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It’s a one-stop spot for Titan athletics, a comedy about con artists, and the latest campus, local and national news.

As of March 31, Titan TV channel 66 will include a wide range of student-produced programming that aims to inform, entertain and educate the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s campus community and beyond.

“It’s a way for us to remind everyone on campus and in Oshkosh about Titan TV and all the new things that the station offers,” said Justine Stokes, director of television services in the radio-TV-film department and Titan TV adviser.

While Titan TV usually changes its programming schedule every semester, the recent re-launch is aimed at establishing a more structured production schedule. With help from Stokes, the Titan TV staff has created a programming schedule with new shows airing on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Because Titan TV is almost entirely extra-curricular, it can be challenging for students to make time for producing a TV show.

“In the past, shows didn’t always get turned in on time, which made them very hard to promote,” Promotions Director Nicole Klein said. “The new schedule benefits us as TV and film makers and allows us to manage our time better.”

Today, Titan TV staff members have a better understanding of the expectations that go along with producing and promoting a show.

“I want students to think about the station in a real-world way,” Stokes said. “We’ve tried to create more structure in areas like scheduling and budgeting.”

For example, staffers must follow a detailed pitching process including a schedule, script and episode drafts. Ideas must accompany a plan for props, actors and other logistics to ensure quality and feasibility of each show.

“They have to sell their idea to the executive board and other radio-TV-film majors,” Klein said.

The executive board can mold the idea how they see fit, possibly asking for revisions or reducing the amount of episodes for a certain show.

Then, the first episode must be completed by the fifth week of the semester; all episodes must be completed by the seventh week.

Students from any major catch pitch a show idea to Titan TV by contacting Klein at

“We’re always looking for content,” Klein said. “People are more than welcome to come to us with ideas.”

With content becoming more consistent, Titan TV has been able to promote themselves more effectively in the past few months.

Titan TV ran a logo creation contest in fall 2008, and the channel consistently runs on campus vision in Reeve Memorial Union. Titan TV also conducts live coverage at Titan sporting.

Titan TV’s broadcasts a live newscast every Tuesday at noon, and their regular programming resumes at 4 p.m. everyday on channel 66. The complete programming schedule is available at