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Wisconsin’s June 5 recall elections require a few extra considerations for college students who have been, or may be, on the move but still plan to vote.

The State of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board recently released a statement reminding college students throughout the state of new residency rules. The UW System has developed a related Student Voting Guide for Wisconsin.

According to the guide, a new 28-Day Residency Requirement emphasizes that “an individual must reside in an election ward for at least 28 consecutive days” prior to Election Day.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Petra Roter has taken to social media to help spread the word about voting requirements for the upcoming recall election.

“If you want to vote in the upcoming recall election, be sure you know how the residency requirement impacts you,” Roter recently posted on her Facebook page, urging UW Oshkosh students to stay up to date on the new voting regulations. “This complicates the voting process for many of you. I do not want to see you lose the opportunity to vote.”

So, what does this mean to current and recently graduated students? Read the Government Accountability Board’s May 17 memo.

UW Oshkosh students who call on- or off-campus housing in Oshkosh “home,” can find additional election information on the City Clerk’s website. The recall elections will be held June 5; city polling places are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Wisconsin voters can register at the polls on the day-of as long as proof of residency is provided.

Registered voters are able to request and vote by absentee ballot in person at the City Clerk’s office  from now until June 1.

Alternatively, the application for an absentee ballot can be downloaded, completed and mailed to the Oshkosh City Clerk’s office (PO Box 1130, Oshkosh, WI 54903) by May 31.

For detailed information about the 2012 recall initiatives, students are also encouraged to visit the Government Accountability Board’s designated webpage.

Students who plan to vote should also keep in mind that two separate injunctions have the photo identification law on hold. As stated in the UW System guide states: “This means that Wisconsin residents who are eligible to vote will not be required to produce photo identification at the June 5, 2012, recall election, and possibly elections thereafter.”

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