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By publishing their original work in the research journal Oshkosh Scholar, undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh develop their expertise, build their resumes and perhaps even inspire their professors.

“Publishing an article in Oshkosh Scholar is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from the thousands of other people graduating from college,” said Tracy Slagter, UW Oshkosh assistant professor of political science. “If you decide to go to graduate or professional school, getting published in a research journal like ours can really make your application stand out.”

The deadline for the fall 2009 edition of Oshkosh Scholar is June 1, but Slagter said it is not too early for students and their faculty mentors to start thinking about submitting manuscripts for consideration.

The June 1 deadline allows students time to polish their articles, following the end of the spring semester May 15.

Potential articles include capstone or senior seminar papers, student/faculty collaborative research projects, independent study projects and honors theses.

“It’s a shame to spend a lot of time and effort answering a research question and writing up findings only to have all of that work collect dust on a shelf somewhere. Oshkosh Scholar is a great way to put that work out there for others to see and use,” Slagter said.

In addition, preparing a piece of research for submission teaches students the process of professional writing and revision. And students aren’t the only ones who benefit from the publication, Slagter said.

“Working with a student to prepare a manuscript for Oshkosh Scholar is a way for faculty to expand the reach of their teaching. The inspiration you’ve given your student can reach a wider audience,” she said.

“Sometimes student research can even push your own thinking in new directions. We need fresh ideas to keep our research agendas full and active, and allowing students to inspire us is a great way to keep those ideas flowing.”

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