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A representative of a regional marketing and manufacturing company was so impressed by Leslie Feaman they offered her an internship on the spot.

Feaman, a senior in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s College of Business, had been working as a booth attendant and sales representative for Pixels and Places, owned by Orizon Ingenuity of Neenah, during the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual summer AirVenture event. She said the experience felt much like a job interview — and it was.

“Leslie was selected as the marketing intern because of how she approaches new and challenging tasks,” said Todd Wray, president and owner of Orizon Ingenuity. “She shows no fear and is willing to accept rejection while constantly learning from her experiences.”

But Feaman wasn’t always so confident. She credits her transformation to UW Oshkosh’s Center for Community Partnerships (CCP), the organization that not only gave her the chance to be at the right place at the right time, but also the mentoring she needed to take her classroom knowledge of marketing into the real world.

“The difference was night and day from the time Leslie first came to CCP, afraid to step outside her comfort zone, and the time she left as a business professional,” said Steve Romme, collaborator for CCP. “Her level of maturity and self confidence increased dramatically. She went on to do a phenomenal job on the sales prospecting project and other projects for CCP clients.”

While working as a marketing intern for CCP, Feaman completed an internal training program, working with University faculty and staff to prepare her for the demands and expectations of regional businesses.

“Interning at CCP increased my organizational and time management skills by allowing me to manage and prioritize different projects for the company,” Feaman said.

A full-service resource center, CCP introduces students to business culture, including how to dress and other protocol. The latest technology is accessible to the interns through their network of experts. High priority is focused on placing students with a business that fits their needs along with the student’s career interests and talents.

“The staff helped me grow professionally by giving me the chance to complete sales calls, market research projects, write research reports, and create promotional materials and marketing strategies,” Feaman said.

At Orizon Ingenuity, Feaman tackles Web site management, price management, marketing communications, and interaction with customers. She is thankful for the head start CCP gave her.

“CCP has given me guidance in leadership, work ethic, self-motivation, passion for work and the overall reminder to still have fun,” said Feaman, who looks forward to continuing to explore the field of marketing and to one day be a marketing account executive.

CCP connects regional businesses to the University’s resources and expertise for innovative business solutions, while providing students with hands-on, professional experience. Students interested in internships can contact Chad Kopitzke at (920) 424-2041 or Businesses and organizations can contact Doug Jarmusz at (920) 424-2366 or