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No matter where life takes the more than 1,000 new graduates who were  honored at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Midyear Commencement Saturday, Dec. 15, the Alumni Association invites them all to take advantage of their alumni benefits and stay in touch with their alma mater.

“We want to be sure that our newest undergraduate and graduate alumni are aware of the many benefits and services that they are eligible for,” said UW Oshkosh Alumni Director Christine Gantner.

Alumni can share their Titan pride and stay up-to-date on all the latest news, events and announcements with a free alumni Google email account. The account includes all of Gmail’s powerful features and storage capabilities:

  • Archive emails with 25GB of storage.
  • Send big attachments up to 25MB per email.
  • Sync easily to any mobile device.
  • Chat with other and users.
  • Use Google Docs/Drives access, with 5GB of free storage, to edit files online and keep your files in sync with your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.


Also, for the first year following graduation, alumni have full access to UWO Career Services. Thereafter, they can use the job search tools offered in Titan Jobs throughout their professional lives.

Additional benefits include a 20 percent discount at University Books & More in store or online, as well as other discounts at dozens of local, regional and national businesses through the Alumni Preferred Partners benefit program. Local venues offer occasional free days for alumni throughout the year.

To stay in touch and network with fellow alumni, grads can connect at alumni events on campus, such as Homecoming and athletic competitions, or at chapter activities held across the nation. “We have 10 chapters up and running and are in the process of building more, so UW Oshkosh alumni can stay engaged with their fellow alumni wherever life leads them,” Gantner said.

Alumni who are interested in joining a current chapter or developing their own based on a geographic location or an affinity group are encouraged to find out more online at

Social media also offers alumni ways to stay connected online through the UW Oshkosh alumni LinkedIn and Mentor Network groups and on the Alumni Relations Facebook page.

“We continue to maintain and grow traditional and new avenues for our alumni to remain engaged with us long after they receive their diplomas and start their careers,” Gantner said.

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