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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Center for Community Partnerships has a new name. It is now known as the Business Success Center. Located at 549 High Ave., the Business Success Center’s new name better reflects its mission: to provide access to resources and expertise from UW Oshkosh to organizations throughout the region.

Through the center, organizations including businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and not –for-profits  have access to faculty, staff, and students from the University, as well as community-based experts , who combine their knowledge and professionalism to offer customized training, applied research, business consulting and student internship programs in the area.  Additionally, through its survey center, the Business Success Center provides the expertise, resources, facilities and staff for all types of survey research.

“UW Oshkosh has world-class expertise in areas such as business, economics, nursing, education, computer science, biology, communications, criminal justice and many others,” said Business Success Center Director Doug Jarmusz. “In addition to the faculty, there are more than 13,000 students at UW Oshkosh who are on their way to becoming the next generation of leaders in their field.”

The Business Success Center offers customized training on project management, leadership, professional development and business basics; consulting and mentoring by faculty members who can facilitate strategy development, recommend operational improvements, or lead an implementation plan; and student interns. Among the organization’s high-profile projects was attracting Yahoo! to Oshkosh to open a tech support center employing about 35 UWO students.