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Titan Crunch beat out two formidable contenders by 9 percentage points in the recent Culver’s Custard Titan Flavor Poll, announced Chancellor Richard H. Wells at a historic press conference on campus.

“Nearly 2,000 members of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh community and my fellow alumni have made their voices heard,” said 1973 alumnus and Culver’s Franchising System co-founder Craig Culver. “In a fair and democratic vote, the people have chosen Titan Crunch as the custard Flavor of the Day that most represents their Titan pride.”

The UWO Titan mascot and the Culver’s Scoopie mascot were on hand at Reeve Memorial Union to celebrate the unprecedented collaboration.

Titan Crunch, comprised of Culver’s vanilla frozen custard swirled with golden caramel and rich chocolate syrup and Heath candy bars pieces, captured 41 percent of the vote in the two-week polling, beating out Titan Black & Gold, with chocolate custard and milk chocolate flakes, at 32 percent and Titan Gold, with lightly salted cashew pieces, at 28 percent.

Calling the winning flavor a “scrumptious masterpiece,” Culver added that the newest Flavor of the Day would be unveiled Oct. 17 at UW Oshkosh Homecoming’s pregame celebration at Tent City.

The opportunity to get a first taste of Titan Crunch will most assuredly draw a crowd, as supporters of the winning flavor showed great enthusiasm for their choice in the poll.

A former Titan linebacker expressed the sentiments of many voters when he wrote, “I love the sound of Crunch. I also have a weak spot for toffee.”

“Crunch gives that vision of being a powerhouse, which the Titans are!” and “Not only would the ingredients in Titan Crunch make me want to tackle a pint of this flavor after the game, the name is indicative of the outcome!” noted two others who voted in the online poll.

Not to be outdone, however, fans of the other two flavor contenders made their opinions clear.

Titan Black & Gold supporters said their chocolaty flavor “best represents the richness of the Titan experience,” “lights up all the ‘happy’ receptors in my brain” and “is delicious sounding and incorporates the UW Oshkosh pride.”

In casting their votes for Titan Gold, cashew lovers offered the following heartfelt sentiments: “Gold represents the best of the best, and that is what UWO is;” “a degree from UW Oshkosh is like gold,” “sweet custard is like all of the sweet friends I made, the caramel is all the fun, yet the cashews are protein representing the strength of a great education, classes and professors.”

Given the strong support for all of the flavor options, one reporter at the press conference asked Culver, “Are the other two custard flavors really going to get the cold shoulder?”

Replied Culver, “It’s too early to comment.”