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Keeping alumni connected to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is among the key job duties of three University students who work in Pollock Alumni House.

Elizabeth Anderes, Ashley Cross and Lori Ligocki work with UW Oshkosh Alumni Relations to keep alumni engaged as part of their Student Titan Employment Program (STEP) jobs. STEP is a UW Oshkosh program aimed at giving students quality educational experiences while providing faculty and staff with assistance in areas of need.

“The STEP program is such a great opportunity for students to build their professional skills as they earn their degree, before stepping out into the professional work world,” Ligocki said. “As a student and STEP employee, I am very thankful that UW Oshkosh provides this program to its students.”

Ligocki, senior journalism student with minors in French and English, writes alumni-related news stories for the University.

“(The articles are) published online for alumni to stay updated and connected with the UW Oshkosh community,” Ligocki said.

Ligocki’s writing assignments through STEP in turn help her add to her portfolio, resume and work experience, she said.

“I hope to eventually build my career in the communications and publishing fields, so I truly believe this STEP position is helping me as I take important steps toward that goal,” Logicki said.

She said STEP is also helping her transition into a professional work environment, which she said is much different than learning in a classroom atmosphere.

“What I really like about STEP is how it is has a healthy blend of student employees and professionals within work environments,” Ligocki said.

Elizabeth Anderes, a UWO graduate student, shares a similar enthusiasm about working at the Alumni House in a STEP position.

“This job really benefits my education and career, especially by working with the students,” said Anderes, who is studying professional counseling. “Any time I get to work with students I feel as though it benefits my career in education, especially by being supportive and understanding of this special time in their lives.”

Anderes helps with the special events geared toward alumni. She also coordinates with Student Alumni Ambassadors and does outreach to emerging alumni.

“I support my co-workers in whatever needs to be done here in the office,” Anderes said. “I help with a lot of the special events that the Alumni office puts on.”

One of the special events the Alumni House coordinated recently was the annual Alumni Awards dinner. Ashley Cross, senior radio-TV-film student, produced a video showcasing UW Oshkosh alumni memories. The video was a video collage of interviews, photos and motion graphics.

“This work benefits my education and career aspirations because I was able to apply the technical and journalism skills I learned to create a visual work of art that people responded positively to,” Cross said. “Seeing positive reactions was the most rewarding part of my experience on the project. I have had a lot of fun being a STEP student and I would encourage anyone who wants the opportunity to work in a position where you are valued as a team member, being a STEP student will give you that experience 10 times over.”

 The Student Titan Employment Program (STEP) offers students quality educational experiences while providing faculty and staff members with needed assistance in areas such as media services, student-faculty research, supplemental instruction, library assistance, instructional technology and academic computing support and Web page development and maintenance.

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