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An example of a UW Oshkosh student ‘enrollment verification’ and the new University voter ID card.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students without a driver’s license, a passport or another valid photo ID now have access to a new, free student ID card, an easily-downloadable “enrollment verification” and a host of informative local and state websites to ensure they comply with Wisconsin’s new “Voter ID” law.

This month, the TitanCentral information desk in Reeve Memorial Union began providing UW Oshkosh students free student ID cards that comply with requirements within 2011 Wisconsin Act 23, the state “Voter ID Bill.”

Students without a valid Wisconsin driver’s license or other compliant photo ID, such as a passport, are able to obtain and use the new card, along with an easily-downloadable “UW Oshkosh Voter ID Enrollment Verification,” to vote at their appropriate campus or city of Oshkosh polling places.

Even with a valid driver’s license or compliant, alternative photo ID, students will need the enrollment verification form to vote locally.

In a memo to University leaders statewide, UW Oshkosh Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and UW System Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support Services Petra Roter emphasized everyone’s support for vibrant student participation in elections.

“As university leaders, we share the common goal of helping our students become informed, engaged citizens who are well-prepared to exercise this right,” Roter stated.

The new UW Oshkosh ID cards are free to all students. Those who lose their first card are able to obtain a new one for $2.

The self-service, downloadable enrollment verifications are accessible through the University’s TitanWeb (Again, students can CLICK THIS LINK to learn how).

Matt Suwalski, Assistant Director for Business and Retail Services at Reeve Memorial Union, said his staff has provided the new ID cards to a few students this semester. Students found the process easy, Suwalksi said, adding that, the University expects relatively few students will need the new cards.

“Our campaign is really, ‘Hey, you probably do not need it, but if you do, it’s free and it’s available,” he said.

The UW Oshkosh American Democracy Project has also offered helpful information to ease student’s understanding of the new Voter ID Bill’s requirements.

Additionally, UW System is promoting a new “UW System Student Voting Guide for Wisconsin” website to help students at public institutions throughout  the state understand and comply with the new state voting regulations that will first be enforced in the upcoming Feb. 21 primary election.

“The changes affect voter registration, the minimum residency requirement (28 days), what qualifies as valid ID at the polls, and more,” according to a UW System statement.

The website is at and, as promoted by UW System, includes:

  • Basic information and timelines about the new voter registration process.
  • Valid ID options students can use to register, and to vote.
  • Links to campus-specific information on voter-ID compliant student cards and enrollment verification documents (Enrollment verification is required if students use a campus voter ID card).
  • Answers to frequently asked questions, and more.


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