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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh undergraduate students still have time to revise their research manuscripts and submit them for consideration to Oshkosh Scholar.

The submission deadline for the research journal’s fall 2009 edition is June 1.

“Publishing an article in Oshkosh Scholar is a fantastic way to build up a resume and set yourself apart from the thousands of other people graduating from college,” said Tracy Slagter, UW Oshkosh assistant professor of political science.

Potential articles include capstone or senior seminar papers, student/faculty collaborative research projects, independent study projects and honors theses.

“It was incredibly satisfying to have my first research article published in Oshkosh Scholar,” said senior Jonathan “Leviathan” Whitfield. “The experience helped me to understand the process of publication, the realities of research, and the pain and pleasure of putting ideas into print.”

Whitfield’s work, “The Invisible Woman: Eve’s Self Image in Paradise Lost,” was published in the 2007 issue of Oshkosh Scholar.

“I learned that the rigors of research require much vigor,” he said. “There should always be room for creative play in research. Research need not be so stodgy. The art is in the presentation of the facts — the structure.”

Whitfield also has served as student editor for Oshkosh Scholar.

“I got inside knowledge of the author in the publishing process and inside knowledge of the editing process,” he said. “I gained insight into the anxieties and fears and sensitivities of a writer. I helped to quell those same qualities in the writers that I edited.”

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