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Angelee Hammond, political science academic department associate in the College of Letters and Science, has been named recipient of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh March 2012 STAR Award.

Hammond was nominated by Tracy Slagter. Portions of her nomination submission follow:

“A few members of our department nominated Angie for this award last year because of her extraordinary service to our department (and others) as we moved to Sage Hall. Her work continues to be exemplary, and I would really like her to know how much we (and our students!) appreciate her.

“If you walk into our main departmental office at almost any time of the day, you’ll find that it’s full of students. Some of them are there because they work in the department as student assistants or as research assistants to our faculty members. But mostly, they’re there because it’s a place they feel safe and appreciated — this is the atmosphere that Angie Hammond has created in our department. Ours office is a hub of activity. It’s where student and faculty alike go to get things done, have questions answered, grab a piece of candy or have a laugh. Angie makes our department a wonderful place to be.

“Whether it’s because she expertly manages the demands of all of our faculty members, solves student problems efficiently and compassionately or because she consistently keeps our little area of the world impeccably organized, Angie is truly the heart of the department. It is difficult to point to one area of exemplary service because there are so many to choose from. A few examples:

  • “Angie regularly helps us prepare for the interactive projects we assign in our courses, often spending hours helping various faculty members create class materials that are professional and student-friendly. It’s not unusual for Angie to stay late or call from home when she has a new idea for a project.
  • “The organization in our department is nothing short of amazing. Everything is exactly where it should be. All of our common course materials, meeting minutes, etc. are all consistently updated in TitanFiles (which we all now affectionately refer to as “AngieNet”). A glance at the long lists on Angie’s desk tells each of us the status of projects she’s working on even if she’s not there.
  • “Our website is beautiful! We recently decided to add a substantial amount of information to our faculty profiles, and Angie is the one who made it all happen. She has been diligently working to perfect each site for months, and her hard work has definitely paid off.
  • “Although I don’t think she realizes she does this, she really gives our department its identity. Here’s a silly example, but it makes a huge difference: Since we moved to Sage Hall, Angie has been spraying this apple-cinnamon scented fragrance in her office each day to overcome the “new building” smell. It now permeates the hallway leading to Political Science — I would know exactly where I was in Sage just by following my nose. There were a few days she didn’t use the spray and everyone noticed — it didn’t smell like “us!”
  • “Angie is not “just” our administrator. She is a member of our team — without her, we’re not “us.” To have someone who feels as passionately about our students as we do, and who takes pride in our collective work is simply invaluable.
  • “In short, Angie IS Political Science. Even though she says she hates politics, she loves us. What more could we ask for?

The CSAC Awards & Recognition Committee submitted this announcement. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to contribute calendar items, campus announcements and other good news to UW Oshkosh Today.