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With the new academic year well underway, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Health Center has seen a number of students experiencing mild influenza-like illnesses.

Since we first saw the virus in our community last April, the Student Health Center has tested suspected cases of H1N1. However, due to the lower-than-desirable reliability of this test and upon recommendations of Wisconsin Public Health officials, general testing for influenza virus was discontinued this week. The Student Health Center will be diagnosing by evaluating the students’ symptoms and by performing an examination. Laboratory or X-ray studies will be ordered if indicated.  This approach is consistent with what other healthcare providers are doing throughout the state.

Within the past few days, the Student Health Center has seen a number of influenza-like illnesses that most likely are the H1N1 virus. Though at this time the number of suspected cases is relatively small, it is important for us to remind the campus community about the virus, symptoms, treatment recommendations, ways to minimize the spread of the virus, and personal care, including hand washing.

Treatment recommendations for an individual, whether with a suspected or confirmed H1N1 case, are similar to that of any influenza virus, with an emphasis on self-isolation. The University’s H1N1 resource Web site and the Student Health Center’s site, provides updates and addresses issues and questions about H1N1 and other respiratory viruses.

As the situation continues to evolve regarding the prevention and treatment for H1N1, we will continue to provide you with the latest updates and health guidance. Should you have questions or concerns, you also can e-mail

Petra Roter
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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