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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh recognized the accomplishments, contributions and dedication of its employees celebrating career milestones with a Length of Service Luncheon and a 25-year and Retirement Dinner on April 21.

“A university is more than the bricks and mortar that make up its buildings, the books that fill its library or even the rich cultural heritage that it preserves and passes on. More importantly, a university is its people,” said Chancellor Richard H. Wells.

At the dinner, associate professor Henry Winterfeldt (pictured top, right) was recognized for 39 years of service to the University.

The employees who were honored follow:

Five years of service

Deborah Bartelt, Art
Melissa Bayerl, Head Start
Patricia Bernhardt, Facilities Management
Lynn Brandt, Center for New Learning
Andy Brown, Physics and Astronomy
Jennifer Bumann, Information Resources
Crystal Buss, Polk Library
Jennifer Carrick, College of Nursing
Pao Chang, Residence Life
Jennifer Chesney, Head Start
Donna Cochems, Center for Career Development and Training
Michael Del Debbio, Testing Services
Francisca Fernandez, Mathematics
Cheryl Fischer, Facilities Management
Lee Foulkes, Center for Career Development and Training
Duane Goupell, Testing Services
Sara Hansen, Journalism
Ronald Hardy, Library
Abby Hietpas, Head Start
Kari Hietpas, Head Start
David Hogue, Center for Career Development and Training
Kathy Kemp, University Police
Susan Kirkham, Center for New Learning
Chad Kopitzke, Center for Community Partnerships
Amy Krysiak, Intercollegiate Athletics
Grace Lim, Journalism
Michelle Loker, Information Technology
Jessica Maltbey, Head Start
Rebecca Matzke, History
Andrew Miller, College of Business
Donna Nelson, Wisconsin Family Business
Katrina Olsen, Biology and Microbiology
Sarah Smith, Center for New Learning
Marsha Snow, Center for Career Development and Training
Shawn Stephany, Testing Services
Donna Thomas, Residence Life
Amy Thompson, College of Education and Human Services
Jennifer Thyes, College of Nursing
George Vaterolsen, Chemistry
Jamie Woolf, Center for New Learning

Ten years of service

William Baurecht, International Education
Susan Brandt, Center for Career Development and Training
Catherine Bryan, Foreign Languages and Literature
Gayle Daniels, Head Start
Kristal Diener, Head Start
Kelley Duhatschek, English
Susan Foster, College of Education and Human Services
Brian Fowler, Facilities Management
Karen Klemm, Mathematics
Alma Louise Koslucher, Admissions
Craig Maher, Public Affairs
Bonnie Monhart, College of Education and Human Services
George Paul, Telecommunications
Jeanne Pobanz, Testing Services
Elizabeth Richards, Center for New Learning
Jill Teal, Continuing Education and Extension
Rebecca Wagner, Center for Career Development and Training
Neng Xiong, Head Start
Melissa Ziebell, Head Start

Fifteen years of service

Gregory Adler, Biology and Microbiology
Donna Altepeter, Social Work
Edith Amundsen, Public Affairs
Marie Berry, College of Nursing
David Boileau, Facilities Management
Pao Chang, Facilities Management
Mary Geffers, University Books & More
Pamela Gemin, English
Bruce Gurske, Facilities Management
Connie Haase, Head Start
Jane Kramer, Registrar’s Office
Richard Lee, Art
John Lemberger, College of Education and Human Services
Margaret Martin, Student Support Services
Ellie Maslowski, Dean of Students
Marguerite Parks, College of Education and Human Services
Barbara Pfalzgraf, Head Start
George Pouba, College of Education and Human Services
Susan Raasch, Polk Library
Mark Schmitt, Center for Career Development & Training
Marie Stapel, Admissions
Donald Stolley, Art
Ying Yang, Head Start

Twenty years of service

Patricia Adkins, Document Services
Julie Allen, Reeve Memorial Union
Barbara Christenson, Letters and Science Deans Office
Mary Hale, Telecommunications
Donald Haynes, History
Kathleen Hefko, Kinesiology
Beatrice Holton, Biology and Microbiology
Toivo Kallas, Biology and Microbiology
Peggy Karls, College of Business
Jan Keene, Equity and Affirmative Action
Deborah Matulle, Student Accounts
Bruce Noebel, Telecommunications
Gary Simonsen, Academic Advising

Twenty-five years of service

Ted Balser, Career Services
Ronald Cardo, Academic Advising
Morris Hampton, Academic Advising
Paula Hayford, Student Health Center
Penny Howell, Student Health Center
Janet Karst, Residence Life
Lawrence Lawniczak, Facilities Management
Thomas Lechnir, Intercollegiate Athletics
Kathleen Lutzke, Foreign Languages and Literature
Vicki Masterson, Residence Life
Patricia Mier, Telecommunications
James Paulson, Chemistry
Cindy Schultz, Social Work
Kathryn Wedge, Continuing Education and Extension

Thirty years of service

Margaret Bekkers, Administrative Computing
Rebecca Cleveland, College of Nursing
Ronald Kuehl, Dean of Students
David Schumacher, Facilities Management
Jerry Stark, Sociology

Thirty-five years of service

James Johnson, Purchasing
Catherine Nordhaus, History

Forty years of service

Barbara Nemeth, Registrar’s Office
David Niemuth, Administrative Computing
Linda Wojahn, Grants & Faculty Development


  • Kenneth Bales, Administrative Program Manager, Center for Career Development and Employability Training, 20 years of service
  • Jerry Bloesl, Student Services Specialist, Reeve Memorial Union, 30 years of service
  • Kay Chitwood, Lecturer, Center for New Learning, LLCE, two years of service
  • Susan Coghill, University Services Associate, Art Department, 10 years of service
  • David Cowley, Associate Professor, Music, 22 years of service
  • James Czech, Administrative Computing, Information Technology, 30 years of service
  • Linda Drebus, Custodian, Facilities Management, 28 years of service
  • Thomas Farley, Associate Professor, Art, 23 years of service
  • Norman Fink, Facilities Management, 27 years of service
  • Fumiko Fukuta, Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 20 years of service
  • James Grall, Facilities Management, 27 years of service
  • Carol Griesbach, IS Systems Development Services — Senior, Information Technology, 38 years of service
  • Donald Gudmundson, Professor, College of Business, 18 years of service
  • Linda Hartenian, Professor, Management and Human Resources, College of Business, 18 years of service
  • Muriel Hawkins, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Center for Academic Support and Diversity, 21 years of service
  • Ruth Isaacson, Academic Department Associate, Biology and Microbiology Department, 17 years of service
  • Charles Isaacson, Professor, Department Chair, Music, 31 years of service
  • Ben Jarman, Outreach Program Manager, Radio-TV-Film; Senior Lecturer, Communication Department, 26 years of service
  • Sandra Komassa, Senior Lecturer, Reading Study Center, 33 years of service
  • Irene Lynch, Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, nine years of service
  • Byron Malsin, Administrative Program Manager, Center for Career Development and Employability Training, Administrative Services, 28 years of service
  • Polly Montgomery, Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction, nine years of service
  • Sandra Muinde, Administrative Services, 35 years of service
  • Dian Pasquini, Senior Instructional Specialist, College of Nursing, 12 years of service
  • Baron Perlman, Professor, Psychology, 33 years of service
  • John Plude, Professor, Chemistry, 23 years of service
  • Charles Sabby, Facilities Management, six years of service
  • Robert Schope, Associate Professor, Social Work, College of Letters and Science, two years of service
  • Carol Seaman, Associate Professor, Mathematics, College of Letters and Science, eight years of service
  • Donald Simons, Professor, Accounting, College of Business, 24 years of service
  • Cynthia Sitter, Medical Program Assistant, Student Health Center, 33 years of service
  • James Sitter, Facilities Management, 21 years of service
  • Lakshmi Tatikonda, Professor, Accounting, College of Business, 31 years of service
  • James Tsao, Professor, Journalism, 16 years of service
  • Robin West, Officer, University Police, 25 years of service
  • Henry Winterfeldt, Associate Professor, Human Services and Educational Leadership, 39 years of service
  • Susana Winterfeldt, Senior Lecturer, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 30 years of service
  • Paulette Zachman, Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Program, College of Nursing, eight years of service

The UW Oshkosh length-of-service awards are based solely on the years of service toward the UW Oshkosh campus, including those with limited-term appointments. Therefore, any years of service on other UW System campuses or state agencies is not included in this recognition. Since the celebration is held in the spring of each year, the cut-off date for determining years of service is the end of the fiscal year, June 30.