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When school lets out for the summer, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty members stay busy with their own studies.

Forty-five faculty members have received 2008-2009 Research and Teaching Awards from UW Oshkosh’s Faculty Development Fund to pursue their professional research and teaching projects.

Associate journalism professor Timothy Gleason will use his research grant to work on “Street Photography in Pedestrian Commercial Spaces.”

“I am creating a series of photographs on and around pedestrian shopping areas, most prominently Madison’s State Street and Chicago’s Michigan Avenue,” he said. “The importance of this project is the evolution of street photography within commercial public spaces. These spaces have dwindled because of private shopping areas, such as malls and the development of shopping centers near highways.”

Gleason said State Street offers a mix of local and national stores serving as visual backdrops, while Michigan Avenue, known as the Magnificent Mile, has a plethora of pedestrians who make interesting photographic subjects.

Meanwhile, music faculty members Joyce Andrews and Jeri-Mae Astolfi will collaborate on “A Musical Portrait of Clara Wieck Schumann.”

The pair will research the life of Clara Wieck Schumann, who was the wife of composer and pianist Robert Schumann, and perform a contemporary musical composition based on her life.

Assistant education professor Joshua Garrison will conduct research for a book-length project, “Massacre of the Innocents: Children and Mass Murder in American History.”

Garrison’s project will be the first comprehensive historical study of children and mass murder.

With a Faculty Development teaching grant, nursing faculty Tammy Chapin, Sharon Chappy, Jaya Jambunathan and Suzanne Maroncha will develop a workbook of real-life exercises in advanced medical-surgical nursing to help transition students from classroom theory to practice.

Additional faculty member receiving research grants include:

  • Michael Briley, physics and astronomy, “Photometry of Young Star Clusters”
  • Nancy Burnett and Sarinda Taengnoi, economics, “Women in Undergraduate Economics”
  • Jessica Calderwood, art, “All Consuming”
  • Laurence Carlin, philosophy, “Mechanism in Robert Boyle”
  • Lori Carrrell, communication, “Sermon Communication Training”
  • Elizabeth Crawford, journalism, and Sarah DeArmond, business, “Employer Reputation in Recruitment”
  • Samuel David, chemistry, “Synthesis of Serinone B — A Potential Anti-Fungal Drug”
  • David Dilkes, biology and microbiology, “Amphibian Wrist and Ankle”
  • Andrzej Dziedzic, foreign languages and literatures, “The New World in 16th-Century French”
  • Jodi Eichler-Levine, religious studies, “Memory’s Offspring”
  • Vincent Filak, journalism, “Controversial Topics and the Willingness to Self Censor”
  • Charles Gibson, chemistry, “Pseudocapacitor Prototype”
  • Daniel Gier, foreign languages and literatures, “Parliamentary Speeches Spain”
  • Toivo Kallas and Matthew Nelson, biology and microbiology, “Genes and Electron Pathways”
  • Brant Kedrowski, chemistry, “Antiviral Agents in Juices”
  • Jeff Lipschutz, art, “Painting the Family Tree”
  • Susan Maxwell, art, “From Design to Disegno: Early Drawing and Collecting Theories”
  • Michelle Michalski, biology and microbiology, “Pathogen Competition”
  • Michelle Mouton, history, “German Children Postwar”
  • Renae Reljic and Charles Lindsey, professional counseling, “Counselor Educators”
  • Simon Siibelman, foreign languages and literatures, “France’s Tragic Shame”
  • David Siemers, political science, “The Myth of Coequality”
  • Tracy Slagter, political science, “Is the European Court of Justice Progressive?”
  • Robert Stelzer, biology and microbiology, “Determination of Vertical Nitrate Profiles in Stream Sediments”
  • Charles Thomas, foreign languages and literatures, “Puerto Rican Plays and Screenplay”
  • Jennifer Wenner, geology, “Primitive Cascade Basalts”
  • Judith Westphal, nursing, “Analysis of Nurse Leaders”

Additional UW Oshkosh teaching grant winners include:

  • Bruce Atwell, music, “Horn Etude Arrangements”
  • David Barnhill, environmental studies, “Bioregional Analysis of Wisconsin”
  • Donna Charley-Johnson, biology and microbiology, “Beyond Concept Mapping”
  • Sheldon Cooper, biology and microbiology, “BIO 212 Lab Enhancement”
  • Carmen Heider, communication, “Inside-Out Prison Course”
  • Troy Perkins, communication, “Birthday Girl”