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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumni are giving back to their alma mater by sharing their professional expertise and offering career advice through an online mentoring program.

UW Oshkosh’s eMentors program, a partnership between the UWO Alumni Association, Career Services and the Student Alumni Ambassadors, offers current students the opportunity to connect with alumni volunteers for informal mentoring and career advising.

Mentors are encouraged to help promote students’ personal development by providing knowledge, values, perspectives, networking and resource information. The relationship can be as simple as an e-mail or two or as in-depth as a job shadowing opportunity.

Walter Busalacchi ’71, a UWO Alumni Board member, said he wants to help students and fellow alumni by sharing his expertise as a retired officer of a Fortune 100 company and a human resources professional.

“Students might want to discuss career options in my field or ask about certain workplace situations,” he said. “This could potentially support coursework they are taking or research they are conducting.”

UW Oshkosh senior Kelly Raabe used eMentors to gain an outside perspective about her plans following graduation. “eMentors is a great resource that allows students to reach out to alumni who were once in their shoes,” she said.

In leading the Alumni Board’s Alumni Ambassador Committee, Busalacchi encourages other alumni — whether or not they are retired — to share their rich experiences and expertise across a variety of fields, such as education, science, television, nursing, business and government.

In addition, alumni all over the nation can take part in eMentors because the program is not limited by time or location, said UWOAlumni Director Christine Gantner.

“So many alumni want to give back, and this program allows them to share their expertise,” she said.

For three years, Jon Newcomb ’69, has been serving as a mentor from his home in Kansas City, Kan. He is committed to giving back through eMentors and making annual donations to a scholarship fund because of the excellent education he received in the College of Business.

“You can accomplish most things in life, if you help others attain their goals,” he said.

For more information about eMentors, contact the UW Oshkosh Alumni Office at or (920) 424-3449 or (877) UWO-ALUM.