seoul Dean’s List
Hailey Parker Papillion Honor Roll
Payton Parker Oshkosh Honor Roll
Whitney Parker New London Honor Roll
Annika Parks Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kelli Parr Adams Dean’s List
Travis Paschen Combined Locks Honor Roll
Carol Paschke Waupun Honor Roll
Kelly Paschke Appleton Honor Roll
Robert Patrick Oshkosh Honor Roll
Christopher Patrick Appleton Honor Roll
Michael Patt Oshkosh Honor Roll
Abigail Patt Oshkosh Honor Roll
Duwayne Patterson Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Briana Patton Milwaukee Honor Roll
Amy Paul Eagle River Dean’s List
Laken Paul Van Dyne Dean’s List
Amy Paulick Neenah Honor Roll
Brittany Pavloski Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Maria Payant Antigo Honor Roll
Jessica Pech Nekoosa Honor Roll
Kelly Pechacek West Bend Dean’s List
Mardi Peeters De Pere Dean’s List
Jonathan Peetz Pardeeville Honor Roll
Victoria Peil Brookfield Dean’s List
Kelsey Pekarske Randolph Dean’s List
Michelle Pelky Oshkosh Honor Roll
Lydia Penn Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Jordan Pennings Kimberly Honor Roll
Krystyana Penwell Milwaukee Dean’s List
Mariah Perez Milwaukee Honor Roll
Elissa Pergande Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Lamone Perine Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jamie Perkins Marinette Honor Roll
Rebecca Perman Plymouth Honor Roll
Ashley Peroceschi Union Grove Honor Roll
Alex Peroutky Neenah Honor Roll
Jenna Perras Neenah Dean’s List
Benjamin Perreault Sussex Honor Roll
Megan Perryman Berlin Honor Roll
Brent Persch Oshkosh Honor Roll
Matthew Persick Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Carly Persson Hewitt Honor Roll
Erin Persson Wisconsin Rapids Dean’s List
Elizabeth Pessoa Janesville Honor Roll
Brandon Peter Allenton Honor Roll
Sarah Petermann Appleton Dean’s List
Clinton Wayne Peters Menasha Honor Roll
Valerie Peters Oostburg Honor Roll
Kailyn Peters Green Bay Honor Roll
Elijah Petersen Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Rebecca Petersen Portage Dean’s List
Erik Peterson Waterford Honor Roll
Lynn Peterson Greenville Honor Roll
Alyssa Peterson Racine Honor Roll
Austin Peterson Malone Honor Roll
Brett Peterson Neenah Dean’s List
Kailee Peterson Appleton Dean’s List
Peyton Peterson Eden Honor Roll
Jordan Petges Salem Honor Roll
Kyle Petit Fremont Honor Roll
Josie Petrie Mount Calvary Dean’s List
Austin Petroff Waukesha Honor Roll
Maria Peyer Franklin Dean’s List
Briel Peyer Delavan Dean’s List
Zachary Peyer Westfield Dean’s List
Samantha Philip Oshkosh Honor Roll
Alex Phillips Pulaski Honor Roll
Kacie Phillips Oshkosh Honor Roll
Matthew Phillips Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cynthia Phillips Two Rivers Honor Roll
Michael Piasecki Kenosha Honor Roll
Michael Piazza Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jennifer Picard Neenah Dean’s List
Ammie Pichler Appleton Dean’s List
Zachariah Pickart Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Danielle Pickett New Glarus Dean’s List
Sarah Piepenbrink Neenah Dean’s List
Jordan Pierce Wisconsin Rapids Dean’s List
Mary Pierce Park Falls Honor Roll
Melissa Pierson Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Lauren Pietkiewicz Pleasant Prairie Honor Roll
Emily Pilon Phillips Honor Roll
Alexa Pinkley Crystal Lake Dean’s List
Cassandra Piper Oshkosh Honor Roll
Debora Piper New London Honor Roll
Austin Pippin Racine Dean’s List
Tiffany Pirwitz Neenah Dean’s List
Katherine Pitchford Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Aimee Pitney Wausau Dean’s List
Molly Pixler Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Ilya Piyanzov Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Anthony Plamann Appleton Honor Roll
Patrick Plashko Oshkosh Honor Roll
Laura Plata Oshkosh Honor Roll
Elisabeth Pleimling Verona Honor Roll
Nicole Pleshek Shawano Dean’s List
Josh Ploeckelmann Green Bay Honor Roll
Claire Pohlman Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Ryan Pokorny Appleton Honor Roll
Ryan Polar Neenah Honor Roll
Kari Polenske West Bend Honor Roll
Steven Pollack Oshkosh Honor Roll
Chelsea Polzin Medford Honor Roll
Megan Ponath Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Christopher Pont North Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Mark Pontow Appleton Dean’s List
Stephanie Ponzer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Mason Pooler Pewaukee Honor Roll
Hilary Pope Racine Dean’s List
Hannah Popp Belleville Honor Roll
Will Poppen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Ryan Porter Janesville Honor Roll
Mary Porter Menasha Dean’s List
Emily Porter Mayville Honor Roll
Lacy Posselt Lakewood Dean’s List
Hannah Post Appleton Honor Roll
Holly Post Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Teresa Poth Sheboygan Honor Roll
Colin Powell Racine Honor Roll
Nicole Powell Neenah Dean’s List
Kayla Powers Oshkosh Honor Roll
Wesley Powers Green Bay Honor Roll
Vincent Pozorski Watertown Dean’s List
Jolene Prahl Oshkosh Honor Roll
Olivia Prahl Elkhorn Honor Roll
Joshua Preiss New Berlin Honor Roll
Callie Preiss Whitelaw Honor Roll
Anna Preissel Wisconsin Dells Honor Roll
Joe Prellwitz Oshkosh Honor Roll
Milan Preradovic Appleton Honor Roll
Brad Price Rhinelander Honor Roll
Taylor Price Milwaukee Honor Roll
Tammy Prinz West Bend Dean’s List
Lewis Prior Coleman Honor Roll
Brandon Pritzl De Pere Honor Roll
Aaron Prom Saukville Dean’s List
Katie Prom Janesville Dean’s List
Jenna Propson Kaukauna Honor Roll
Leah Propson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Nicole Pruett Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kelley Puig Chetek Dean’s List
Allexis Pultz Niagara Honor Roll
Courtnee Pultz Niagara Dean’s List
Matthew Punzel Oakdale Honor Roll
Avery Pustina Dodgeville Dean’s List
Sidney Quade Cambria Dean’s List
Stephen Quick Waukesha Honor Roll
Aaron Quinn Oshkosh Dean’s List
Ethan Quinter Necedah Honor Roll
Meredith Quist Brillion Dean’s List
Jennifer Rabas Green Bay Dean’s List
Alex Rabbach Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Cole Raber Marshfield Dean’s List
Julianna Race Oshkosh Honor Roll
Dragana Radic Appleton Dean’s List
Gregory Radtke Green Bay Dean’s List
David Radtke Milwaukee Honor Roll
Alona Ragsdale Green Bay Dean’s List
Alyssa Rahe Sheboygan Dean’s List
Todd Raley Oshkosh Honor Roll
Taylor Rammelt Racine Honor Roll
Aaron Ramsey Oshkosh Honor Roll
Anna Ramsey Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alexander Ramsey Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kasie Rand Kimberly Dean’s List
Jennifer Randerson Kimberly Dean’s List
Shawn Rank Kaukauna Dean’s List
Mayur Ranpara Oshkosh Honor Roll
Emily Rashid Neenah Dean’s List
Kelsea Raskiewicz West Bend Honor Roll
William Rasmussen Muskego Dean’s List
Alicia Ratajczak Wautoma Dean’s List
Brynn Rathsack Oshkosh Honor Roll
Tanya Raube Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Emily Rausch Mequon Dean’s List
Ryan Rayeske Franklin Honor Roll
Zachary Raymond Dousman Honor Roll
Jessica Reamon Dodgeville Dean’s List
Laura Recker Kimberly Honor Roll
Andrea Recker Kimberly Honor Roll
Kristin Redmann Oshkosh Dean’s List
Ryan Redmond Lake Elmo Dean’s List
Heather Reece Shiocton Honor Roll
Matthew Reetz Appleton Honor Roll
Megan Reilly Waukesha Dean’s List
Michael Reimer Omro Dean’s List
Laura Reinbold Sheboygan Honor Roll
Erica Reineck Greenville Honor Roll
Elizabeth Reinhart De Pere Dean’s List
Christopher Reinke Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cassidy Rentmeester Green Bay Honor Roll
Tracy Resch Menasha Dean’s List
Mckenzie Retzlaff West Bend Dean’s List
Joseph Reuteman Oconomowoc Honor Roll
Andrew Reuter Verona Honor Roll
Elizabeth Reybrock Little Chute Dean’s List
Marissa Reynolds Wausau Dean’s List
Jordan Rhodes Neenah Dean’s List
Stuart Rhodes Marshfield Honor Roll
David Rice Whitefish Bay Dean’s List
Taylor Rich Janesville Honor Roll
Bradford Richardson Neenah Honor Roll
Claudia Richey Oshkosh Dean’s List
Justin Rick Hartland Dean’s List
Stephani Rickard Linden Honor Roll
Jayna Rickert Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Kaitlyn Rickert New London Dean’s List
Calli Rieder Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Steven Riegelman Racine Honor Roll
Samantha Riehbrandt Beaver Dam Honor Roll
Samantha Riehle Marathon Honor Roll
Tawni Riepe Waukesha Honor Roll
Jenell Riesner Waukesha Dean’s List
Ashley Rieth Cleveland Honor Roll
Grace Riggert Brookfield Dean’s List
Ellen Riley Janesville Dean’s List
Madeline Riordan Lake Villa Honor Roll
Jordan Ripp Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kayla Ripp Cross Plains Dean’s List
Rachel Rippier Wisconsin Rapids Dean’s List
Courtney Riska Clintonville Dean’s List
Stephanie Riska Oshkosh Dean’s List
Zachary Riska Appleton Dean’s List
Amanda Rittich Manitowoc Dean’s List
Leeah Rivas Sheboygan Honor Roll
Johnathan Rivera Oshkosh Honor Roll
Danielle Robach Rice Lake Honor Roll
Chelsea Robach Rice Lake Honor Roll
Ann Robbe Hartford Honor Roll
Theodore Robbins Waupaca Honor Roll
Michelle Robbins Eldorado Dean’s List
Heather Robbins Fall River Dean’s List
Ben Robers Appleton Honor Roll
Lauren Roberts Denmark Honor Roll
Katelyn Roberts Chetek Honor Roll
Jenna Roberts Appleton Dean’s List
Morgan Roberts Shawano Dean’s List
Amanda Roberts Montgomery Dean’s List
Brady Robinson Verona Honor Roll
Lee Robinson Racine Honor Roll
Kathryn Robinson Zion Honor Roll
Kevin Roche Appleton Honor Roll
Julia Rock Green Bay Honor Roll
Rachel Rocole Lakewood Dean’s List
Robert Rode Wausau Dean’s List
Jeremy Rodencal Pine River Dean’s List
Garry Rodesch Menominee Honor Roll
Jessica Rodgers Oshkosh Dean’s List
Anthony Rodriguez Spooner Honor Roll
Ashley Roehl Ripon Honor Roll
Samantha Roehrig Antigo Honor Roll
Molly Roffers Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jade Rogers Oshkosh Honor Roll
Nicole Rogstad Omro Dean’s List
Alyssa Rohde Beaver Dam Dean’s List
Justin Rohlinger Eden Dean’s List
Andrew Rohloff New Berlin Honor Roll
Katrina Rojo Menasha Honor Roll
Jake Rolbiecki Oshkosh Honor Roll
Shayna Rollins Rhinelander Dean’s List
David Roloff Wausau Honor Roll
Lyanne Rolön Albonito Honor Roll
Emily Romatoski Oshkosh Honor Roll
Logan Rome Oak Creek Dean’s List
Hailey Ronspiez Oregon Dean’s List
Lauren Rose Sturgeon Bay Honor Roll
Abigail Rosine Mosinee Dean’s List
Taylor Rosinski Bowler Honor Roll
Joseph Roskopf Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Anna Ross Kenosha Dean’s List
Amber Ross Neenah Dean’s List
Andrew Roth Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Alyssa Roth Columbus Dean’s List
Sarah Roth Baraboo Dean’s List
Dana Roth Greendale Dean’s List
Elizabeth Rothe Green Bay Honor Roll
Marian Rothkegel Hildesheim Dean’s List
Philip Rothmann Appleton Honor Roll
Ashley Rottier Shawano Dean’s List
Ryan Roushia Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ashley Rowland Whitewater Dean’s List
Kelsey Rozman Muskego Honor Roll
Joseph Roznik Maribel Honor Roll
Chase Ruddell Watertown Dean’s List
Brandon Ruder Watertown Honor Roll
Brittney Rudolph Oregon Honor Roll
Kendra Rudolph Waterloo Honor Roll
Anna Ruhland Mazomanie Dean’s List
Alan Ruiz New Berlin Honor Roll
Rikki Ruplinger Mount Calvary Dean’s List
Brittany Rusch Oconomowoc Dean’s List
Cody Rusch Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Hannah Rusch Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kerry Russell Middleton Dean’s List
Hailey Russell Racine Honor Roll
Ben Rutten Menasha Honor Roll
Amanda Rutten Neenah Honor Roll
Andrew Ryder Janesville Honor Roll
Kelsey Ryerson Ripon Dean’s List
Madeline Rynkiewicz Burlington Honor Roll
Karen Rysavy Owatonna Honor Roll
Sabrina Rzentkowski Stevens Point Honor Roll
Taylor Saari Pulaski Dean’s List
Kaitlynn Sablich De Pere Honor Roll
Shanen Sadowski Beaver Dam Dean’s List
Danielle Saeger Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Taylor Sagataw Neenah Honor Roll
Brooke Sage Menasha Honor Roll
Madisen Sagen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kelsey Sageser Oak Creek Dean’s List
Benjamin Sajdak Winneconne Honor Roll
Taylor Saladin Germantown Honor Roll
Minerva Salas Green Bay Honor Roll
Kim Salber Mosinee Honor Roll
Christina Salinas Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Kate Salter Fox Lake Honor Roll
Carly Salter Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Mitchell Salzer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amy Salzsieder Algoma Dean’s List
Kevin Sambs Waukesha Honor Roll
Benjamin Sanderfoot Appleton Dean’s List
Amber Sanderson Kenosha Honor Roll
KC Sandidge Plymouth Dean’s List
Kurtis Sandmire Green Bay Dean’s List
Kaylie Sandretti Allenton Honor Roll
Nazek Sankari Oshkosh Dean’s List
Elizabeth Sankey Appleton Honor Roll
Lilian Santos Neenah Dean’s List
Samantha Sass Sheboygan Honor Roll
Krista Satori Oshkosh Honor Roll
Benjamin Satter Tomah Honor Roll
Adam Sattler Wild Rose Honor Roll
Jessica Sauer Franklin Dean’s List
Theresa Sauvage Mercer Island Honor Roll
Noah Savoie Appleton Dean’s List
Benjamin Sawicky Combined Locks Dean’s List
Caitlin Scales Madison Honor Roll
Brittany Scasny Big Bend Honor Roll
Holly Schaack Waukesha Dean’s List
Natalie Schaaf Oshkosh Honor Roll
Samuel Schabel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Stephanie Schaefer West Bend Honor Roll
Andrea Schaefer Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Stephanie Schaefer Neenah Honor Roll
Erin Schamberger Neosho Honor Roll
Haley Schatzke Ripon Honor Roll
Jacob Schaubs Cedarburg Dean’s List
William Scheckel Baraboo Dean’s List
Stephanie Schedlbauer North Prairie Honor Roll
Lindsey Scheel Oshkosh Dean’s List
Hannah Scheel Dousman Honor Roll
Heather Scheelk Appleton Dean’s List
Meghan Scheidt Greendale Honor Roll
Kirsten Scheller-Suitor Oregon Dean’s List
Kevin Schellinger West Bend Honor Roll
Carl Schemm Waterloo Honor Roll
Matthew Schepp Little Chute Honor Roll
Aubree Schepp Little Chute Honor Roll
Jesse Scherbarth Lannon Honor Roll
Devin Scherff Mukwonago Honor Roll
Mallory Scherr Wauwatosa Dean’s List
Olivia Schettle Oshkosh Honor Roll
Joy Schettle Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jordan Schettle Oshkosh Dean’s List
Emma Schickert Plover Honor Roll
Jaime Schill Sheboygan Dean’s List
Jason Schiltz Appleton Dean’s List
Zach Schimenz Brown Deer Dean’s List
Michelle Schindel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amy Schindler Curtiss Dean’s List
Cassandra Schira Sturgeon Bay Honor Roll
Jennifer Schladweiler Kewaskum Dean’s List
Megan Schlafer Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Kendra Schleicher Watertown Dean’s List
Taylor Schlemme Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jack Schliewe Horicon Honor Roll
Megan Schlimgen Wautoma Honor Roll
Jonathon Schlinder Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Marissa Schlueter Merrill Honor Roll
Trevor Schmandt Rice Lake Honor Roll
Mikaela Schmelzer Casco Honor Roll
Ashley Schmid Monticello Honor Roll
Luke Schmid Oshkosh Dean’s List
Nicholas Schmid Milwaukee Honor Roll
Emily Schmidt Sheboygan Honor Roll
Evan Schmidt Larsen Honor Roll
Lucas Schmidt Oshkosh Honor Roll
Olivia Schmidt Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Elizabeth Schmidt Sheboygan Dean’s List
Melissa Schmidt Hubertus Dean’s List
Madysen Schmidt Neenah Dean’s List
Matthew Schmirler Hartford Honor Roll
Benjamin Schmirler Hartford Dean’s List
Tiffany Schmit Waupun Dean’s List
Madeline Schmitt Two Rivers Dean’s List
Cassandra Schmitz New Holstein Honor Roll
Kyle Schmitz Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Rachel Schmitz Malone Honor Roll
Callie Schmitz Waukesha Honor Roll
Heidi Schneider North Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Maribeth Schneider Waupaca Honor Roll
Melissa Schneider Rosendale Dean’s List
Adam Schneider Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Jacob Schneider Green Bay Dean’s List
Elizabeth Schneider Middleton Honor Roll
Johanna Schneider Malone Dean’s List
Mallory Schneider Neenah Dean’s List
John Schober Appleton Honor Roll
Margaret Schoelzel Lomira Dean’s List
Kali Schoen Greenville Dean’s List
Joseph Schoening Omro Dean’s List
Lindsey Schoessow Cedarburg Honor Roll
Craig Schommer Freedom Honor Roll
Nicholas Schommer Appleton Honor Roll
Devin Schonasky Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kaitlyn Schoofs Waterford Dean’s List
Casey Schott Franklin Honor Roll
Carly Schrage Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Megan Schrank Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jacob Schreiber Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Stephanie Schreiber Saint Nazianz Honor Roll
Amber Schreiber Merrill Honor Roll
Alanna Schreiber Appleton Dean’s List
Megan Schreiber Appleton Dean’s List
Jenna Schroeder Sparta Honor Roll
Carrie Schroeder Mayville Dean’s List
Megan Schroeder Wisconsin Rapids Dean’s List
Rachelle Schubel Mukwonago Dean’s List
Kyle Schueller Edgar Honor Roll
Timothy Schuetz West Bend Honor Roll
Steven Schug Two Rivers Honor Roll
Brittany Schuh Hilbert Honor Roll
Alissa Schuh Freedom Dean’s List
Corey Schuller Wauwatosa Dean’s List
Anyssa Schulte Madison Honor Roll
Jared Schultz Franksville Honor Roll
Kelsey Schultz Mauston Honor Roll
Timothy Schultz Appleton Honor Roll
Tatum Schultz Oshkosh Dean’s List
Theresa Schultz West Bend Dean’s List
Evan Schultz Monticello Dean’s List
Alyssa Schulz De Pere Honor Roll
Rachel Schulz Sherwood Honor Roll
Kelly Schulz Adell Dean’s List
Catherine Schumacher Green Bay Honor Roll
Theodore Schumacher Berlin Honor Roll
Suzanne Schumacher Platteville Honor Roll
Michael Schumacher Oshkosh Dean’s List
Mya Schumann Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Alyssa Schumann Kaukauna Honor Roll
Matthew Schuster Oshkosh Honor Roll
Preston Schwalenberg Chilton Honor Roll
Jesse Schwartz Neenah Dean’s List
Sam Schwartz Marinette Dean’s List
Kimberly Schwarzkopf Franklin Honor Roll
Mackenzie Schweder Markesan Dean’s List
Nathan Schweiner Denmark Honor Roll
Emma Schwitz Monroe Dean’s List
Shawnae Schwoerer Chilton Dean’s List
Luke Scorcio Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ashlee Scott Rio Honor Roll
Cullin Searl Hortonville Honor Roll
David Sebstead Oshkosh Honor Roll
Emily Sebstead Oshkosh Honor Roll
Krysten Seefeldt Campbellsport Dean’s List
Matthew Seehafer Kronenwetter Honor Roll
Troy Seehafer Athens Honor Roll
Mark Seelhorst Green Lake Dean’s List
David Seering Byron Dean’s List
Marybeth Seib Appleton Honor Roll
Tara Seidel Appleton Honor Roll
Alexandra Seidl Shiocton Honor Roll
Karissa Seidl Green Bay Honor Roll
Steven Seidl Appleton Dean’s List
Stephanie Seiler Oshkosh Honor Roll
Dianne Selander Salem Honor Roll
Rachel Selner Neenah Dean’s List
Ben Selner Kewaunee Honor Roll
Elizabeth Semenas Oshkosh Honor Roll
Morgan Semrow Mukwonago Honor Roll
Rebecca Sendra Krakow Honor Roll
Kayla Seng Saint Francis Dean’s List
Kristen Serchen Jackson Honor Roll
Abigail Serketich Sheboygan Dean’s List
Noelle Serketich Sheboygan Dean’s List
Emily Servais Pewaukee Dean’s List
Jenna Serwe Eden Dean’s List
Marcia Seston Mazomanie Honor Roll
Sara Seubert Madison Dean’s List
Andrew Severson Waunakee Honor Roll
Garrett Sewell Delavan Honor Roll
Jackie Shadley Juneau Honor Roll
Jaleh Shafaie West Bend Honor Roll
Heather Shantz La Crosse Dean’s List
Dylan Shaver Adell Dean’s List
Clayton Shaw Janesville Honor Roll
Cody Shaw Friendship Honor Roll
Yuqi She Changsha Honor Roll
Sarah Sheldon Janesville Dean’s List
Tianyou Shen Ningbo Honor Roll
Richard Sheppard Oshkosh Honor Roll
Matthew Sherrick Neenah Honor Roll
Katelynn Sherwin Appleton Honor Roll
Gena Shew Oshkosh Dean’s List
Amanda Shober Sussex Honor Roll
Drew Shupe Mosinee Dean’s List
Tara Siemen Cleveland Honor Roll
Emma Siemsen Antioch Honor Roll
Chelsea Sievert Sturgeon Bay Dean’s List
Erik Sievert Oshkosh Honor Roll
Libby Sievert Fremont Honor Roll
Melissa Siewert Wausau Honor Roll
Tiffany Simar Oshkosh Dean’s List
Andrew Simoens Green Bay Honor Roll
Katherine Simon Helenville Honor Roll
Laura Simon Hortonville Honor Roll
Alyssa Simon Madison Dean’s List
Fallon Simon Eldorado Honor Roll
Suzanne Simon Merrill Honor Roll
Lucas Simonis Briggsville Honor Roll
Eric Sippel Oakfield Honor Roll
Trevor Sires Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jacquelyn Sirianni Wausau Honor Roll
Rebekah Sittig Sturtevant Dean’s List
Hallie Siwik Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jennifer Sjoquist Greenville Honor Roll
Cori Skaarnes Racine Honor Roll
Daniel Skinkis Oshkosh Honor Roll
Liza Skinkis Oshkosh Honor Roll
Alexandra Skroblin Milwaukee Honor Roll
Rebecca Slick Green Bay Dean’s List
Brian Sluka Franklin Honor Roll
Arielle Smith Fremont Honor Roll
Alison Smith Medford Dean’s List
Bonnie Smith Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alexander Smith Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Aaron Smith Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jocelyn Smith Salem Dean’s List
Matthew Smith Menasha Dean’s List
Trisha Smithers Racine Honor Roll
Brandon Smits Kaukauna Dean’s List
Matthew Smits De Pere Honor Roll
Brett Smoot Neenah Honor Roll
Zachary Smrz Milwaukee Honor Roll
Nickolas Snider De Pere Dean’s List
Kristine Snow Baraboo Dean’s List
Kaitlynn Snyder Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Ehren Snyder Independence Honor Roll
Alexander Snyder Platteville Dean’s List
Crystal Sobottka Franklin Honor Roll
Marcus Soja Manitowoc Honor Roll
Emily Sokel Appleton Honor Roll
Joseph Sommers Hortonville Honor Roll
Coty Sorby Oshkosh Dean’s List
Daniel Sorenson Waterford Honor Roll
Chelsea Spaeth Stanley Honor Roll
Aerial Spang Appleton Honor Roll
Matthew Spaniol New Lisbon Dean’s List
Jenna Spannbauer Oshkosh Dean’s List
Stephanie Spellman Westboro Dean’s List
Angela Spialek Wausau Dean’s List
Alicia Spietz Oshkosh Honor Roll
Lindsey Spietz Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jessica Spitzer New Berlin Honor Roll
Kassandra Sprecher Baraboo Honor Roll
Jennifer Springborn Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Chelsey Sprtel Sussex Dean’s List
Bradley Sprysl Muskego Honor Roll
Kaitlyn St Onge Franklin Dean’s List
Matthew St Peter Menasha Honor Roll
Ryan St. Martin Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jordan Stachowski Greendale Honor Roll
Bridget Stackhouse Beloit Honor Roll
Rachel Stackhouse Beloit Dean’s List
Megan Staffen Stoughton Dean’s List
Michael Stagl Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Patrick Stahl Neenah Dean’s List
Brady Stair North Prairie Honor Roll
Erika Stampfl Green Bay Dean’s List
Casey Stankowski Wausau Honor Roll
Leah Stanley Oshkosh Honor Roll
Andrew Stanton Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Nika Starcevic Watertown Dean’s List
Ethan Stark Hustisford Honor Roll
Claire Starnitcky Cascade Dean’s List
Sarah Stecker Menasha Dean’s List
Kayla Steckling Oshkosh Dean’s List
Alyssa Stefanski Wabeno Honor Roll
James Steffens Waterford Honor Roll
Emily Steffens Menasha Dean’s List
Alexander Steffes Sheboygan Honor Roll
Cori Steger Greenfield Honor Roll
Meghan Steinberg Appleton Honor Roll
Makaya Steinberger Clear Lake Honor Roll
Rose Steiner Theresa Dean’s List
Steven Steinert Oshkosh Dean’s List
Karen Steinhofer De Pere Honor Roll
Kendall Steinhoff Lodi Honor Roll
Vivienne Steinke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Donna Steinke Appleton Dean’s List
Ryan Steiskal Neshkoro Honor Roll
Kayla Stelzner Winneconne Honor Roll
Kimberly Stencil Green Bay Honor Roll
Nathan Stepanek Oshkosh Dean’s List
Catherine Stephan Kewaskum Honor Roll
Brooke Stephan Altura Dean’s List
Joseph Stephenson Brodhead Honor Roll
Amanda Sternig Hartford Dean’s List
Nicole Sterr Menomonee Falls Dean’s List
Elizabeth Stetzer Oregon Honor Roll
Katharine Stevens Appleton Honor Roll
Daniel Stieber Mosinee Honor Roll
Katelyn Stienen Kimberly Honor Roll
Gorman Stock Kaukauna Honor Roll
Hilary Stoeberl Madison Honor Roll
Steven Stoffel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Aaron Stoltenberg Waunakee Honor Roll
Grace Stolz Manitowoc Honor Roll
Erin Stonecipher Kewaskum Honor Roll
Danielle Stoppenbach Burlington Honor Roll
Nicole Storey Menasha Honor Roll
Joanna Stozek Trevor Honor Roll
Brett Strahota Markesan Honor Roll
Chelsey Strand Waukesha Honor Roll
Alissa Straub West Bend Dean’s List
Brittany Strebig Wausau Honor Roll
Sara Streckenbach Luxemburg Honor Roll
Benjamin Strehlow Brandon Honor Roll
Nicole Strieker Janesville Dean’s List
Patrick Stromme Oshkosh Dean’s List
Timothy Struck Kewaunee Honor Roll
Breanna Strupp Slinger Dean’s List
Ian Stuart Oshkosh Dean’s List
Daana Stuber Appleton Honor Roll
Gabriana Studelska Grafton Honor Roll
Zachery Stuebs Lomira Honor Roll
Katherine Stuhmer Muskego Honor Roll
Lauren Stuhr Franklin Honor Roll
Adam Stuiber Green Bay Honor Roll
Michelle Sturtz Sussex Honor Roll
Joshua Suchon Plymouth Honor Roll
Kathryn Sullivan Spring Grove Honor Roll
Hannah Sullivan Brokaw Dean’s List
Kristen Summers Madison Dean’s List
Nicole Sumnicht Columbus Dean’s List
John Supple Oshkosh Honor Roll
Marissa Sutter Mount Horeb Honor Roll
Jacob Sveum Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Julie Swaab Oshkosh Honor Roll
Daniel Swanson Pardeeville Honor Roll
Paige Swanson Beloit Honor Roll
Heidi Swanson West Bend Dean’s List
Colette Swenson Watertown Dean’s List
Nicole Swenson Kimberly Dean’s List
Kimberly Swetlik Two Rivers Honor Roll
Luke Switalski Hubertus Honor Roll
Benjamin Syvertson Randolph Dean’s List
Matthew Szafranek Winneconne Honor Roll
Samantha Szekeres Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kelsey Szweda Oshkosh Dean’s List
Michael Szymanski Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Sean Szyperek Wautoma Dean’s List
Matthew Tabaka Milwaukee Honor Roll
Rachel Tabbert Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Samuel Tackmier Mequon Honor Roll
Adam Takala Crystal Falls Honor Roll
Hollie Tanel New Berlin Dean’s List
Kelda Tangen Oshkosh Honor Roll
Leah Tanner Appleton Honor Roll
Brian Taplin Brandon Honor Roll
Nicola Tassone Appleton Dean’s List
Kayla Taylor Oshkosh Honor Roll
Sarah Taylor Winthrop Harbor Honor Roll
Travis Teichmiller North Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Zachary Telfer Fort Atkinson Honor Roll
Abby Telschow Oostburg Dean’s List
Michael Tennie Green Bay Honor Roll
Anna Teofilo Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Justin Teresinski Appleton Honor Roll
Daniel Terhürne Ahaus Dean’s List
Collin Terry Peshtigo Honor Roll
Tosha Tessen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Katherine Tessier Oshkosh Honor Roll
Hannah Tetting Menasha Dean’s List
Abigail Teuscher Cambridge Honor Roll
Khou Thao Oshkosh Dean’s List
Nya Dang Thao Appleton Honor Roll
Coua Thao Appleton Dean’s List
Hue Xeng Thao Oshkosh Dean’s List
Nou Thao Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kailyn Thayse Oshkosh Honor Roll
Alyssa Theder Watertown Honor Roll
Matthew Theune Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Marissa Theys Green Bay Dean’s List
Amber Thiel Appleton Dean’s List
Hattie Thiel Hilbert Honor Roll
Adriane Thiel Little Chute Dean’s List
Melissa Thiel Appleton Dean’s List
Heather Thiel Appleton Honor Roll
Benjamin Thomack Hortonville Honor Roll
Andrew Thoman Monroe Honor Roll
Brandon Thomas Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kali Thompson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Kate Thompson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Steven Thompson Mount Horeb Honor Roll
Alli Thompson Oshkosh Dean’s List
Karen Thompson Brookfield Dean’s List
Kyle Thompson Wild Rose Dean’s List
Abigail Thompson Eagle River Honor Roll
Andrew Thompson Greendale Honor Roll
Steven Thompson Eagle River Dean’s List
Lauren Thorne Greenville Honor Roll
Rebecca Thornton Pine River Honor Roll
Ethan Thorpe-Kavanaugh Oshkosh Dean’s List
Tyler Thrune Prairie Du Sac Honor Roll
Marcia Thull Kewaskum Dean’s List
Julie Thums Westboro Dean’s List
Ryan Thurk Oshkosh Dean’s List
Scott Thurwatcher Oshkosh Dean’s List
Arielle Thyssen Kaukauna Honor Roll
Tiffany Tielens Neenah Honor Roll
Alyssa Tietz Fremont Honor Roll
Sarah Tifft Rhinelander Dean’s List
Melanie Tikalsky Two Rivers Honor Roll
Christopher Tillman Oshkosh Dean’s List
Lindsey Tipton Big Bend Dean’s List
Trae Titus Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jayne Titus Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jonathan Toepfer Pewaukee Dean’s List
Taylor Toivonen Wausau Honor Roll
Kayla Tollaksen Baraboo Dean’s List
Alicia Tollefson Crystal Falls Dean’s List
Amy Tomasko Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kaeley Tomchek Green Bay Dean’s List
Ronamarie Tomlinson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Caitlin Tooley Greenville Honor Roll
Brianne Torphy Bonduel Honor Roll
Alexander Torres Union Grove Honor Roll
Marykathyrine Tran Marshfield Honor Roll
Eric Treager Wausau Dean’s List
Ashley Trepanier New Berlin Honor Roll
Samantha Trimberger Kansasville Honor Roll
Kathrenia Trimmer Pleasant Prairie Honor Roll
Sara Trochinski Berlin Dean’s List
Emelie Troedson New Berlin Honor Roll
Callie Troutfetter Oshkosh Dean’s List
Samuel Troz Sun Prairie Honor Roll
Tina Truehart Appleton Dean’s List
Jordan Truesdale Redgranite Honor Roll
Emily Trusk Saint Cloud Honor Roll
Barbara Truszynski Oak Creek Dean’s List
Taylor Truttmann Green Bay Dean’s List
Laura Tsakonas Menomonee Falls Dean’s List
Vishwajit Tuchscherer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jennifer Tucker Salem Dean’s List
Mollie Turchan Appleton Honor Roll
Elizabeth Turkowitch Milwaukee Honor Roll
Hallie Turnbull Oshkosh Honor Roll
Sarah Tuttle Franksville Dean’s List
Abbey Tway Evansville Honor Roll
Megan Tyjeski Wisconsin Rapids Dean’s List
Jessica Tyler Granton Dean’s List
Jessica Uebelacker Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Trevor Uitenbroek Kaukauna Honor Roll
Johnpaul Umejesi Lagos Honor Roll
Natalie Unger Malone Dean’s List
Katelynn Updike Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Bakhtawar Usman Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kelsey Uuskallio Cedarburg Dean’s List
Kimberly Vail West Bend Dean’s List
Katerina Valenti Hubertus Honor Roll
Billie Valentine Hilbert Dean’s List
Alyssa Valentyne Kimberly Honor Roll
Elise Valeri Kenosha Honor Roll
Natanahel Vallejo Montas Little Chute Dean’s List
Amy Valleskey Sheboygan Falls Honor Roll
Brent Van Ark Green Bay Honor Roll
Brittany Van Boxel Green Bay Dean’s List
Gina Van Boxtel Oshkosh Honor Roll
Patrick Van Camp Kaukauna Honor Roll
Jamie Van Camp Oshkosh Honor Roll
Alexandra Van Cuyk Kaukauna Honor Roll
Ashley Van Deraa Kaukauna Honor Roll
Allison Van Dyke Kaukauna Honor Roll
Melissa Van Enkenvort Green Bay Dean’s List
Aleah Van Gheem Appleton Dean’s List
Ciara Van Gheem Appleton Dean’s List
Ashley Van Handel Appleton Dean’s List
Katelyn Van Handel Appleton Honor Roll
Theresa Van Hecke Colgate Honor Roll
Elisabeth Van Krey Appleton Honor Roll
Erica Van Riper Waukesha Honor Roll
Eric Vande Slunt Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Carly Vanden Heuvel Little Chute Honor Roll
John Vandenberg De Pere Honor Roll
Amanda Vandenberg Kaukauna Honor Roll
Kayla Vandenbush Greenleaf Dean’s List
Amber Vander Grinten North Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Brooke Vander Heiden Kaukauna Dean’s List
Tracy Vander Heyden Suamico Dean’s List
Benjamin Vander Loop Oshkosh Honor Roll
Elly Vander Ploeg Osseo Honor Roll
Matthew Vander Zanden Little Chute Honor Roll
Bradley Vander Zanden Appleton Dean’s List
John Vandermolen De Forest Honor Roll
Deanna Vanderwielen Appleton Honor Roll
Nicole Vandezande Waupun Honor Roll
Steven Vanevenhoven De Pere Honor Roll
Pachia Vang Madison Honor Roll
Maria Vang Oshkosh Honor Roll
See Vang Appleton Honor Roll
Sey Vang Neenah Honor Roll
Gao Vang Schofield Dean’s List
Yer Vang Appleton Honor Roll
Chad Vanrens Pewaukee Dean’s List
Anthony Varga Milwaukee Dean’s List
Jacob Veach Bristol Honor Roll
Devin Venden Waterloo Honor Roll
Kolby Venema Darien Honor Roll
Elizabeth Venhuizen Waupun Honor Roll
Kristin Verbeten Freedom Honor Roll
Eric Verbruggen Neenah Dean’s List
Rebecca Viaene Hortonville Dean’s List
Eric Vickers Greenville Honor Roll
Michael Viglia Saukville Honor Roll
Maria Vitale Pewaukee Dean’s List
Brienna Voegeli Monticello Dean’s List
Caitlyn Voelkel Oshkosh Honor Roll
David Vogt Mount Horeb Dean’s List
Daniel Vogt Mount Horeb Dean’s List
Brandon Volkman Kaukauna Dean’s List
Christian Vollbrecht Sheboygan Falls Dean’s List
Brianna Vollmer Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Danielle Von Neupert Neenah Honor Roll
Taylor Voskuil Appleton Dean’s List
Elizabeth Voss Sussex Honor Roll
Keepheng Vue Appleton Honor Roll
Mai Boua Vue Sheboygan Honor Roll
Luke Waas Lomira Honor Roll
Spencer Wagen Mount Horeb Dean’s List
Paige Wagner Oshkosh Honor Roll
Katelyn Wagner West Bend Dean’s List
Emily Wagner Cleveland Honor Roll
Aubrey Wagner Mount Calvary Dean’s List
Valerie Wagner Middleton Dean’s List
Carly Wahl Tomahawk Dean’s List
Kailee Wahler Twin Lakes Dean’s List
Joshua Wakefield Oshkosh Honor Roll
Tucker Walbrun Appleton Dean’s List
Brittany Walder Waukesha Dean’s List
Kade Waldhart Wausau Honor Roll
Llora Waldman Wausau Dean’s List
Kayla Waldner Chilton Honor Roll
Jacob Waldschmidt Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Jesse Waldvogel Shawano Dean’s List
Elise Walker Watertown Dean’s List
Sarah Wallace Marquette Dean’s List
Samantha Wallenta Racine Honor Roll
Alexa Waller De Pere Honor Roll
Kayla Walls Hudson Honor Roll
Amy Wallschlaeger Jackson Dean’s List
Samantha Wallschlaeger Sobieski Dean’s List
Gabrhael Walman Franklin Honor Roll
Brittney Walsh Windsor Dean’s List
Haley Walters Sussex Honor Roll
Melissa Walters Cudahy Dean’s List
Christopher Walther Wautoma Honor Roll
Tara Walz Hazelhurst Honor Roll
Andrew Wanta Brookfield Honor Roll
Joseph Wanta Wausau Dean’s List
Morgan Wantuch Waterford Honor Roll
Grace Wardin Waupun Dean’s List
Elizabeth Warigi Neenah Honor Roll
Taylor Waring Oshkosh Honor Roll
Brittany Warpinski Maribel Honor Roll
Ashley Warzon Sussex Honor Roll
Ethan Wasdovitch Chilton Dean’s List
Chelsey Wasielewski Greendale Dean’s List
Steven Wasmer Neenah Dean’s List
Mitchell Waterworth Randolph Honor Roll
Keely Watson Green Lake Dean’s List
Andrew Waugh Columbus Honor Roll
Samantha Wautier Denmark Dean’s List
Courtney Wautier Brussels Dean’s List
Jacob Wawiorka Kenosha Honor Roll
Kelly Wayne Middleton Honor Roll
Mallory Weber Belleville Honor Roll
Cydney Weber Janesville Honor Roll
Rachel Weber Jackson Honor Roll
Andrea Weber Grafton Dean’s List
Nicole Weber Green Bay Honor Roll
Lucas Weber Saint Cloud Dean’s List
Evan Webster Shawano Honor Roll
Joseph Wegner Waukesha Honor Roll
Mary Weider Appleton Honor Roll
Caitlin Weihing Little Chute Honor Roll
Brandon Wein Marshfield Honor Roll
Andrew Weisheipl Oshkosh Honor Roll
Nora Weiss Durand Honor Roll
Naomi Weiss Durand Honor Roll
Nicole Weiss Racine Dean’s List
Jonathon Weisse Brookfield Dean’s List
Marissa Welch Caledonia Dean’s List
Harvest Welke Keizer Honor Roll
Holly Wellens Appleton Honor Roll
Stephanie Welsh Sun Prairie Dean’s List
Katelyn Wendt Evansville Dean’s List
Brittanie Wendt Appleton Honor Roll
Megan Wenig Oshkosh Dean’s List
Daniel Wentzel Appleton Dean’s List
Lisa Werner Sheboygan Honor Roll
Kathryn Werner West Bend Dean’s List
Aubrey Wesner Oshkosh Honor Roll
Amanda West Eagle River Honor Roll
Debra West Appleton Honor Roll
Chris Westberg Madison Honor Roll
Courtney Westby Tallahassee Honor Roll
Zachary Westenberg Oconto Honor Roll
Rachel Westover South Milwaukee Dean’s List
Luke Westphal Clintonville Dean’s List
Marcus Westphal Waukesha Dean’s List
Zachary Wettengel Appleton Honor Roll
Geoffrey Weyenberg Verona Honor Roll
Caila Weyenberg Kaukauna Honor Roll
Venessa Weyer West Bend Honor Roll
Emily Weyker Valders Dean’s List
Ashley Whaples Janesville Dean’s List
Joshua Wheeler Sheboygan Honor Roll
Stephanie Wheeler Neenah Dean’s List
Kristy White Greenville Dean’s List
Erik White Oshkosh Honor Roll
Megan White Appleton Honor Roll
Donald White Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jake White Oshkosh Honor Roll
Meghan White Appleton Honor Roll
Amy White Kaukauna Dean’s List
Katherine White Muskego Dean’s List
Taylor White Green Bay Dean’s List
Bradley White Oshkosh Dean’s List
Briana Whitney Baraboo Honor Roll
Bailie Whittaker Janesville Dean’s List
Dana Wichman Seymour Honor Roll
David Wick Green Bay Honor Roll
Hannah Wickman Luxemburg Dean’s List
Michael Wied Green Bay Dean’s List
Tyler Wiedenhoeft Mequon Honor Roll
Kathryn Wiedmeyer Waukesha Dean’s List
Brittany Wiedow Menasha Honor Roll
Alison Wieland Stratford Honor Roll
Madison Wieland Whitefish Bay Honor Roll
Kelsey Wieneke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Stephanie Wiener Mellen Honor Roll
Erica Wienke Madison Honor Roll
Oliver Wierdsma Elm Grove Honor Roll
Rachel Wierzba Sturgeon Bay Honor Roll
Christopher Wiesneski Milwaukee Honor Roll
Traci Wiess Waterford Dean’s List
Kristopher Wilber Oshkosh Honor Roll
Michael Wilbert Black Creek Honor Roll
Megan Wildish Oshkosh Honor Roll
Andrew Wildish Oshkosh Honor Roll
Bridget Wiley Mendota Heights Honor Roll
Victoria Wilke Schofield Honor Roll
Natalie Wilke Oshkosh Dean’s List
Christopher Wilkie Janesville Honor Roll
Kyle Wilkins Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Amber Wilkinson Baraboo Honor Roll
Travis Will Oshkosh Honor Roll
Ellyn Will Watertown Dean’s List
Peter Willadsen Oshkosh Dean’s List
Michael Willhite Kronenwetter Honor Roll
Christian Williams Appleton Honor Roll
Kristin Williams Green Bay Honor Roll
Ann Williams Kaukauna Honor Roll
Brittany Williams Eagle River Dean’s List
Nicholas Williams Neenah Dean’s List
Brianna Williamson Blue River Honor Roll
Robert Williamson Milwaukee Honor Roll
Brandon Willis Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Collin Willman Manitowoc Dean’s List
Marissa Wilson Kaukauna Honor Roll
Erin Wilson Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jonathan Wilson Salem Dean’s List
Josh Winch Vesper Dean’s List
Kirsten Winger Oshkosh Dean’s List
Katelyn Winkel Elkhart Lake Dean’s List
Daniel Winkelman Deerfield Dean’s List
Ashley Winterfeldt Hortonville Dean’s List
Cory Wipperfurth De Forest Dean’s List
Tyler Wipperfurth De Forest Dean’s List
Carley Wippich Appleton Honor Roll
Kristie Wirth Richfield Dean’s List
Samuel Wirth Cross Plains Dean’s List
Matthew Wise Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Audry Wiskie Janesville Dean’s List
Mackenzie Wissink Oshkosh Dean’s List
Samantha Witek Janesville Honor Roll
Nathan Witt Racine Honor Roll
Taylor Witt Hartford Honor Roll
Jolene Wittmann Kimberly Dean’s List
Amy Witz Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Jacqueline Wnuk Oak Creek Honor Roll
Andrea Woda Pewaukee Dean’s List
Kelly Woehrer Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jessica Wogernese Appleton Honor Roll
Paul Wojahn Oshkosh Honor Roll
Sarah Wojahn Oshkosh Honor Roll
Allan Wojahn Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Aaron Wojciechowski Green Bay Dean’s List
Amanda Wojciechowski Oshkosh Honor Roll
Cecilie Wojciehowski Porterfield Dean’s List
Heather Wolf Appleton Dean’s List
Adam Wolf Oshkosh Honor Roll
Lindsey Wolf Friendship Honor Roll
Matthew Wolfert Sheboygan Falls Dean’s List
Andrew Wolff Oshkosh Honor Roll
Emily Wolfgram Wauwatosa Dean’s List
Andrew Woller Oshkosh Honor Roll
Thomas Wollin Madison Honor Roll
Lucas Wolosek Wisconsin Rapids Honor Roll
Jenifer Wondra Neenah Honor Roll
Taylor Woods Menomonee Falls Honor Roll
Tyler Wosnig Green Bay Honor Roll
Andrew Woyak Brookfield Honor Roll
Megan Wright New London Dean’s List
Lupearly Wright Berlin Honor Roll
Michael Wright Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Catherine Wrucke Minden Dean’s List
Emily Wrzinski Ripon Dean’s List
Peter Wu Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jordan Wuest Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Tyler Wyand-Williams Combined Locks Honor Roll
Britney Wyant Oshkosh Dean’s List
Jonathan Wylie Oshkosh Honor Roll
Derek Wynboom Kimberly Dean’s List
Lindsey Wyngaard Appleton Honor Roll
Jingyi Xiang CHINA Honor Roll
Lyda Xiong Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Va Xiong Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Jennifer Xiong Green Bay Honor Roll
Mai Kao Xiong Oshkosh Honor Roll
Nancy Xiong Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Pachia Xiong Plover Honor Roll
Shawn Xiong Oshkosh Honor Roll
Vong Xiong Appleton Honor Roll
Nhia Xiong Oshkosh Dean’s List
Na Lee Xiong Appleton Honor Roll
Betty Xiong Fond Du Lac Dean’s List
Lee Xiong Oshkosh Dean’s List
Mai See Xiong Appleton Dean’s List
Somthaly Xiong Appleton Dean’s List
Brandon Yach Oshkosh Honor Roll
Jenna Yaggie Germantown Honor Roll
Hlee Yang Wausau Honor Roll
Hnub Yang Manitowoc Honor Roll
Kia Yang Oshkosh Honor Roll
Lue Yang Oshkosh Honor Roll
Melissa Yang Rothschild Honor Roll
Wendy Yang Watertown Honor Roll
Xue Yang Manitowoc Honor Roll
Mylia Yang Oshkosh Dean’s List
Pa Ku Yang Green Bay Honor Roll
Houa Yang Oshkosh Honor Roll
Pa Houa Yang Sheboygan Honor Roll
Phoua Yang Oshkosh Honor Roll
Choua Yang Stevens Point Dean’s List
Brittnee Yanna Highland Honor Roll
Anna Yarish Wausau Dean’s List
Lynsey Yehle Onalaska Dean’s List
Brenda Yelle Marquette Honor Roll
David Yoblonski Oshkosh Dean’s List
Rachel Yokers Stevens Point Honor Roll
April Young Luxemburg Honor Roll
Katie Young Waterford Dean’s List
James Young Marshfield Honor Roll
Michelle Young Neenah Honor Roll
Chanel Youngs Hurley Honor Roll
Matthew Zahm Appleton Dean’s List
Melissa Zahn Reedsville Dean’s List
Alexis Zahringer Hilbert Honor Roll
Adam Zamane Waukesha Honor Roll
Janet Zander Columbus Dean’s List
Sarah Zander Waunakee Honor Roll
Alissa Zarder New Berlin Honor Roll
Amanda Zarter New London Dean’s List
Stephanie Zdroik Eagle River Honor Roll
Rilee Zeinert Hilbert Honor Roll
Abigail Zeka Eagle Honor Roll
Zebedee Zelensky Shoreview Honor Roll
Eric Zeleske Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Nicholas Zeleske Fond Du Lac Honor Roll
Katelyn Zelm Plymouth Honor Roll
Joseph Zeman Milwaukee Honor Roll
Jennifer Zemlicka Grafton Honor Roll
Abby Zenner Pleasant Prairie Honor Roll
Chloe Zepnick Menasha Honor Roll
Lu Zhang Hangzhou Honor Roll
Yan Zhang CHINA Honor Roll
Lingfei Zhang Oshkosh Dean’s List
Caihong Zheng Woodside Honor Roll
Calvin Ziegler Oshkosh Honor Roll
Lisa Ziltner Monroe Dean’s List
Paul Zimmer Minocqua Honor Roll
Whitley Zimmer Oshkosh Dean’s List
Kimberly Zimmer West Bend Dean’s List
Joshua Zimmer Rosendale Dean’s List
Megan Zimmerman Union Grove Honor Roll
Sonia Zimmerman Appleton Honor Roll
Ashley Zoller Watertown Honor Roll
Amy Zoril Brookfield Dean’s List
Molly Jo Zornow Combined Locks Honor Roll
Marissa Zuleger Appleton Honor Roll
Lyndsay Zuleger Kaukauna Honor Roll
Marissa Zychowski Niagara Dean’s List
Brianna Zychowski Niagara Dean’s List