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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Alumni Association recently welcomed eight new members.
Each month, another of the new members is featured. This month, meet Jonathan Dinse.

Name: Jonathan Dinse

Age: 25

Year of graduation/degree: 2006, Bachelor of Science in journalism

Hometown: Oakfield, Wis.

Profession: UW Oshkosh assistant football coach

Why did you volunteer to serve on the Alumni Board?
I wanted to become more involved with the campus community. Working in athletics, I felt it was important as an alum to be part of something else on campus.

What are you most looking forward to in this role?
Reconnecting with alums and sharing my enthusiasm about UWO with them.

How did UW Oshkosh help you get where you are today?
The education and experience I got as a student has prepared me for my current job and the future. I am truly an advocate for the quality of education and opportunity that UWO provides to its students

Please share a brief description of what you do in your job.
Basically, I handle the everyday operations of our football program — from recruiting, budgets, equipment and fundraising to a variety of different areas as well as coaching. I also serve as an assistant to Athletics Director Al Ackerman on the marketing of the department. My education in journalism at UWO prepared me by giving me the writing and overall people skills needed to be successful in this environment.

Any comments about the current football team?
We had 28 guys graduate last year, and they left the program winning 24 games in their career. In the history of UW Oshkosh, that is one of the best four-year runs ever. Losing that many all at once means we are going through somewhat of a rebuilding time, but we recruited really well the past two years. We have that base to build on.

Of course, we don’t want to have to play as many sophomores. Teams that win in our league win with juniors and seniors. The one thing we got this past season is experience with younger players. That is exciting. We had a sophomore quarterback who got to play a lot of games. There were definitely bright spots with the talent we had.

Any special memories of campus you would like to share?
I loved the journalism department! I had professors I butted heads with, but in the end I am happy to have graduated with their guidance. I am forever indebted to my mentor in the department, Dr. Julie Henderson. She taught me to be a professional amongst other lessons I use everyday.

Did any of your family members also attend UW Oshkosh?
Yes, my wife, Paula (Vermeern) Dinse ’07, and my aunt.

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