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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has upgraded its podcasting initiative.

Media Services installed podcasting equipment in 14 classrooms this summer, bringing the total to 18. The University now will move out of the piloting phase of the program and offer podcasting services to all instructors at UW Oshkosh.

Faculty and teaching staff will have the choice to  either secure their iTunesU site so that only their students have access to their lectures or make it available as a public resource.

There are two options for podcasting from the classrooms. The first process involves plugging in a USB memory stick and pressing a button on a  wireless mic. When the stick is unplugged, it automatically will process, name and upload the audio files to iTunesU.

Podcasting systems are available in the following classrooms:

  • Nursing Ed 151   
  • Nursing Ed 152   
  • Kolf 161         
  • Polk 201 (video)         
  • Swart 126    
  • Swart 240  
  • Swart 301
  • Halsey 106           
  • Halsey 109          
  • Halsey 175   
  • Halsey 237     
  • Halsey 260  
  • Halsey 57  
  • AC 121
  • Clow 33                  
  • Clow 45                
  • Clow 207        
  • Clow 223

The second process involves using software that is bundled with Apple’s OSX 10.5 (Leopard). Instructors that use the Mac OS  in their classes will log into a server and start their recordings (audio, video or screen capture with audio) with an on-screen button click.  When they finish the recording, it is uploaded to the server, named, processed and converted into a video version and audio-only version. Both are then uploaded to the iTunes course.

This option is available to any instructor teaching in a class with a Macintosh computer.

Anyone interested in podcasting their class, even if as a one-time trial, should fill out the form at

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