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The latest issue of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Engage magazine, which focuses on sustainability in higher education and beyond, is now available at

The magazine, which is available both in print and online, explores UW Oshkosh’s role in the sustainability movement and how the campus community as well as alumni are shaping the future.

“UW Oshkosh has earned national recognition for its efforts in sustainability, and we felt sharing our message with alumni and friends would help inspire others to do their part,” said Alumni Director Christine Gantner. “We hope our readers will join in the sustainability movement — or strengthen their commitment to it — after reading about our University’s alumni and their dedication to the effort.”

Other Engage features include UW Oshkosh alumni who make sustainability a part of their daily lives, campus updates, a photo gallery of Polk Library throughout the years, an update about the new academic center and more.

In addition, online readers will have access to bonus content and are eligible to win one of 50 eco-friendly bags donated by University Books & More.

This issue of Engage is the second since the University’s magazine was completely redesigned, renamed and revitalized in April.

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