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Budgetforum_340Chancellor Wells’ Feb. 27 Budget Update and Campus Open Forum video recording is now available to review online.

The forum is the first review of the proposed 2013-15 state biennial budget proposal and its impact on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Campus administration will continue to provide summary notes and updates to the campus community as the budget process moves through the Joint Finance Committee of the legislature in the months ahead.

In addition to providing the budget update, Chancellor Wells outlined his early-February presentation to the Board of Regents, updating its members on the strategic and operational planning for UW Oshkosh. You can also access a video recording of that presentation (it begins at “02:12” in the recording). A second, Feb. 7 presentation on UW Oshkosh’s community catalytic and economic initiatives, made to the Board of Regents’ Research, Economic Development and Innovation (REDI) Committee, is available for download.

UW Oshkosh remains focused on improving student success and closing achievement gaps. As Chancellor Wells stated during last fall’s Opening Day address, we also face key challenges in such areas as compensation and quality:

  • “If our number one priority is a better education for students, the fundamental way to achieve that is to provide those people educating them … maximum opportunity to excel. That means … compensating them fairly and competitively.”
  • “Better educational quality leads to a better subsidized price for a better price-value for students and, ultimately, a better quality of life for more Americans.”

As the 2013–2015 Biennial Budget works its way through the legislative process, Chancellor Wells and other administrators will continue to work closely with our governance group leaders and the U-PLAN Council to address challenges and opportunities, building participation, involvement and support from within our campus community and the extended region.

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