Infinity Unlimited
About the Show

Two twenty-somethings (Daniel and Mallory) recently find themselves out of work. They see a commercial for a local business on television and decide they can do a better job. “Infinity Unlimited”, the name of their new production company, is formed, and they get hired to make an ad for a neighborhood printing company. They soon realize they have no experience dealing with production, and must make it up on the fly. Will they get the commercial done by the deadline, in order to make next month’s rent?

Carisa Tuffey, Freddy Nick, Liz Berndt, Jordan Carleson, Justin Wegner, Mike Lokken, Jenny Hoks, Kipp Sowers, Nick Brandl

Directed By:
Callie Mills
Written By:
Callie Mills & Adam LeClair


Read what Creator/Writer/Director Callie Mills has to say about the show here!


Infinity Unlimited - Episode Three - The Commercial

Infinity Unlimited - Episode Two - The Client


Infinity Unlimited - Episode One - The Plan



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Infinity Unlimited