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While the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 2009 Homecoming schedule is chock full of activities, the opportunity to reunite with former classmates may be the biggest draw for alumni returning to their alma mater Oct. 16-17.

For UW Oshkosh history graduate Chuck Van Horn ’83, of Menomonee Falls, the idea to plan a reunion with former classmates who lived in North Scott Hall has been in the works for several years.

“Some of us were together in September 2008, and we realized it had been 30 years since most of us in the group were freshmen at UWO,” he said. “We decided that it was now or never.”

With the help of UW Oshkosh’s Alumni Association, Van Horn began to track down alumni who lived in North Scott Hall from 1978 to1981.  “Once we found somebody, they were usually able to give us a lead on somebody else,” he said.

Van Horne also started a blog ( and set up an e-mail address ( to spread the word. To date, about 65 people plan to attend the North Scott Hall and Friends Reunion, which will include a fish fry dinner Friday night and other activities planned for the Homecoming weekend.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if twice that many show up,” Van Horne said. “It will be interesting just to catch up with folks and see what has become of them.”