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As you walk through campus you will notice that a lot of construction and updates are in progress. We would like to inform you of the status of some of these projects.

Access to Arts and Communications Center

The new Woodland Ave. parking lot is under construction, which includes a new walkway connecting the mall to the Arts and Communication Center. This new walkway will not be accessible until Sept. 8; therefore, detour routes will be set up to inform people how to access this building. Detour routes will be posted on the mall. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but do expect the walkway to be open by Sept. 8.

If you are a student or staff member with a disability and need accommodations as a result of these updates, please contact John Palmer, Dean of Students Office, Dempsey 125, 424-3100 or Jim Johnson, Health and Safety, Elmwood Center, 424-1191.

Elevators — repair and upkeep

  • Clow Faculty — complete
  • Dempsey Hall — final inspection on Aug. 29
  • Arts and Communication — final inspection on Aug. 28
  • Swart Hall — due mid September
  • Nursing Ed — end of September

Flooding repairs

  • Swart Hall — 90 percent complete; all classrooms and the daycare are ready
  • Clow — all classrooms ready for Sept. 3; minor items remain
  • Nursing Ed — Project Success and Classroom 21 will have concrete floors until winter break; all other work complete
  • Radford Computer Lab — complete
  • Polk Library Faculty Offices — complete
  • Reeve Union Basement — 90 percent complete; need to rebuild basement stage
  • Arts and Communication Center — Priebe Art Gallery: complete; Music Hall Stage: to be completed by Sept 8
  • Security Building — ready for occupancy next week
  • River Center — not open and currently under evaluation
  • Taylor Hall — minor work still to be finished; ready for occupancy
  • Webster Hall — complete
  • Donner Hall — complete

Other projects

  • Polk Library Information Commons — to be completed first week of September
  • Polk Library Exterior repairs — 80 percent complete; finished in early September
  • Multicultural Education Center (MEC) exterior repairs — 80 precent complete; finished by end of September
  • Woodland Avenue parking lot — 40 percent complete; finished by end of September
  • Dempsey Hall Administration Office renovation — 40 precent complete, due to be finished in early December

There also are other smaller projects underway on campus that may cause minor inconveniences. We are working to reduce these disturbances to the best of our ability.

Please exercise caution around all construction areas. We look forward to the completion of all of these projects and the necessary improvements in the future. Thank you for your cooperation during these challenging times, and we look forward to another outstanding school year.

Tom Sonnleitner
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services