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Every weekday at 5 p.m., talk-based programs take over the airwaves at 90.3 FM and on the Web at, including the station’s first Spanish-language show.

WRST-FM, University of Wisconsin’s campus radio station, offers the following programs:

  • Monday: “La Mezcla (The Mix)” is WRST’s first-ever foray into Spanish-language programming. The hosts are Elizabeth Schettle and Jessica Westlund, both double-majors in radio-TV-film and Spanish. The program features a variety of music from Spain and Latin America as well as Spanish-language music from the U.S. All the announcing is in Spanish, and the program offers Spanish-language public service announcements and a student-produced Spanish newscast.
  • Tuesday: “Are We Alone?” is a nationally distributed program of science issues produced by the SETI Institute in California. The program also has a regular feature called Skeptic Check that works to debunk myths and the claims of pseudoscience. WRST first carried the program in 2009 and is one of about 30 stations worldwide airing the series.
  • Wednesday: “A Hard Day’s Tripe” is a program of media criticism and discussion. The program mixes humor and insight about films, TV shows and student media and is hosted by radio-TV-film students Kevin Heyer and Bradley Schjoth. The hosts also discuss music and present a media “list of the week.”
  • Thursday: “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” is a weekly program of food and good eating. WRST talk director Brian Scholz is joined by UWO student Joseph Platt (English/history double major) to discuss various food items with an eye toward the food’s history and lists of “bests,” punctuated by appropriate program features and music selections. One regular segment is that the mothers of the hosts take turns calling in to the program to offer a special “recipe of the week.”
  • Friday: “Suffragette City” is a weekly program on gender issues produced by students in the Women’s Studies Department. The title of the program is from the classic David Bowie song, but it has a history on WRST as well in that it was used as the title for a similar program on women’s issues in 1973. The show features discussion of gender topics, interviews and music.

These programs are followed each weekday by The Sports Page, a wide-ranging one-hour look at the world of sports, including professional, collegiate and prep sports. Studio hosts often are joined by callers, who share their insights. This long-running program is available as a podcast for on-demand listening on the homepage of the Advance-Titan,

Photo by See Xiong