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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students will participate in an art show Nov. 7 featuring the creative work of people with dyslexia while also providing information on the condition and its treatments. “The Art and Science of Dyslexia” will be displayed during the Oshkosh Gallery Walk from 6-9 p.m. at the Art Off Main gallery, 115 Washington Ave. The exhibit is coordinated by UW Oshkosh’s Project Success and Arc Winnebago County Disability Association.

Among the artists are four UW Oshkosh students, Tina Johnson, Kate Brockman, Leti Del Ponte and Tracy Sieben.

The students are all part of Project Success at UW Oshkosh, which assists students with language-based learning disabilities. The program serves about 300 students; individuals with dyslexia from across the globe attend UW Oshkosh to enter the program, which is offered at no cost to enrolled students.

Artwork by Tina Johnson.