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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Model United Nations team took home more awards than any of the other 55 universities at the 49th-annual Midwest Model United Nations competition Feb. 18-21 in St. Louis, Mo.

The conference featured more than 800 students from 12 states representing 90 nations. UW Oshkosh represented Chile, France, Mozambique, the Philippines, the Republic of the Congo and Saudi Arabia.

UW Oshkosh students won two of five outstanding delegation awards in the general assembly for representing France and Chile and one of three general assembly honorable mentions for representing the Philippines.

In addition, UW Oshkosh students won seven committee awards, including all four Delegates’ Choice Awards.

Delegates were judged on their knowledge of the issues, the accuracy of their representation of their nation’s foreign policy, their diplomatic and negotiating skills in order to build consensus support, and writing and speaking skills.

Winners of Outstanding Delegate Awards and Delegates’ Choice Awards:

  • Matt T. Kitzman, Oshkosh — France: Disarmament Committee
  • Brenna M. Ranzen, Madison — Chile: Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
  • Robert R. Reeves IV, Manitowoc — France: Economic and Financial Committee

Winners of Outstanding Delegate Awards:

  • Kayleigh R. Benson, Union Grove — France: Economic and Social Council
  • Rebecca R. Kemnitz, Wausau — France: Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
  • David M. Litman, Fond du Lac — Chile: Political Committee

Winner of Delegates’ Choice Awards and an Honorable Mention:

  • Kasey A. Erb, Marshall — France: Political Committee

Winners of Honorable Mention:

  • Corey H. Edwards, Oshkosh — the Philippines: Disarmament Committee
  • Kasey A. Erb, Marshall — France: Political Committee
  • Zachary L. Fritschel, West Bend — the Philippines in the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
  • Alex E. Kurowski, Oshkosh —  France: Security Council

Awards in the General Assembly and their committee members include:

  • France — Outstanding Delegation Award: Benson, Erb, Kemnitz, Kitzman, Kurowski and Reeves (head delegate).
  • Chile — Outstanding Delegation Award: Robbie J. Hinz, Oshkosh; Austin R. Jones, Waukesha; Litman and Ranzen (head delegate).
  • The Philippines — Honorable Mention: Edwards (head delegate); Fritschel; Victor O. Luk’yanov, Oshkosh; and Madeline J. Meis, Pittsville.

Other countries represented by UW Oshkosh students at the Midwest competition include:

  • Mozambique — Kathleen K. Connor, Oshkosh; Demetria M. Dickinson (head delegate), Oconto; Andrew W. Johnson, Janesville; and Amber N. Springer, Wisconsin Rapids.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — Veronica E. Dreymiller (head delegate), Waupun; Agaila Abba Hemeida, Oshkosh; Martin Q. McGee, Oshkosh; and Yasufumi Otaka, Oshkosh.
  • The Republic of the Congo — Marci M. DeYoung (head delegate), Stoughton; Nicholas A. Janis, Bristol; and Cody T. Wedl, Oshkosh.

For 24 consecutive years, the UW Oshkosh Model U.N. Team has achieved national ranking by being selected as one of the Outstanding Delegations at the National Model United Nations Competition in New York. The team also ranked among the top 10 delegations, selected from more than 200 competing delegations at the National Competition.

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