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Landing on Boardwalk takes a few lucky rolls of the dice, but landing a dream job after college shouldn’t be left to chance.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students who are undecided, considering switching their major or thinking about graduate school are invited to MajorFest, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. April 9 in the Reeve Union Ballroom.

“MajorFest gives students an opportunity to explore all majors in one place,” said Melissa Lantta, an academic adviser and co-chair of MajorFest.

The event, themed “Majoropoly: Succeeding in College is Not a Game of Chance,” will feature more than 50 booths representing academic departments.

“It’s a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere,” said Lantta, adding that the event is an ideal destination for students who feel “stuck” after completeing their general education classes.

“We want students to start thinking about their major immediately,” she said.

The comfortable atmosphere will feature free food and chances to win a Nintendo Wii and tickets to Country USA and a Milwaukee Brewers game. The event is sponsored by the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center, the Counseling Center, the Career Planning and Placement Center, and the Admissions Office.